QuickBooks Error 3371

I had to reconfigure my main work computer recently, and the first time I ran QuickBooks after that I ran into a problem: QuickBooks error 3371, “Could not initialize license properties.” This is a significant error because you can’t get past...


Scheduled Distributions in QuickBooks Online

If you have gone through the QuickBooks Online Certification training for ProAdvisors, you may have found yourself wondering what the practical use for scheduled distributions is in the custom reports area. Why on earth would you want a report to go out automatically that you haven’t had a chance...



Cloud Accounting Xero

Search Finally Comes to Xero

Those of us following Xero have known that a small yet important capability that has been lacking for a long time is global search. This is the ability to search all records in Xero using a single box, kind of like what you do with Google...


Sage Cloud Accounting

Get to Know Sage One

Every client is different. There might be no greater truth than this when it comes to your client list. Granted, there are many similarities between clients, and I’m sure you bucket them together as best you can—service-based clients, retail, restaurants (we are accountants, after all, so...


Sage View: The Right Tool for the Right Job

I believe Sage View is a real game changer when it comes to accountants and bookkeepers being the trusted advisors everyone is talking about. Sage View can be the right tool for gathering and analyzing your clients’ data because it provides accountants and bookkeepers like us with a simple way to...

Cloud Accounting