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Kristen Koh Goldstein is the CEO of Scalus and Chairwoman of BackOps. She founded BackOps in 2010 to enable skilled moms to work from home while their children are at school. In 2013 with institutional backing from several investors including Sherpa Ventures, eVentures, Google Ventures, and HVF Labs, BackOps gave birth to Scalus, software to manage a remote distributed workforce.

Prior to Scalus and BackOps, Kristen was an investment analyst for Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse covering the software industry. She was also the CFO of Loyalty Lab (now Tibco) and Director Finance of Epinions (now eBay), where she developed a deep expertise in financial operations. Kristen, a mother of three, was motivated to start BackOps not only to create flexible work schedules for moms, but also to provide affordable back office services to SMBs.

Writer, Speaker, LinkedIn blogger, twit(terer), Instructor at WISE Academy, Technology reviewer.

I spend my days busily banishing boring from the worlds of accounting and technology, delighted by the humorous, thrilled by spreadsheets, and curious about everything. I work on only fun projects, have connected wine with financial statements, gerbils to software, and sales tax with donuts. Trained in stand-up comedy by Jeff Justice, I am learning to be faster on my feet through Improv.

Author of "How to Make a Boring Subject Interesting: 52 ways even a nerd can be heard" which is available on Amazon.

I spoke at TEDxNapaValley and am trying to "listen to my Basset Hound."

Named one of Top 100 most Influential people in Accounting by Accounting Today from 2010-2012, and, One of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting and one of 25 Thought Leaders in the Accounting Profession.

Specialties: CPA, CITP, CSPM (a Mentor Plus designation), communicating business benefits of technology, member of the XBRL steering committee in the early days.


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