QuickBooks Assessment Tests - Bookkeeper, Consultant, Controller

Anyone can say they know QuickBooks. But do they really?

Know a prospective employee's QuickBooks and accounting skill level before you hire them. The Sleeter Group offers three levels of assessment exams. Each exam includes 60 questions to test their QuickBooks and accounting knowledge:

Exam Types:

  • Bookkeeper Exam

    Our most popular exam, The Sleeter Group Bookkeeper Assessment Exam emphasizes correct data entry and basic accounting concepts. We assume that the bookkeeper will primarily be processing transactions and will need to know enough accounting and office procedures to do daily tasks in QuickBooks.

  • Controller Exam

    The Sleeter Group Controller Assessment Exam, focuses on a higher level of accounting knowledge as well as basic QuickBooks literacy, but doesn't assume this potential hire will need to have a deep knowledge of QuickBooks.

  • Consultant Exam

    The Sleeter Group Consultant Assessment Exam assumes a very high level of both QuickBooks and accounting knowledge. (Note: This exam is not the same as The Sleeter Group Network Certification, which is our highest level exam. To learn more about our Sleeter Group Certification for QuickBooks and Accounting Solutions Consultants, visit our network membership page.)

Individual exams are $29.95. Bulk pricing (must be purchased all at once) is also available:

  • 1-4 Tests          $29.95
  • 5-9 Tests          $27.99
  • 10-14 Tests    $25.99
  • 15-19 Tests    $23.33
  • 20+ Tests         $19.95

These exams are given online. The link to exams you order will be sent to your e-mail address within one business day. The exam is taken through a standard Web browser and can be accessed by any computer with Internet access. The exam taker will be able to save their results and return to the exam. Each exam link is unique and is tied to an exam that can only be submitted one time. Exams expire one year after purchase date.


Sleeter Group Consultant Network members receive 25 free assessment exams per membership year. Learn more about membership.

Assessment Exam Video