Strategic Advisory

As a strategic adviser, we help your entire team focus on your unique solution, how it can win in the marketplace, and what the options are for implementing your plans. In many cases our clients need a sounding board for product direction, marketing and sales channels, and they want a deeper understanding of the marketplace they are targeting. In particular, Doug’s clients value his 30+ years of experience and insight for working with the accounting profession and other software companies.


M&A Consulting

With a deep understanding of products, vendor strategies, and the value of combining forces between organizations, we can introduce your company and product to senior leadership at virtually every company in the accounting software marketplace. We can help both organizations visualize the potential of working together, either as partners or acquisition. We can help you weigh the tradeoffs of building your existing company, attracting venture capital, or pursing a partial or complete sale of your assets.
If you decide to sell your company, we will help you identify, evaluate, and pursue buyers, and then help you negotiate the best return for your shareholders. All the way through closing the deal, we will be on your team to assist throughout the process.


Blockchain and Crypto Currency Consulting

We believe blockchain technology will completely revolutionize global commerce, and we are continually watching developments in the space as well as searching for companies with compelling products and business models. From crypto currency, to blockchains for accounting records, to smart contracts, we believe we in the midst of a fundamental shift in the way information is stored, transmitted, secured, and consumed.

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Executive Coaching

We provide executive coaching to CEOs who are looking to improve their strategic thinking and planning. We can be a sounding board for your ideas and provide ideas to ways to accelerate your personal business success.

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Software Design Consulting

With an extensive background in software design, feature development, and product positioning, we can help your executive team develop strategy and execution plans for creating market-winning applications for small business management.


Accounting Software Market Strategy

Many of our clients hire us to assist in building a strategic plan for winning in the accounting software marketplace. We’ll help you think through how to market to the accounting profession, to resellers and VARs, and directly to small businesses. Each product has a different set of unique value propositions for each customer segment and we can help your team develop a winning strategic plan.