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Did Solutions14 Top Off Your Year??

Now that we are finished with The Sleeter Group’s production of Solutions14 conference, I’ve been pondering this question: Did Solutions14 help us set a direction for our firms in 2015? It was a privilege and honor to attend Solutions14 and speak with many of you who install and support Intuit...

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First Look at Xero Inventory

Xero users have been waiting for inventory functionality for years and it has finally arrived! Here’s the quick lowdown on what you will find in Xero Inventory. First off, Xero Inventory is not some advanced, assembly-creating feature designed for manufacturing businesses. This is a basic...

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Xero for iPad – Full Walk-Through

Recently Xero released its first native built iPad app (they did have a general iOS app before, but this is their first app built specifically for the iPad). We’ve never actually covered Xero’s mobile apps specifically before, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to dig in and...

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Xero Comes Out Swinging

Xero is coming at the US small business market with guns a ’blazing, and they are setting themselves up not only for success but for solid and long-term positioning in the market. In case you missed the news last week, Xero came out with a few big announcements: They announced the appointment of...