QuickBooks and Windows 8

Written by Charlie Russell

Sheesh, I just got used to Windows 7, and now they are coming out with Windows 8? Now we have to worry about QuickBooks being compatible with ANOTHER operating system? I got hold of a “Consumer Preview” copy of Windows 8 and I’m trying it out with QuickBooks – let’s see how it works!

Update 11/27/2012: See my article on QuickBooks 2013 and Windows 8 for the latest info on how to get the PDF drivers to work on QuickBooks 2013 through QuickBooks 2011 on Windows 8.

I use Windows 7 every day now, on my main office computer. I still have a Vista system in my office, I still have Windows XP on my laptop. I have lot’s of customers on all of these different versions. When Windows 7 came out I remember the pain very well – what version of QuickBooks is supported (none, at first), how about Internet Explorer compatibility (took some time), and then there are all my add-on products (not to mention flavors of Microsoft Office!).

It was easier to just say “don’t use Windows 7 yet” to people, but darn it, many people didn’t pay attention to me! So we painfully worked out all of the issues with Windows 7 and QuickBooks, and eventually Intuit got things working for us. It involved  some time and pain.

I’d been hearing about Windows 8 lately but not paying a lot of attention. Then yesterday I got the notice about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Oh no, not again!Windows 8 Betta

So I downloaded it, installed it, installed QuickBooks, installed an add-on product, and took a quick look at what we might be running into. This is NOT an exhaustive test, it is just a quick peek. And, of course, this is a “beta copy” or “preview” version of the operating system, and things could very well change before the “official” release (probably later this year?). Take this is as a preview.

Installing Windows 8

First off a warning – DON’T DO THIS ON YOUR OFFICE COMPUTER. This is a preview, there is no guarantee that it will work. Don’t move your primary computer to Windows 8! Even if it works, you’ll waste a lot of time getting used to the new interface.

I don’t have too many extra computers laying around unused (at least, not any that are working) so I installed this on a “virtual machine” using VMWare Workstation – my absolute most essential tool for testing. Note that I’m using VMWare Workstation 8, the most recent release. I tried it with VMWare version 7 but that didn’t work too well.

I tried booting up a Windows 7 virtual machine and doing an “upgrade” in place, but when you get to the point where you have to reboot the computer, it fails. That is a common complaint about Windows 8 and virtual machines at this time. A new variation of the “blue screen of death”, but they made it a bit cuter with an emoticon:

Windows 8 BSOD. Sorry, you are out of luck

So I created a brand new virtual machine with NO operating system installed, and made it boot from the disk image (iso file) that I had. Sorry if that is too technical, if you want more details I can provide that later. THIS time, when the system reboots as a part of the installation, IT WORKED!

I’ll skip most of the setup screens – they are very simple to follow – but note that when you get to the “sign in” screen you are allowed to sign in with a Microsoft account. If you have used any of the Microsoft Live programs or Office 365, you probably have a Microsoft account. I used that, and it was a mistake (at least for me).


The problem is, this links your PC to your Microsoft account. There may be some REALLY good reasons to do that, but maybe not with a “Customer Preview”. And, my password for my online account is much more complex than what I use on my desktop. So it has been a hassle to log in each time (until later on when I learned how to change this to a “local” account, but that is another story). I would suggest going straight to a “local” login instead.

So, finally, I get to the main screen. VERY DIFFERENT!

Windows 8 start screen

This is the “Metro” user interface – tiles. You can drag them around to rearrange them using your mouse – if you have a touch enabled device you just use your fingertip. Without reading anything about how to use this (“Documentation? Who reads the ___ documentation?”) it can be confusing. I’m not going to go into all the fun I had in trying to find things here (no start button?), I don’t want to show you how confused I was at first. I’m still figuring it out.

What About QuickBooks?

So, this is about getting QuickBooks to run, not a diatribe about user interfaces. I was able to find a “normal” looking desktop to start from. What’s with the fish? Well, this is a “beta” test, right?  Heh heh.

Windows 8 "Betta"

I added the install file for QuickBooks Enterprise 12 to the desktop and ran it. IT WORKED!

I ran the Update QuickBooks feature to bring this up to the R6 level. Oops, didn’t work! However, this might have been related to connectivity or other issues, I didn’t work on figuring out what might be going on. So I set up the latest manual patch file, and ran that.  IT WORKED! I copied a company file to the appropriate place, ran Enterprise, registered the program and opened the file. IT WORKED!


I have to say that this wasn’t what I expected. Microsoft is making huge changes in Windows 8, but they seem to have done a very good job on “backwards compatibility”.

Then I tried to install some third-party add-ons. I did run into some problems, mostly having to do with the proper versions of the .NET framework not being there. Some of the installers worked very differently than they did in Windows 7, so compatibility issues aren’t totally worked out. However, once I downloaded the proper .NET versions and installed them, IT WORKED!

You can see that the desktop looks similar to what you might have in Windows 7. You can switch back to the “metro” user interface (that took me awhile to find – hint, move the mouse to the lower right corner), and you can see that there are tiles automatically added for all the programs that I installed.

Windows 8 with QuickBooks

What About Internet Explorer Compatibility?

This is always an issue when a new version of Internet Explorer (IE) comes out, since QuickBooks is tightly tied to IE. Is there a new version here? Of course there is.

Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8

It should be no surprise, there are problems. Here is what I get when I open the Accountant Center, which relies on Internet Explorer (you might not have realized that!). However, other places that might use a similar interface seemed to work OK, like the Report Center and the Calendar.

Accountant Center

Those features that actually open a browser window seem to work. I haven’t tried them all, so I can’t say if this OK across the board.

Browser window from QuickBooks


SO, as you might expect, a mixed bag. Actually, I got better results than I expected. I was worried that Windows 8 might stop supporting some of the older technologies that Intuit uses to integrate with third-party add-ons. I had very few problems with anything other than with some of the Internet Explorer related issues and some small installation/update issues.

This is a pre-release of Windows 8, and we have to expect a few bumps. And, Enterprise V12 R6 isn’t specifically designed to be compatible with Windows 8. We can’t expect Intuit to release a compatible version of something that hasn’t really been officially released.

We’ll have to see if Intuit has learned from past problems to see how quickly then can update QuickBooks when Windows 8 is officially released for production use. The good news here is that it looks like they don’t have to do a lot of tweaking.

Windows 8 RTM Update – 8/23/2012

I’ve revisited this issue with the Windows 8 RTM release (probably the last test version before this goes public), still using the 2012 version of QuickBooks (Enterprise, in this case). While the screen shots of Windows 8 itself are different, I’m pretty much seeing the same results as far as QuickBooks. That is not surprising.

However, I do have some additional information based on my quick tests. Again, note that these are “clean installs” of Windows 8, not upgrades of existing systems. In the Intuit Community Forums I see a lot of discussion on the age-old QuickBooks issue of “saving to a PDF”. What I’m seeing on MY systems are:

  • I have no trouble saving to a PDF on a 32 bit system.
  • I have NOT been able to save to a PDF on a 64 bit system.

I’ve tried all the tricks I can think of, and I haven’t gotten anywhere on that 64 bit system.

Note also that in this particular test (with Windows 8 RTM) I haven’t yet installed Microsoft Office, which may have some impact on things.

I think that we’ll need to wait for QuickBooks 2013 for Intuit to show any interest in Windows 8 compatibility (but that is a guess, at this point).

Update for QuickBooks 2013 – 11/27/2012

See my article on QuickBooks 2013 and Windows 8 for the latest info on how to get the PDF drivers to work on QuickBooks 2013 through QuickBooks 2011 on Windows 8.

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About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been the managing editor and primary writer for the Sleeter Report since 2011. Charlie can be reached at charlie@ccrsoftware.com

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Charlie, you’re a braver man than I. I was lucky to have an old Windows XP PC donated to me by a client, so I installed the consumer preview on that, but I wasn’t quite ready to invest a lot of time seeing if QuickBooks worked.

    I can’t help but wonder if there are a few bits of Windows 7 in there (similar to what Intuit did when going from v9 to v10 of QB Point of Sale), which will be replaced with newer components before Windows 8 ships. Then we might see some things break, which worked in the consumer preview.

    To me, the biggest challenge is going to be the new user interface. Once Windows 8 starts shipping, those of us who support QB users are going to have to educate ourselves on how it works. It could be very frustrating trying to explain to a client over the phone how to enable a remote login, for example, using something like http://join.me. I guess the answer will be to get them to switch to the old desktop-style interface so we’re dealing with something that’s common across all recent versions of Windows. But that could be a problem if the user inadvertently “customizes” their Windows 8 Start page and misplaces the desktop tile.

    It should be interesting to see what kind of feedback Microsoft gets over the next few months, and what changes, if any, they make to the interface.

      • The problem is, QuickBooks hasn’t left IE behind. QuickBooks uses a browser for several kinds of operations, and it is hard-coded to work with Internet Explorer. So even if your default browswer is Chrome, you still need to worry about compatibility with QuickBooks and Internet Explorer. They are inextricably intertwined.

    • Mike, that is the beauty of using VMWare. I don’t have to find an older system around, and I don’t have to worry about it messing up by primary system. I can install Windows 8 in its own little “box” and it won’t interfere with anything else.

      Your point about “a few bits of Windows 7” is a good one, as it has happened in the past. Although that was more likely in the Developer Beta rather than the Consumer Preview. That is why you can never say if a product will be compatible with a new version of Windows before it actually reaches the final release candidates. And why a company like Intuit will have a hard time in getting an update of their product out by the time Windows 8 is actually in the hands of the consumers.

    • Hi there,

      All you need is a PDF Printer for PDF Creator for Windows 8 so that you can print to PDF or save as PDF in QuickBooks on Windows 8.

      PDF Printer for Windows 8

      PDF Creator for Windows 8

      PDF Writer for Windows 8

      The first one is my choice for my QB, and the third one is just the same price as the first one. The second is more expensive. Either should work with your QuickBooks.

      • Sorry, John, that is a common misconception. That won’t resolve all the issues.

        QuickBooks uses it’s own PDF driver to do a few things that you cannot do with any PDF “printer driver”. I’ve used Adobe Acrobat and CutePDF myself, but again they don’t do the trick. Two examples:

        1) When you reconcile an account, the reconciliation report is created INTERNALLY as a PDF and stored in the QB database. This lets you recover it later. Not only will a PDF printer driver NOT generate the report that is stored internally, by not having the QB PDF driver working you will get an error message when you reconcile.

        2) If you send a form (such as an invoice) as an attachment via QuickBooks, the internal PDF driver is used to create the attachment to the email (NOT a PDF printer driver). Certainly you can work around this using a driver, but it isn’t as convenient. When QB is working correctly you just click on the “send” button and QB creates the email, with the proper email address, and attaches the PDF document. The workaround with a PDF printer driver is to print the form to a file on your local computer, then manually create the email message, manually insert the email address for the customer, and manually attach the PDF. Certainly doable but not as convenient.

  • Thanks Charlie -you are right it just seemed like we were getting comfortable with windows 7 and now this. We are all lucky to have you give us the “heads up” on what is coming……It looks like this Metro page is made for an iPad???? Or should I say Tablet.

    • Karen, you are exactly right (tablet…). I’m not an expert on all of the changes for Windows 8, but in a very general sense they are not only recognizing that tablets are a “big thing” now, but they are trying to roll out a unified user experience that will be functional across desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones. You should see the “metro” interface on every Windows device eventually.

      If you have a desktop with a touch screen then you would be able to move the elements around with your finger. They have a whole set of tap and pinch (etc) motions for manuevering. It will be nice to have a uniform set of control methods across all devices.

      Even more important, they are trying to tie you in to their “cloud” services, with the database and so forth. When you create your first user account here they try to lead you into working with your Microsoft online account. If you do that, and you set up proper permissions, then this is going to keep your data in synch across all of your devices automatically.

      My problem is that I don’t like their online services/apps (yet), the apps that I use the most aren’t cloud based, I don’t have a Microsoft compatible tablet (yet – love my iPad), and my cell phone is one of the old types that just makes phone calls (I can text, but I only do that once or twice a year). Maybe next year…

    • They can’t / won’t mimic the iPad, for lots of reasons. They don’t want to be accused of just copying, and they have to make it look distinctly different while still being functional. And, keep in mind that you are looking at it on a desktop, not a small tablet.

      I’ve been reading a lot about “Metro” in relation to software development, but I didn’t get into all of those kinds of details here. My main concern here is if Windows 8 still supports older style programs. For awhile, there was some discussion that there would be a big cutoff of older technologies this time around. QuickBooks is built on a house of cards, using a bunch of older technologies, so that is a concern.

  • Charlie – I’m here to report that QB-11 apparently is NOT compatible with the Windows-8 download available; one of my clients downloaded and installed the Windows-8 on their ‘live’ machine, they ran compatability checker and it reported QB-11 Pro was OK, but when they actually installed Windows-8 they found out otherwise. Not only did it apparently corrupt the QB-application but it also corrupted their *QBW file when it got transitioned to the new location, fortunately we were able to recover the file with a ‘rebuild’ once I got it posted to a machine were I could get it open.


    • Well, Murph, anyone who takes a “preview” copy of Windows and uses it for a production environment does deserve what they get. Naughty, naughty client, you should teach them better…

      I’m not running exhaustive tests because this is just preview time, and the “real” release of Windows 8 won’t be until much later this year (probably). So I’m just trying things quickly.

      I went ahead and tried Enterprise V11 and Enterprise V10, on separate virtual machines. Each uses an older version of the .NET Framework than V12, and in the installation you have to download and install those. If that isn’t done properly you will have problems. Once I got past that, AND updated to the latest release of Enterprise, everything worked fine. I could open my file, do rebuilds, add transactions, all without problems (other than the IE issues I mentioned). These weren’t exhaustive tests so I can’t claim that it is foolproof. And again, never ever use a preview copy for anything but testing.

      I’ll note that these were “clean” installs. If they did an “upgrade” install, saving their existing settings and files (which is likely), then that is a very different situation. There could be a lot of things messed up in the registry (etc) in that process. That is part of what Microsoft is looking for with the customer preview – to see what kinds of pains people run into “in the wild”.

  • That is one ‘dang’ ugly fish on the Windows-8 desktop. I wouldn’t eat him even if he were alive.


    PS – didn’t even know I could sneak Murph’s password to log-in here!

    • Murph/Nanu – see the fish picture at the TOP of the article? That is captured from a moving graphic that came up during certain operations in Windows 8 (don’t remember where) too.

  • FYI, QuickBooks Online will be supported on IE10 sometime close to its final release.

    But you can still use QuickBooks Online even right now on IE10, and if you find any issues you can report it on our forums – forums.qbo.intuit.com

    • Hey, “Darth”, if you are going to leave comments (no problem so far) don’t use a fake email address – let us know who you are really. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss…

  • While most all of Quickbooks Enterprise 12 works, the most important part, being able to email PO’s and Invoices (any forms) DOES NOT work 🙁 So pretty much this is useless to me. The Amyuni PDF converter does not install properly nor does Microsoft XPS Writer Work correctly with 12.

    Quickbooks say wont be fixed until the new version comes out at end of Aug or Sept.

    • Hank, I am still looking at the first customer preview (I haven’t upgraded my Windows 8 since that first test). I have Enterprise 12 and I have absolutely no problem with saving PDF’s. The XPS Writer is installed and working fine.

      I wouldn’t expect the older versions of QuickBooks to run in this environment, and particularly not the old Amyuni PDF converter.

      As far as I’m concerned, it is early. Windows 8 is still changing. And it isn’t reasonable to expect a product like QuickBooks 2012 to run with a version of the operating system that wasn’t released at the time the QB 2012 product was released.

      The real key will be if the 2013 product works with Win8, in my mind.

      I think that the PDF issues that we’ll see will be just the same as with Win7. Some people have no problems with it, some people just can’t get it to work.

      • Charlie, thanks for the reply. So you are saying you have the consumer preview version that is available for download on MS site and you are using Enterprise 12? And you have no issues with the creation of PDF and sending forms? Hmmmmm…did you do anything special or just standard install? In your printers do you have any Amunyi or just the XPS Writer? On my Win 7 systems that Enterprise works write it seems all the settings for XPS are grayed out…is yours? Seems odd it works for you and not me. I do plan to upgrade to 2013 in Sept/Oct though but would like it to work now.

        • Correct, Hank, Enterprise 12 and the Consumer Preview – but I haven’t updated Win 8 from the original.

          The XPS driver is showing as a normal driver in my Windows Printer driver page.

          You shouldn’t see the Amyuni driver at all if you have a clean install just from Enterprise 12 – as it isn’t included in that release of Windows. If you see that there, then you either did an upgrade install of Windows 8 from an older version (which is not a good idea at all, particularly with a “customer preview” version of Windows) or you installed older versions of QuickBooks first. Neither of those steps are going to be a good idea.

      • OK spent my whole Saturday about 20 hours worth trying to make this work..no dice! 🙁 I did a clean install of Windows 8 Build 8400 (I hear 9200 is latest?).(I think the latest) and with nothing else loaded or installed I installed QBooks Ent 2012R9. Went to the Udpdate button and did the updates even though R9 is supposed to be the latest?? Why it is downloading another 350MB maintenance file that takes a 1/2 hour I have no idea! But all the updates work other then the “New Features” Errors out 15243 I think. So, I think you are not running R9 or plus is my guess why it works for you. Can you confirm? I then did a clean Win 7 install and no updates, then a QBooks R9 install, then did the updates and all went fine..no errors. PDF’s Generate with XPS Writer. Then I updated to Win 8 and all went fine but now QBooks will not create PDF’s again. I noticed that it installed XPS Writer 4 for Windows 8. I tried with the plain ‘ol XPS Writer too and no dice. What version are you using? Anyway to sum up, I have 99% working in Win8 and this PDF thing is kind of a killer but on this machine I will just choose to “Send later” then logon with a Win 7 machine and the file and “Send all forms”. Kind of a pain but only work around I have until 2013 comes out. If I am missing something, let me know! Thanks

        • I have an older Preview build of Win 8, but I’m running Enterprise 12 R9.

          The best I can say at this time is:

          1) I would never, ever recommend using a “customer preview” version of Windows 8 (or any version of Windows) in a production environment.

          2) I wouldn’t worry about QB 2013 until next January anyways, most likely. The first version that is released in this Fall (R1) will have bugs in it. Never ever use the R1 version of QuickBooks products.

          3) There can be a million reasons why the PDF stuff doesn’t work – different machines work different ways, for reasons that are hard to determine. I don’t have any trouble with the PDF stuff on my Vista and Windows 7 installations either, but I put a lot of time into making sure that things are really clean on these systems. Other people have lots of problems. Too many variables to know what is going on.

          Intuit has a PDF diagnostic tool on the support web site, you may want to take a look at that.

  • RE: Getting PDF creation to work — I had to try this twice (on the second go round I selected the existing PDF1 port that I created on the first try). I’m not sure what I did to get it installed, but give it a shot:

    Name the printer “QuickBooks PDF Converter 3.0” (2.0 might work, not sure)
    This is important and unfortunate — once you have it installed, you need to set it as the default printer. I don’t know a way around that currently.

    • Gary, that might address an older version of QuickBooks, but not any version from 2011 and later. Those are the instructions for versions that use the older Amyuni PDF driver, which was dropped in 2011.

      • Hi Charlie,

        I tried to recreate how I got it working — I did find out I performed some additional steps, although I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I did to get to working. One of the steps I missed was that when prompted for the driver, I clicked “Windows Update”, and selected a *signed* Amyuni driver from there. If I can figure out full steps to recreate I’ll post them.

    • I have just upgraded my Windows 7 64 bit with Quickbooks 2012 installed to Windows 8. (I need window 8 since I make a lot of use of 64 bit virtual machines – windows 8 now supports this).

      As mentioned above, all seems OK apart from the print to pdf for emailing. I tried using the intuit tools, but to no avail. Even though the XPS Document Writer was listed as a printer, Quickbooks did not like it. I deleted it, then reinstalled by adding the printer.
      1. Choose My Printer is not listed
      2. Choose Local Port then XPSPort:
      3. For the Driver – Microsoft XPS Document Driver Version 6.1.7601 (or something like that)

      If you don;t have the XPSPort, add a new local port and call it XPSPort:

      I had only just upgraded to 2012 and was annoyed that the printer problem reappeared in Windows 8


  • I installed Windows 8 Pro 64Bit RTM. I then installed Office 2010 Pro Plus. Then I installed QuickBooks 2012. I tried to email an invoice and was not able to so I closed QuickBooks. I set the XPS printer to be my default, opened QuickBooks and tried to email an invoice. No joy. I closed QuickBooks again, and then re-launched by right clicking and selecting Run as Administrator and now I am able to email invoices.

    I rebooted and it still worked.

    I installed Adobe Master Collection CS6, iTunes, Lightroom, Zune, Visual Studio, and after all of that it still works. However, only when the XPS printer is the default printer and only when QuickBooks is Run as Administrator. I right clicked the icon, and clicked properties, and under the Compatibility tab I checked Run this program as an administrator so I don’t need to right click each time I launch it.

    I installed Windows 8 as a clean install. I purchased a SSD drive specifically for it and loaded it on as a dual boot, just in case. QuickBooks was the only thing that would have required me going into Windows 7 so I am pretty sure that after some more testing, if all goes well, I will remove 7 all together.

    Hopefully others running Windows 8 Pro 64Bit will have the same results as me.

    • Note that Windows 8 isn’t “officially” supported by Intuit at this time. I expect that there will be some modifications to QuickBooks 2013 a bit further down the line to make it work more smoothly.

  • So, at this point I have updated to Win8 on a 64bit Sys. and I guess I will be stuck with it with QB not able to create PDF’s to send email.
    is that correct? no other solution but wait for an up date?

    Thank you in Advance

    • Felipe, since Intuit doesn’t officially support Windows 8 at this point, I would say that you probably just have to wait. You can set up a PDF driver and print invoices to that, saving them in your file system, and then manually attaching them to an email. You may be able to work with the PDF driver diagnostic tool that they have (which didn’t help in my case). Some people have said that they have been able to get it to work in that system, but I’ve not yet duplicated that yet myself.

      And I’m not going to use Windows 8 for my primary system until much later on, after we see what other kinds of things are going on there.

  • Well, installed QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 today and the problem is still NOT fixed! What the heck is wrong with Intuit sending out a new version that does not work with Windows 8 or Windows Server Essentials 2012???
    We are like 10 days from launch and still have to deal with sending all our forms from a dedicated Windows 7 machine. I am beyond pissed and 13.0 is a bloated slug compared to 12.0….BOO!

  • I just tried to install Quickbooks POS 7 on Windows 8 Professional. I got the normal network error and tried the fix from Intuit’s site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t recognize Windows 8.

    Windows 8 is not ready for prime time.

  • email invoice works on win8 platform when using v13, r3

    multiple java issues however when running in terminal server on windows server 2012

    so far working, but struggling with some integration issues – mostly with the differences in how java integrates with IE10 now because it’s fundamentally and radically different

    it’s only been coming for 2 years … come on intuit PRESS HARDER, get it working!

  • WE are only certifying QB 2013 on Windows 8. I think it is more serious than Windows 7 where i have 09 and up installed and working fine. I got a chance to install ES 13 and QBA 13 on a buddy’s windows 8 laptop and install went fine, though I didn’t get a chance to do any testing. I think R4 will even have more compatibility for QB and 8, but I don’t think we are “technically” supporting anything prior to 2013 QB on Windows 8, not saying the prior years will not work, but as Charlie found, there will be issues.

  • Trying to find out if QB2013 will be compatable for my windows 8. New computer. Anyone have any problems w/ the reconcilations of reports in the QB system? (Saw on previous websites)
    Please let me know, i need QB to be installed on this new computer. But, want to make sure it will be fully compatable prior to buying the upgrade from 2010 (Which will not work) to 2013. TY

  • Last week I was speaking with someone at Intuit ProAdvisor technical support. While working on my issue, he asked me if I had any clients using Windows 8 with QuickBooks yet. I told him I didn’t yet. He let me know that as of right now they are still working on testing QuickBooks with Windows 8. They are hoping to get the problem resolved with QB2013 pretty soon. However, even if they get that working, they are not sure if any prior versions will work. I am suggesting to my clients that they hold off on purchasing Windows 8 for now until we have more information.

  • Charlie,
    I just downloaded Windows 8 & Office 2010. So far most of QuickBooks Essentials Online is working however printing checks is less than easy and once I managed to do this (with multiple attempts and random things happening)… no check numbers in the register! Have you heard of this and if so… is there a solution?
    By the way, thank you for all the previous information. Wish I would have seen this prior to my install.

  • Charlie,

    I have quickbooks 2012 and had installed Win8. I have been getting errors when doing a payroll update, It does not allow me to do so. I keep getting an error message, “The Windows error was ‘the file exist’ and QuickBooks FCS Service is damaged. How do I resolve this issue because if I don’t perform this update quickbooks does not allow me to process my payroll forms and does not allow me to process my payroll (no taxes is taken out on the checks). Please help me resolve this issue.


    • Arvin, I don’t have an answer, I don’t work with Payroll. Usually with Intuit Payroll you can get support easily, have you tried talking to Intuit? Unfortunately, the answer you may get is that QuickBooks 2012 isn’t officially supported on Windows 8…

  • Charlie,
    Hi, I just purchased a new computer with Windows 8(64) and installed quickbooks. When I run quickbooks I will get an message starting that it has crashed and will close. My quickbooks is Pro 2013 with the r4 update. Any suggestions?

    • Hard to say, Donna, there are so many variables. First step would be to uninstall and reinstall. After that you need to work with someone who can look at the system (in person or with a remote connection) probably.

  • Charlie,

    I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 8 (hate it), and use QB Pro 2010. The print function in QB has shut down, after initially working fine. Invoices, checks won’t print. Click on the icons and nothing happens at all including the print setup tab.

    Any insight would be helpful. I am fully updated on everything (windows and QB), according to the computer.


    • Hard to say, Tom. You may need to reset your QuickBooks printer preference file. Note that by doing this you are resetting any special printer settings you have set up for any forms.To do this, locate the file QBPRINT.QBP, which is probably in your c:/program data/QuickBooks/2010 folder. Note that this is a “hidden” folder, you may need to change some folder options settings to see it. Rename this file to QBPRINT.OLD, so that you have a copy of it for safekeeping. Then restart QuickBooks and try printing.

  • Charlie,

    Since the Rt can’t run earlier programs, how did you run QB 2012 on Widows RTM – does it need to run remotely from a computer, bought in the Windows App store or can a hard copy be installed?


    • Windows 8 RT is totally different than “Windows” as we know it. It is for tablets, and it has the same issues for Windows programs as you would with an iPad. They just don’t run Windows programs as we know them. The only way to use this kind of system is to remote in to another computer (running regular Windows) and run it via remote access, or to get QB on a Hosted system and run it via a browser, or to give up and try QuickBooks Online. And, note, I don’t know if remote access tools are available, as I haven’t worked the RT system.

  • I am a Mac user and am taking on a client for which I will use QB 2012 for PC (which I already have.) I am wondering if I should use vmware or parallels with windows xp or am I better off just having a dedicated PC laptop for my PC clients? If so, it sounds like I should find a laptop with windows 7 rather than windows 8. Any thoughts? Its been a while since I have used Qb for PC since all my recent clients are on Macs. I need to get up to speed fast.

    • There’s a lot of discussion going on about that in some of the ProAdvisor groups. I can’t say as I don’t have a Mac myself. Based on what people are saying, I’d consider using VMWare or Parallels on your Mac if you have one that has a lot of memory and storage capacity, rather than hauling a second laptop around. I don’t know if you have options on the Windows version on the Mac VM systems, but I’d try to stick with Windows 7 if that is an option.

  • have quickbooks pro 2013 and windows 8. All was fine
    now having nightmare trying to open customer files from passport external storage unit.
    have gone through numerous advise support
    please help me
    error message states I don’t have app to open this type of file
    I’ve tried 4 that I guessed at, as” quickbooks open customer file from passport” produces no suggestions

    • Oliver, you don’t give much detail to go on. All I can say at this point is that (1) QuickBooks generally doesn’t like “removeable media” for many operations, and (2) If you are moving that passport drive to a computer that doesn’t have QB installed on it on the C: drive, you are probably out of luck – if the QB was installed on the passport drive itself you can’t really move that drive around to different computers easily.

      But those are guesses as you didn’t give us any details.

  • Charlie,
    If you’re still follow, I am a QB Pro 2005 user. Yes I know its old but so am I. I have it on XP and Vista, but now I have a Win 8 lap top. Simple question, can I make it work on Win 8?, how?, should I bite and upgrade QB?, If so what version and how many step to upgrade from QB 2005 to the version you would recommend. I mainly use QB for expense tracking, no inventory, no point of sale, very limited invoicing.

    • You nay be able to get it to work but you will have multiple hassles, it is simpler to upgrade to the current release. You may be able to update the database in one jump, if the data is “clean”, but you may need some help.

      • Thanks Charlie, My QB is very simple and not full of a lot of data. Ill sure I will have to ask for your help again.


  • Charlie, I have old version of QB 2000 pro. and due to the hard drive crash I need to re install in my laptop. There is no problem of any data for previous work done. I have my original cd but couldn’t find but the key is with me. Charlie show me the way how to download QB in my Laptop

    • Riz, I’m not sure if you are asking how to find your key, or how to get a copy of Pro 2000. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with a version that old, I don’t know of any Intuit site that has products that old still available.

  • I had to buy a new laptop and it came with Windows 8. I am currently using QB Enterprise solutions 10.0. I know that QB won’t support it, but can I install the QB ES10.0 from the CD and load the data from my backup disk?

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