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QuickBooks Consultant's Reference Guide - 2015

Recommended for: Accountants, Bookkeepers, & Financial Managers

Now in full color. The bestselling QuickBooks 2015 Consultant’s Reference Guide is packed with techniques to diagnose and fix your clients’ QuickBooks files. At over 700 pages, this is the most comprehensive edition ever. Its in-depth material helps you through some of the most difficult issues you will confront as a consultant. Table of Contents  ||  Excerpts: Zero Dollar Checks  |  Two Party Checks

EBook |   $79.95
Print Book   |   $89.95
Best Deal! Bundle (EBook & Printed Book)   |   $119.95
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QuickBooks Complete Textbook - 2015

Recommended for: Small Businesses, Classrooms, Teachers, Students

The QuickBooks 2015 Complete textbook from The Sleeter Group offers more than just typical software instruction. It is packed with hands-on step-by-step exercises that have students working directly in QuickBooksTrial Software Included while they learn the accounting behind the scenes and the best practices. It provides a complete experiential learning environment with a 140-day QuickBooks software license, sample data files (work with U.S. QuickBooks only), and practice exercises so the students can apply what they are learning in class.   |   Product Support Download   |   Evaluation Copy Request

Print Book   |   $124.95


QuickBooks Fundamentals Textbook - 2015

The QuickBooks Fundamentals textbook contains everything a student needs to be successful using QuickBooks. This book incorporates managing revenue and expenses, bank reconciliation, payroll and more.   |   Product Support Download   |   Evaluation Copy Request

Print Book   |   $79.95


Grow Your Accounting Practice Using

Recommended for: Accountants, CPAs

Are you ready to transform the way you support your small and medium-sized business (SMBs) clients?  In Grow Your Accounting Practice Using, Author Judie McCarthy helps accounting professionals realize the hidden power of, an application that transforms how your clients pay and get paid.  This cloud-based application is more than a bill payment system, it is a tool that can manage all functions related to accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR). This book offers advice on using to help you take your accounting practice—and your clients— to the next level. From getting started to integrating with accounting software, you will learn how to be a hero to your clients as you transform how they manage their money.

Print  |  39.95
Ebook  |  29.99


Adding a Xero to Your Practice

Recommended for: Accountants, CPAs

If you are like many accounting professionals, you have started to feel it. The tremors that let you know something big is coming. A seismic shift in the accounting profession is under way, and as the ground begins to shake, keeping your footing could become difficult. Just like an earthquake destroys virtually everything in a town, these fundamental shifts could be devastating to many traditional accounting practices if the firm owners fail to act.

In this book, we provide insights about how to avoid becoming a casualty, but more importantly, we’ll do our best to show you how to create a firm that thrives in the new world. We will talk not just about adding Xero technology to your practice, but also about adding a zero to your profitability.

Print  |  14.99
Ebook  |  9.99


QuickBooks for Law Firms

Recommended for: Accountants, CPAs, Law Firms

When it comes to accounting, law firms have specific business processes and several unique rules and regulations.  This 150-page, full-color book, developed by Caren Schwartz, offers step-by-step instruction that will help lawyers save time and money immediately by implementing best practices for your firm.

Print  |  49.95
Ebook  |  39.99


Online Accounting Software: Finding the Right Match

Recommended for: CPAs, Accountants, Small Businesses

Written by video blogger and online accounting expert Greg Lam (aka The Small Biz Doer), this book explains, compares, and contrasts more than 250 features found in today’s leading online accounting software products.

Online Accounting Software: Finding the Right Match evaluates:

  • QuickBooks Online (small business)
  • Xero (small business)
  • Cheqbook (microbusiness)
  • Kashoo (microbusiness)
  • Wave (microbusiness)
  • Zoho Books (microbusiness)
  • FreshBooks (invoicing)

Greg gives you everything you need to assess the software and “find the right match” for your own accounting firm or for your clients’ small businesses.

PDF Download  |  $79.95


What SMBs Want from Their CPA

Recommended for: CPAs, Accountants, Small Businesses

What SMBs Want from Their CPA is an annual study conducted by The Sleeter Group in its continuing effort to provide leadership in technology consulting for accounting professionals and small businesses. The purpose of this research is to identify important trends developing in what small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) want from their outside accounting firm. Quite often, there’s a difference between what businesses want from their CPA and what they think their CPA wants to provide, especially in the areas of technology consulting. Download the study and discover the trends that are important to you.

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Restaurant Accounting with QuickBooks

Recommended for: Accountants, Bookkeepers

Restaurant Accounting with QuickBooks by Doug Sleeter is not only an e-book but a thorough "toolkit" that provides a complete system for setting up and managing the daily back-office accounting tasks in restaurants. You’ll learn detailed instructions for entering daily sales totals for each server into QuickBooks at the end of each shift.  The Restaurant Accounting with QuickBooks Toolkit includes templates and a sample QuickBooks data file that can be used to set up your restaurant business with QuickBooks.  |  Table of Contents

eBook & Toolkit   |   $79.95


Assessment Exams

Recommended for: Business Owners, Small Businesses, Accounting Firms

Anyone can say they know QuickBooks, but do they really? Know a prospective employee's QuickBooks and accounting skill level before you hire them. The Sleeter Group offers three levels of assessment exams. Each exam includes 60 questions to test their QuickBooks and accounting knowledge.

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Learning QuickBooks Step-by-Step Seminar System

Recommended for: Teachers

The Sleeter Group's QuickBooks Seminar System is a complete system for teaching QuickBooks seminars. From planning, to marketing, to setting up your presentation equipment and delivering a quality course, this system has everything you need to succeed with your seminars.


Sleeter Group Consultants Network

Recommended for: Accountants, Bookkeepers, Techies

Join the Sleeter Group Consultants Network, a community of accounting solutions experts in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Benefit from training, best of breed solution information, an active online community, secure online file sharing, marketing exposure, commissions on product sales, and more. We are dedicated to helping accountants and small businesses work together by using the most innovative and tested tools and systems to generate greater efficiencies and higher profits.

Individual   |   $345
Firm   |   $745


QuickBooks for Not-for-Profit Organizations - 2008

QuickBooks for Not-For-Profit Organizations 2008 provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use QuickBooks in a not-for-profit environment. Also included with the book are downloadable practice files with complete examples for using QuickBooks in a Not-For-Profit organization.

Book  |  $69.95

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