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An App You Use with QuickBooks Needs To Be Updated!

The above title is also a QuickBooks Online app warning message you may be receiving if you use QuickBooks Online and certain apps that have worked with QuickBooks Online for several years. The warning certainly can be disconcerting: “We’ve noticed you’re using a 3rd party application that will no longer work after May 15, 2014” (Figure 1). That sounds serious! […]

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American Express and Intuit Launch ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks

Intuit and American Express OPEN are launching an app that provides a close integration between American Express (AmEx) business cards and QuickBooks: ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks. This partnership was announced last November at Solutions13 (as I mentioned in my article on changes in QuickBooks software integration), and now we finally get to see the product. Let’s […]

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If the Only Tool You Have Is a Hammer

We’re starting to roll new with your responses to my posts on The Sleeter Group QuickBooks and Beyond blog. So far, you’ve contributed at least half a dozen topics of interest. But most of the time, I won’t handle multiple things at once. I’ll focus on one key idea that will give you some food […]

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QuickBooks 2014 R5 Excel Problem Fixed

Intuit released the QuickBooks 2014 R5 revision about two weeks ago, and not long after that, we started seeing a lot of reports about problems with exporting reports to Excel and emailing reports as an Excel file. “Excel” wouldn’t appear as an option if you clicked the Export or Send Report as Excel button. This […]

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QuickBooks 2014 R5 under the Hood

Recently, Intuit issued QuickBooks 2014 R5, the third round of revisions since the 2014 product was released last fall. Intuit publishes release notes, but doesn’t always include information about all of the changes that have been implemented, which I often find frustrating. Let’s take a look “under the hood” of the QuickBooks 2014 R5 release […]

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Re-sorting QuickBooks Lists to Fix Problems

Re-sorting QuickBooks lists is a simple but often effective way to fix a number of problems you may run into with QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks for Mac. It’s a trick that many ProAdvisors have known about for many years, but I felt it was a good time to talk about this because the issue […]

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Use Excel VLOOKUP to Merge QuickBooks Reports

Generating reports in QuickBooks is generally quick and easy – until you hit on a specialized need. Certain reports allow you to add or remove columns of data, but sometimes a key piece of data you need won’t be available on a given report. For instance, the Inventory Stock Status by Vendor report shows you […]

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Nine Things You Should NOT Do with QuickBooks Inventory

It has amazed me over the years how “creative” clients can get using QuickBooks inventory. Be it for urgency, ignorance, or out of frustration, clients will take shortcuts or unknowingly perform an action that ultimately undermines what they’re trying to accomplish. To help users avoid such problems, in this article, I’ll explain nine things you […]

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QuickBooks 2014 R5 Released

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2014 R5 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website. I expect it will be available as an automatic update in about a week from this date. This article was updated on 3/27/2014 There’s a long list of bug […]

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Integrating FreshBooks with QuickBooks

FreshBooks is a very popular online program for small business billing, and the company recently announced a feature that will post information from FreshBooks into QuickBooks Desktop. Let’s take a look at how this new feature works and mention some alternatives you might want to consider. What FreshBooks Can Do Although the product is called “FreshBooks […]

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QuickBooks 2011 R14 Released

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2011 R14 update for the US version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website. I believe this will be pushed out as an automatic update roughly a week later. Here’s what I know about it at this time: QuickBooks will no longer display […]

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Improving Cash Flow with Fundbox

Cash flow can be a problem for a small business. You can have plenty of cash in receivables, but if you don’t have a reserve in the bank, you can find yourself in trouble when you have to pay your bills. Let’s talk about Fundbox, an interesting service that can be used to leverage the receivables […]

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QuickBooks Business Analytics with BizTools

QuickBooks is a good product for capturing business data, but if you want to be successful and grow a business, you need to take your business data and analyze it – not just “print reports.” You have to dig into the depths of your QuickBooks data and pull out detailed analyses of your financial and sales […]

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A Year’s Retrospective on Hosting QuickBooks with Cloud9 Real Time

In February of 2013, I wrote about how small businesses that are addicted to desktop software should at least get their mission-critical desktop software hosted in the cloud. There are currently 14 authorized QuickBooks commercial hosting companies, and they all have similar offerings. You can see the list of companies here. At The Sleeter Group, we […]

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