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April 2012
 Message From Doug  

Doug Sleeter

With tax season behind us, it’s time to hit the road and spread the word about all of the technology developments in the marketplace. I’ll be speaking at the CalCPA show at the LAX Hilton on June 5, at the Seattle Accounting Technology Bootcamp on June 7, and then head to Las Vegas for the AICPA Tech+ show on June 10-13. I’ll also be presenting a series of Webinars on how’s web-based AR, AP and Cash Flow management products really deliver on the new paradigms of Chunkification, Zero Entry, and Collaborative Accounting Services I’ve been talking about for the past few years.

I’m also proud to announce the release of our 2012 Consultant’s Reference Guide. Thanks so much to Deborah Pembrook, Charlie Russell, and the team for helping so much on this, our 14th Edition of the best QuickBooks reference guide on the planet.  Ok, I’m biased, but this guide goes deeper on more topics that I’ve been able to find anywhere else. It focuses in on the types of topics that you won’t find in the manuals or training guides, because we know that consultants are often dealing with those thorny issues that aren’t supposed to happen. Anyway, I hope you’ll get the book, and I guarantee you’ll be happy when you do.

We are opening registration for our ninth annual Acccounting Solutions Conference this next week, next month we will open registration for our 2012 nine-city Small Business Techology Road Show seminar series.

I hope to see you in 2012!

 Are You Safeguarding Information When Sharing Files with Others?  

As an accounting professional, you’re required to transfer sensitive information every day in tax returns, payroll reports, financial statements, QuickBooks or Peachtree files, and other financial documents. Most of us would just attach these items to an email, but is that QuickBooks and Beyondreally the safest, smartest way to share information?

Considering the ever-increasing security risks associated with internet communication and especially email, it’s more important than ever for accountants to find secure means of file transfer that help them protect both their business and their clients’ information.

Click here to read the rest of Doug Sleeter’s article


 Just Released 2012 Consultant's Reference Guide  

We QuickBooks 2012 Consultant's Reference Guidehave just released our QuickBooks 2012 Consultant’s Reference Guide. This troubleshooting guide is packed with techniques to diagnose and fix your clients’ QuickBooks files. Its in-depth material helps you through some of the most difficult issues you will confront as a consultant. It includes easy-to-understand steps and screenshots to guide you through the trickiest problems.

This edition includes an extensive new chapter on Inventory written by Charlie Russell, editor of the QuickBooks and Beyond Blog. This chapter offers a thorough understanding of inventory, including in manufacturing environments. Also included with this edition are all the new features of QuickBooks 2012 and Enterprise 12, such as Batch Timesheets, the Inventory Center, the new Inventory features, Period Copy and more.

Whether you are a new QuickBooks consultant or a seasoned expert, you will learn new procedures and best practice recommendations. Order your copy today.

 2012 Accounting Solutions Conference  

2012 ASC

Join us in Anaheim, California this fall for our Ninth Annual Accounting Solutions Conference. The Conference will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (10/22-10/24) with optional activities on Sunday evening, 10/21 and a day trip to Catalina Island on Thursday, 10/25. The event will be held at the Anaheim Marriott hotel which is located within walking distance of Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

Santa Catalina Island Excursion:
Join us Thursday, October 25 for a day trip to Catalina Island. Click here for information.

See Who has Registered to Exhibit at the Conference:  We have more than 30 Exhibiting firms registered: View current Exhibitors here.

Exhibitors: We have already sold more than 50% of our available Exhibit space. We sell out of space every year so register as soon as possible! Click here for info.

Official Conference Registration will open next week!

 New! Small Business Technology Road Show  

The Sleeter Group’s 2012 Small Business Technology Road Show

Doug Sleeter and Randy Johnston will be hitting the road this July and August to tour nine cities and bring technology training to a city near you!

Road Show cities include: Tampa, Atlanta, Secaucus, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and our own San Francisco Bay Area.

These one day seminars are designed for accounting professionals and small business technology users.

Stay tuned. More details coming soon!

 April Tidbits  

 Sleeter Group Team News:

  • We are pleased to announce and welcome our new Director of Sales and Marketing, Tom Cosgrove. Tom has an extensive background in accounting software sales, book publishing and event management & marketing.
  • Congratulations to Sleeter team member Deborah Pembrook who was recently promoted to Director of Educational Products.
  • Joy Prado, our bookkeeper extraordinaire, has relocated to Toronto, Canada with her husband and three children. Fortunately Joy is continuing to work remotely for us. Click here to read more about the Sleeter Team.

Doug Sleeter
The Sleeter Group is Moving!

After 10 years at our current location we have outgrown our space! We are moving to a beautiful new office in the "Atrium" building which is just across the street from our current location in Pleasanton, CA. Beginning May 7 our new address will be: 5776 Stoneridge Mall Road #120, Pleasanton, CA 94588. Our phone numbers will not change. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, stop by and visit us!

Sleeter Group Consultants Network Monthly Webinar:
Our next Members’ Webinar will be held on May 23, 2012 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time. Login to and select "My SGCN Membership"  to register. If you are interested in joining our Consultants Network and attending these monthly webinars for free, call Nathan Fochler at 888-484-5484.

 Super Sleeter Deal  

Last Chance Book Sale!

Deal of the Month

Books by The Sleeter Group are as low as $10. Only a limited number of books are available. When they sell out, they are gone for good.

Visit for a list of all available books and to place your order today!


 Featured Webinars  

We have become the "graduate school" for QuickBooks and small business accounting technology because of our educational programs, including our fantastic Webinars. Our Webinar presenters are among the country’s leading experts in accounting software.

Featured WebinaSandi Smith Leyvar:
3 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line in Your QuickBooks Consulting Practice
by Sandi Smith Leyva
May 16, 2012, 11:00 – 1:00 PM Pacific
Are you a master at the technical aspects of QuickBooks, but need to get more clients? Are you ‘winging it’ when it comes to closing sales or marketing? Have you been stuck at the same income level for a few years now? This course will provide you with several tactical tips and a new way of looking at marketing your QuickBooks services so you can grow your business and still have time left to serve all those new customers.

Other Upcoming Webinars:
Customer & Vendor Tricky QuickBooks Transactions by MB Raimondi
Apr. 30, 2012, 9:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific
Troubleshooting Payroll in QuickBooks by MB Raimondi
May 15, 2012, 12:00 – 2:00 PM Pacific
QuickBooks POS Best Practices by William English
May 22, 2012, 11:00 – 01:00 PM Pacific
Tracking Labor Costs and Setting Billing Rates Using QuickBooks by Leslie Shiner
Jun. 6, 2012 11:00 – 01:00 PM Pacific

For a complete schedule, including self-study and on-demand titles, visit

 What Are We Blogging About?  

QuickBooks and Beyond

Register for our Blog, QuickBooks and Beyond. Here’s a sample of some recent blog articles:

The blog is updated a few times a week – so be sure to register to receive an e-mail notification when new articles are posted.

 Sleeter Group Consultants Network - Tricks of the Trade  

Every day, members of the Sleeter Group Consultants Network tackle the day-to-day problems of their clients in the real world. The following is an example problem-and-solution that surfaced this month on our Sleeter Consultants’ Experts Forum.

Question: What is the best way to enter multiple inventory part items when the only thing differentiating them is the color?  A new client has the same stock items in each of 8 woods.  The add/edit multiple list function doesn’t handle inventory part items.  Is this a job for an add-on utility?

Christine Steele responded: If you’ve got the information in Excel, you can import it into QuickBooks.

Barbara Sonin responded: POS has the capability to handle this as it’s a common store issue (e.g., T-shirt is available in 6 colors and 5 sizes).

Joan Brackman answered: The add/edit multiple list function does handle inventory part numbers.  But you have to be sure inventory is turned on.  Go to Preferences, Items & Inventory, Company Preferences and make sure that "inventory and purchase orders are active" box is checked.  Then you will have inventory parts as an option in the Add/Edit multiple list function.  I would use Excel, but match the columns in the add/edit list function with the order in your Excel spreadsheet.  Then cut from Excel a column at a time and paste it into QuickBooks.  I think this is the easiest way.  You can import from Excel file, but then you have to map headings and it is a bit more complicated.  Before you begin any import, you may want to consider whether you want to set up each cabinet as a parent item and the colors below as sub items.

The Sleeter Group Consultants NetworkSleeter Group Consultants Network is the nation’s premier accounting software consultants’ network. Sleeter Consultants provide expert financial accounting software consulting, add-on integration services, business process workflow consulting, outsourced bookkeeping services, and financial statement preparation. To locate one of our Certified Consultants, visit our Find a Consultant page. To learn more about becoming a Consultant, visit our Become a Consultant page or phone our office at 888-484-5484.