Intuit GoPayment Brings Payment Processing to Small Businesses

Written by Charlie Russell

When I think of “Merchant Services” two things usually come to my mind (based on past experience) – high fees and a hassle in collecting payment information. I’ve heard about Intuit GoPayment before, but I dismissed it as another merchant services account that would just be the same old hassle. However, after talking with the folks at Intuit, I decided to give it a try. I found that it was a great low cost solution for a small business, and I was surprised at how easy it was to use.

Credit card processing can be a major hassle for small businesses. Merchant accounts are expensive – if you have a low volume of transactions the fees become a significant expense. Also, if you are on the go, collecting payments via credit card can be a hassle. Now, with Intuit GoPayment, small businesses have a simple way to accept credit card payments without having a monthly or per transaction flat fee, and you can accept payments from your iPad or phone.Intuit GoPayment card swiper

I didn’t realize, until I dug in a bit, that

  • I can get a no-monthly-charge account via GoPayment. Usually with a merchant account you have three costs: A base monthly fee, a per transaction flat fee and a percentage of each transaction (called a “discount rate”). I always hated that monthly fee, I could go months without taking a credit card payment but I still had to pay that dang fee. With Intuit GoPayment the only fee you have is the discount rate – no monthly fee, no per transaction flat fee. If you process a small number of credit card transactions this makes a significant difference.
  • You get a free card swiper that will work on all leading IOS, Android and Blackberry devices. It plugs in to your audio jack. I used this with my iPad 2, and it worked very well (once you adjust the volume setting on the iPad).
  • Creating an account, setting it up on my iPad, and processing a payment was extremely easy (although there were a few hitches as I’ll explain later).

GoPayment is designed for specific use cases. People who never processed credit cards before, low volume users. Setup is easy and you can start without a big commitment.

Chris Battles, Intuit’s head of Product Management in the Payment Solutions Division, said that they are creating “liberating technology so you can do your work wherever you are at. Our mission is to help people get paid. I see the future of payments just like Netflix – you should be able to accept payments from wherever you are”.

GoPayment on my iPad 2

At first, my experience in signing up was a bit mixed. I started by downloading the GoPayment app on my iPad 2 and then tried to set up an account. I couldn’t get Intuit GoPayment iPad appthrough the signup process. However, when I went to their web site and created an account there, the experience was great. The process was very straight forward, and I received approval of my account within a day. My rate for low volume transactions is 2.7% if I swipe a card. After signing up AND getting approved I was able to set up my account to use my universal Intuit account login, and then I could log in with the iPad app.

You can set up items so that you have standard fees for particular cases, or you can just swipe a card and enter an amount as I’m showing below.

Intuit GoPayment process charge

Once you have the amount entered you hand your iPad (or phone) to the customer and they can sign the charge with by using their fingertip.

Signing charge with Intuit GoPayment on my iPad 2

You will have options to send a receipt to the customer by email or text. That is it! Very, very simple.

Intuit GoPayment receipt options

You can call up a history of payments, you can add the customer to your contact list (including a photo from your phone or iPad)

Adding a contact in Intuit GoPayment

You also can log in to your QuickBooks Merchant Services account from your computer to be able to manage you account.

Viewing your GoPayment transaction online

 For years I’ve used PayPal as my payment processor. The main reason that I switched to them was to avoid the monthly fees. Sometimes, though, people don’t want to pay via PayPal (I know that they can still pay via credit card, but there is always resistance). In some situations that still is the account I’ll use, but it looks like Intuit GoPayment is going to be another tool in my kit.

What is in the future for Intuit GoPayment? Chris Battles gave me some hints, but you’ll have to see my article in the Intuit Inner Circle (which might not be published until the last week of June). Note that you have to register with the Inner Circle to see these articles, although it is free.


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About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been the managing editor and primary writer for the Sleeter Report since 2011. Charlie can be reached at charlie@ccrsoftware.com

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • I am really looking forward to learning more about this on the Intuit Inner Circle article as well especially the following: (1) compatibility with the first version of the Ipad and(2) integration with an orders database to automatically send out an email and (3) do you physically have to swipe a card and obtain a signature (I am thinking of phone orders…)

    I really like the idea of not having a monthly fee. We too use PayPal and although it works for 99.9% of customers there are some that have had a bad experience with Paypal in the past and are hesitant to use PayPal again.

    This application looks like a great addition to many companies toolkits! Thanks for a great article!

    • Karen – the Inner Circle article has a small amount of additional info – it will be published on June 28th.

      1) I used this with the iPad 2, their web site lists the original iPad as being compatible also.

      2) GoPayment is a lighter weight app, it doesn’t integrate with QuicKBooks. You would need to go to a fuller Merchant Services account to get QB integration.

      3) YES you can use this for phone orders. I almost did that this morning – but it was a Canadian company. The screen requires a zip code and it wouldn’t accept a Canadian postal code. I had to use another method for that charge, but later I called their tech support and was told that for a Canadian postal code I could just enter 99999 for the zip code and it would work. Note that you pay a higher discount rate if you don’t swipe the card.

      I’ll be using this for exactly the reason you mention – some people just don’t want to use PayPal, even though you can use it to process a credit card without them opening an account.

  • I have been using Go Payment ever since they started giving the little swipe away that plugs into your ‘compatible phone’ (or in your case iPad, Charlie) to new sign-ups for the service; only thing was they had to send me a 2nd one because the first one had an internal bug (typical Intuitite infection) and wouldn’t connect thru the ‘jack’.

    Sure makes it easy to take a CC payment at the time of service.

    See Charlie you really did ‘want’ that ‘i (thing)’ (aka: iPad) and now you have found a perfect use for it that really helps ‘bring in the big bucks’.

    Gosh….do you get to swipe “Doug Sleeter’s credit-card” every time you write a blog for them……….hahahaha


    • Murph – I don’t swipe Doug’s card, I don’t want to pay the discount rate. I would use Intuit PaymentNetwork in that case, as it is only $0.50 per transaction without any percentage. That works better on recurring charges. However, in this case, Doug uses “Bill.com” and that works very effectively for us both…

      On the iPad I found that I had to adjust the volume setting a bit to get it to work reliably.

    • Kathie – Chris here from the Intuit payments team. With GoPayment, your customers would not be able to submit their payment credentials through a web interface/ check out. We have a few different solutions for our Intuit Websites customers that do have this functionality and are always looking at ways to extend this capabilities further.

      If your clients provide you payment credentials for orders either via email or over the phone, you could use the GoPayment service (either on the phone/ tablet or via the web client) to process those “card not present” transactions.

      Hope that helps.


    • We have a limited number of sales as we are just building the website business, so the GoPayment sounded good! Guess we’ll look into the merchant service, except that that had two $9.95 fees – the regular “take credit cards” and an additional one for having a website. So the fees are pretty similar to the current provider we are using.

      • Kathie, GoPayment isn’t set up for a web store, by itself. There are multiple merchant services that will work with many different web stores, and QuickBooks. I don’t have a recommendation at this time, though.

  • Thanks for posting this. I signed up for it and haven’t used it yet because the confirmation email I got was not clear that the phone attachment would work on my phone (mine is not one of the ones listed) though it has an audio jack and is Android based. So now I will send for it the attachment and get started.

    • Karla, the nice thing about the attachment is that they offer it for free. So, if you have a free device, a free account, and it doesn’t work, you are only out the time it takes to test.

    • Karla – We’re constantly updating the list of supported phones. We only list the models we’ve tested and supported, but with the rapid release and proliferation of different Android devices (each with their own idiosyncrasies) it can sometimes take us a bit of time to update our list. That said, the reader may work with your device already.

      Good luck and good processing!


  • One thing to consider is that usually Intuit charges more to process payments by American Express (3.7% according to the fine print).

    So I signed up for Square https://squareup.com/ to have a backup (for those times when the Intuit servers never go down, smile) and to process Amex transactions at a lower rate of 2.75%.

    The white 1″x1″ square sized reader also works on both my iPod touch and Android smart phone. And it fits in my pocket.

  • I have used Go Payment Network since 2008 for my virtual assistance practice but not after today. I ran a card for $720 on Friday. On Saturday I was asked to submit all kinds of documentation proving that I truly had a business and telling me that my weekly credit limit would go from $1250 a week to $500. And anything over the $500 would be held for 30 days. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like people making money off my money especially when I run a legit business. Oh and at some point today I was told everything was fine and my credit limit would be increased to $5000 a month. New email just came in saying they had made a mistake and it would be $500 a month. I will be looking for another way to process credit cards for my business.

  • Monique that’s seems strange why wait for a month to get your money. I am thinking to try their card but now i don’t.

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