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Looking for a QuickBooks or accounting software consultant? Search through our listing of 700+ certified accounting experts specializing in QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and more! Sleeter Certified Consultants pass a rigorous certification process, assuring that they have the knowledge and skills required to help your small- to medium-sized business.

Sleeter Group Certified Consultants can customize your QuickBooks file to meet your unique needs, answer specific questions or conduct one-on-one training sessions in your office. Each Consultant's profile indicates the accounting services they perform and the products they support.

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Why are Sleeter-Certified Consultants the best source for small business accounting help?

Sleeter-Certified Consultants are practicing bookkeepers, accountants (often CPAs), EAs, and IT consultants who work with small- to medium-sized business clients on a daily basis. To become Sleeter-Certified, one must take an assessment exam on QuickBooks for which the consultant has only two chances to pass. Passing the exam requires a deep working knowledge of QuickBooks that can only come from years of experience.

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Sleeter Group Consultants Network members get a 20% discount on all products.