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Helpful QuickBooks Utilities – Batch Invoice Sales Orders

One of the reasons that QuickBooks Desktop is easier to work with is the availability for little low-cost utility programs that can be used to solve a particular problem that QuickBooks by itself can’t resolve. I’m always looking for these kinds of tools. Let’s look at a new tool, Batch Invoice Sales Orders. It should […]

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Charting QuickBooks Data

You may be surprised to discover that QuickBooks offers over one dozen charts. Some of these are buried within the Reports menus, while others appear within the Company Snapshot feature. In this article I’ll show you to fastest way to access charts in QuickBooks, tricks for interacting with these charts, as well as a few […]

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Did QB Connect Help Us Understand Intuit’s Strategy?

Now that we are finished with Intuit’s QB Connect conference, the question comes to mind: Did QB Connect help us understand Intuit’s strategy for the growth of QuickBooks? It was a pleasure to attend QB Connect and meet people like you who install and support Intuit and other accounting products, but many people didn’t have […]

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Intuit Changes the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Intuit has announced that they are reconfiguring the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program, starting December 2014. Here’s a quick overview of the changes that have just been announced. More details about this will be coming out soon. Intuit is combining the QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Cloud ProAdvisor programs rather than have two separate programs. It really didn’t make […]

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Intuit Introduces the New QuickBooks Online Accountant

Today Intuit introduced a major overhaul of QuickBooks Online Accountant, the tool that accounting professionals and QuickBooks ProAdvisors use to work with their QuickBooks Online clients, as well as to manage their own practice. I haven’t had my hands on this yet, so the information provided here is based on demonstrations that I’ve seen, as […]

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QuickBooks Usage and Analytics Study

Have you run QuickBooks 2015 yet? Using test data, or your “real” company data? The first time you open your QuickBooks company file you will probably see a notice about the QuickBooks Usage and Analytics Study as shown below. If you are in a hurry you’ll probably just click the Continue button to get on […]

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QuickBooks 2015 R3

Intuit released the QuickBooks 2015 R3 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website, and it is also being pushed out immediately as an automatic update at the same time. I don’t have any information on non-U.S. versions. This is the first update for the […]

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What Is The Future for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?

When Intuit talks about the future directions for their QuickBooks family of products they usually divide information into two groups, QuickBooks Online and  QuickBooks Desktop. However, I think that there actually are three groups, with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions being separate from QuickBooks Pro and Premier. Today I want to talk about what I see as […]

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What is the Future for QuickBooks Desktop?

We all know that QuickBooks Online is the focus for Intuit moving forward. If you go to Intuit’s site for QuickBooks it is hard to find information about any of the desktop products. However, QuickBooks Online doesn’t yet come close to providing the features that are available in QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Does […]

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QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop – How Do I Decide?

At the Midwest Accounting Show in Chicago, I was asked a sincere question that deserved a thoughtful answer. “My needs can be met by QuickBooks Online. However, I have used QuickBooks desktop for years. It is clear Intuit wants us to convert to QuickBooks Online. How do I decide?” With this emotional question, there is […]

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QuickBooks Online Update for September 2014

Here’s a quick look at the updates that Intuit is releasing for their QuickBooks Online update for September 2014. Keep in mind that they roll these out to users in waves, so you might not see these right away. Bank Feed Rules Here’s a big change – we can create “rules” for processing bank feed transactions! Everyone […]

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Make QuickBooks Statement Writer Work With Office 2013

You’ve finally upgraded your computer system to Microsoft Office 2013, with all the great new features it offers. However, you find that QuickBooks Statement Writer doesn’t work with Microsoft Office 2013 on your system. Frustrating! What can you do? Here’s a way to get them to work together. The Problem Every time Microsoft releases a new version of […]

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QuickBooks 2015 Insights

Insights is a new dashboard option that Intuit is introducing in QuickBooks 2015. This is, to a degree, a replacement for the Company Snapshot feature (which is still available, I’m happy to say), based on research that Intuit did on what features of the Company Snapshot people were using the most. In addition, Intuit wanted […]

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QuickBooks 2015 Advanced Reporting

Reporting isn’t really the strong point in QuickBooks Desktop. While QuickBooks has advanced in other areas over the years, the capabilities of the reporting feature just aren’t very well developed. To address this, Intuit is releasing an Advanced Reporting feature for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. This is a very flexible but somewhat complicated to use reporting […]

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