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QuickBooks Online Bundles

Intuit is rolling out another update for QuickBooks Online that contains a very important change for inventory – Bundles! There also are some nice changes in sales forms. Note that, as usual, Intuit will roll out these updates in waves. Some people may already have this, some will get them soon...


Cloud Accounting Xero

Xero June Update

While there may not be any groundbreaking release coming out of Xero currently, there’s definitely a bunch of incremental improvements that all add up to make Xero more secure, stable, and easier to use. Here’s a review of those...

Cloud Accounting Xero

Xero Inventory Import

Last in my series on Xero Inventory is an overview of how you can import inventory items, and starting inventory balances, into Xero. Two separate import features are provided. Xero works with comma-delimited (CSV) files, and they provide you with...



Sage Payroll and Payment Solutions

A few months ago, I gave an overview of using the Sage 50 payroll feature and promised more to come. Time to follow up on that promise, so let’s talk payroll, and we’ll throw in a bit of payment solutions, as well! With Sage, no matter what sort of payroll service or payment function you’re...

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What’s New With Sage One

If you want to know what’s happened with Sage One over the past year, then you only need to look at their North American What’s New page. Wow, that was a quick article! In all seriousness though, the last time I really covered Sage One was a year ago in a review split up into part 1...

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

AccountingSuite First Look Review

Here’s my first look at AccountingSuite. If I had to place it on the spectrum of cloud accounting software, I’d say it falls somewhere between QuickBooks Online and Xero on the one hand and and NetSuite and Intacct on the other. It is small business software, but it’s not for the...

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Practice Management Small Business

Payroll Options: ADP RUN

Among the many choices we have for payroll processing are the full service payroll providers, one of which is ADP, which has been in business since 1949. Like most payroll providers, ADP has different options. For small businesses, ADP RUN is the most common option, which is what we’ll be talking...