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Doug Sleeter

DougSleeter (@dougsleeter) is the founder and former CEO of The Sleeter Group, an international network of accounting software consultants, and the former producer of SleeterCon, an annual conference and tradeshow for accounting professionals.

In 2017, Doug was inducted into The CPA Practice Advisor Hall of Fame in the accounting profession. He was also named to Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” each year 2008 through 2015. In 2013, he was recognized by Small Business Trends with the Small Business Influence Champion award.

Doug is a passionate leader of innovation and change in the small business accounting technology world. As a CPA firm veteran and former Apple Computer Evangelist, he melded his two great passions (accounting and technology) to guide developers in the innovation of new products and to educate and lead accounting professionals who serve small businesses.

In 2015, he sold The Sleeter Group to Diversified Communications (www.divcom.com) and the company has since become The Accountex Network and the conference has become AccountexUSA.com.

Always in search of the next big thing, he is currently focusing on blockchain technology and crypto currency. He believes these technologies will change virtually everything in global commerce.

In the early 1990s, Doug was a pioneer in developing the first QuickBooks seminars in the country and has since built the largest group of accounting software consultants in the small business accounting profession. Doug serves on several advisory boards for technology companies and has consulted with numerous industry leaders including Intuit, Sage, Apple, and Adobe Systems.

Doug is the author of numerous books and courseware materials including The QuickBooks Consultant’s Reference Guide, and QuickBooks Complete, a college textbook.

Read Doug’s articles, slide presentations, and books in:

Doug attended both the University of California Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Information Systems. Doug and his family live in Pleasanton, CA. Doug’s hobbies include woodworking, golf.

Our Portfolio

We provide angle investments and strategic advisory services to hundreds of software companies, accounting firms, educational organizations, and small businesses. Our current portfolio includes:

Bill.com www.bill.com* Public Offering Dec 2019 * Accounts payable, receivables and payments automation

Gustowww.gusto.com – Payroll, benefits and HR solutions for small business

Botkeeperwww.botkeeper.com – Botkeeper provides businesses with a powerful combination of skilled accountants and automated data entry through the use of machine learning and AI.
Gilded www.gilded.finance – Gilded believes the future of finance is global, open, and powered by blockchain. Our cutting edge software simplifies payments and accounting for global businesses with both crypto and traditional finances.

ContaAzulwww.contaazul.com – Online accounting software for the Brazilian market.

Ace Cloud Hosting – www.acecloudhosting.com – Ace Cloud Hosting is a windows desktop application hosting company providing cloud-based access to powerful servers. Host all your applications in the cloud including QuickBooks, Sage, Tax applications, and all your windows data. Ace is our preferred hosting provider because of their great support, fast response, and very high performance.

Armatic – www.armatic.com Sold to BlueSnap – Oct 2019 * – Integrated Quoting, eSign, AR automation, Customer Success and NPS solution.

BQE Softwarewww.bqe.com – Professional services automation, project management and accounting. Complete online suite of solutions for professional services firms.

Mana Pacificwww.manapacific.comAccelerating the adoption of renewable energy in the Pacific Islands.
Locate Inventorywww.locateinv.com – Cloud-based inventory management solution for mid-sized business.

Client Hubhttp://clienthub.app – All-in-one Workspace where accounting professionals and clients have everything they need to collaborate.

Spotlight Reportingwww.spotlightreporting.com – Integrated reporting and forecasting that allows you to create insights to inform better business outcomes.

Agiliron http://www.agiliron.com – Agiliron is an all-in-one software suite which allows you to manage all orders, inventory and CRM records, from all channels, in one place.

Netfirawww.netfira.com – Deliver and integrate invoices directly to your customer’s existing accounting system, and also provide “one click” customer statement reconciliation


“Having worked with Doug across the span of over 5 years and over two companies (Xero and Intuit), I appreciate his expertise, his passion for accounting professionals, and his continual push for improved products and processes from the vendors that serve the accounting industry. He has provided great insights on how to improve what we do and has continued to push the accounting profession forward overall.”

“Doug is one of the people who you think of right away as a thought leader in our industry. He has been a great thought partner to me and as a sounding board on everything from strategy to specific product capabilities. He helps move the industry forward by highlighting the best players and driving everyone to achieve excellence in their products and services.  Doug is one of the pioneers in the space of creating communities for our industry — and his passion for the accountant, advisors and small businesses energizes me and others he works with. It’s a pleasure to continue working with Doug.”

“Doug is an industry icon and technology evangelist. He understands how small businesses operate, and how technology can help them be agile and out-innovate their competition. I have worked with Doug on numerous projects over the years, and he was a great supporter of Method even in the early days when we were just some excited geeks with a pie in the sky idea.”

“I knew about Doug for a number of years before I started collaborating with him – His name would pop up as a “thought leader” in various publications and forums relating to accounting technology. Until I started working with him in the QuickBooks and Beyond blog I didn’t realize how apt that label was. Doug truly is a “thought leader” in the area of small business accounting. While most of us are struggling to keep up with all the new technologies that are in our hands now, Doug is not only showing us what technologies are going to be the most important to us, he is also helping us become prepared for the NEXT step that we will have to take. That truly is “thought leadership” – helping us to understand what the future will bring so that we can prepare ourselves.”

“When advanced-certified QuickBooks consultants have a business question and they’re stumped, where do they turn? To Doug Sleeter and his professional organization, ‘The Sleeter Group.’ I’ve known Doug for years, and know he is one of the most consummate professionals in the accounting world, as well as a foreseer of technology trends in this space. If you want solid business advice, or just to chat about how the business world is evolving, contact Doug Sleeter. He ‘gets it’ when it comes to understanding how small and medium function and what they need.”

“Doug and the Sleeter Group have been a huge positive influence on my company. Not only has the Sleeter Group provided the information and networking needed by those of us who provide small business consulting services, but Doug has been very generous with his time and knowledge for me personally and for our regional QuickBooks groups. As I expand my business via a new consulting firm and new products and services I will continue to rely on Doug’s valuable insight and knowledge.”

“Doug is a true evangelist. He understands technology as well as how small businesses operate. He is always looking at ways to make small businesses more efficient.”