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Data File Analysis Checklist

Data File Analysis is an important tool for QuickBooks Consultant's to use to assess the health of a client's QuickBooks file. This checklist was developed by following the procedures outlined in the Sleeter Group's QuickBooks Consultant's Reference Guide.

QuickBooks in Law Firms

Here is a chapter on how QuickBooks can be used in law firms.

QuickBooks Client Interview Document

Request your new clients to complete this form prior to starting a consulting engagement so that you clearly understand their needs before beginning a new client engagement.


Construction - Job Costing Using WIP Accounts Chapter

The following files is a pdf chapter covering Work In Progress (WIP) accounts for construction.

QuickBooks and Beyond Blog

The Sleeter Group's QuickBooks and Beyond Blog provides high quality technical and marketing information on accounting solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses and the consultants and accountants who support them


Restaurant Accounting with QuickBooks: Recording Daily Sales (2013)

QuickBooks for Restaurants (2011)




Manufacturing and Inventory

QuickBooks Manufacturing Tutorial (2011)

QuickBooks Manufacturing with Fishbowl–Lot Numbers (2013)

MISys Easy Purchasing for QuickBooks (2012)

QuickBooks 2013 Inventory Improvements (2012)

QuickBooks 2013 Barcode Support (2012)

Barcoding for QuickBooks: SmartScan Barcode Translator



QuickBooks for Law Firms: Time, Expenses and Invoicing (2013)

QuickBooks for Law Firms: Setup (2013)

QuickBooks for Law Firms: Trust Transactions (2013)



Accounting Software

QuickBooks Bugs & Fixes

QuickBooks Tips & Tricks

Cloud Accounting with Wave - An Overview (2013)

Cloud Accounting with Xero - An Overview (2013)


Excerpts & Sample Chapters

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QuickBooks Consultant's Reference Guide

Consultants Reference GuideThe QuickBooks Consultant's Reference Guide is filled with techniques to diagnose and fix your clients' QuickBooks files. Its in-depth material helps you through some of the most difficult issues you will confront as a consultant. It includes easy-to-understand steps and screenshots to guide you through the trickiest problems.


QuickBooks Complete Textbook Version 2014

Consultant's Reference GuideThe QuickBooks Complete 2014 textbook is packed with hands-on step-by-step exercises that have students working directly in QuickBooks Trial Software Included while they learn the accounting behind the scenes and the best practices.



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