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Integrate QuickBooks and Ecommerce: Recipe for Success

Most everyone would agree that in order to be relevant, competitive, and highly successful, your products should be accessible both physically in stores and virtually online. Customers want the option to touch and see products in a store as well as conveniently evaluate, explore, and make the same product purchase online – two different shopping […]

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TransferMate Smooths QuickBooks Foreign Currency Payments

Dealing with suppliers in another country can be complicated. You can enable the QuickBooks foreign currency feature to help, but even with that enabled, you’ll find that working with banks and foreign currency exchange rates can be frustrating. It can also be expensive! Let’s take a look at TransferMate, a product that helps simplify these […]

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The Inventory Cycle in QuickBooks

While the QuickBooks Home page directs the user to follow a workflow process for simple purchasing and sales transactions, there isn’t a workflow guide to follow for the inventory cycle. For example, how do users know where pick tickets come in? How about work orders? What about shipping? Here’s an easy-to-understand model we’ve created to […]

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How I Use VMWare Workstation to Manage QuickBooks

I work with many different versions of QuickBooks and other software products, and it can be difficult to keep them all available without compromising the integrity of my computer system. I’ve found that using VMWare Workstation to manage my QuickBooks products solves many problems. Let’s take a look at how this product works and how […]

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QuickBooks 2014 FUTA Correction

In a recent article, I described an error in QuickBooks FUTA calculations. Intuit is pushing out a patch for QuickBooks 2014, but they’re using an alternate update method to what they normally use. I’ve discussed the ULIP patch method before – it’s a way for Intuit to push out urgent, critical fixes quickly, without having […]

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QuickBooks 2013 R12 Released

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2013 R12 update for the US version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website. I believe this will also be pushed out as an automatic update at the same time. Note that if you’re using an Intuit payroll service, this is an important update as […]

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QuickBooks Total FUTA Wages Error

Here’s a quick note about a QuickBooks total FUTA wages error. If you’re using an Intuit payroll product and QuickBooks desktop product from 2014 through 2011, you should compare the Schedule A FUTA taxable wages with the Total taxable FUTA wages in line 7 of Form 940. There may be a rounding error that results in […]

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QuickBooks Freight Allocator Utility

How do you allocate freight costs to bills for inventory items that you’ve received in QuickBooks? If you want to enter a “landed cost” for these items, it can be a chore. Let’s take a look at a program that can simplify this task – the QuickBooks Freight Allocator utility from Karl Irvin. The Problem with Landed […]

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Goodbye to QuickBooks 2011 Support

It’s that time of year again, Intuit’s annual “Sunset” of older versions of QuickBooks. If you are using QuickBooks 2011 (Windows and Mac) then you won’t be able to use certain services and features after May 31, 2014. I won’t editorialize (much) on why this is done of if it is a good practice, I’ll […]

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Helpful QuickBooks Utilities – Purchase Order Manager

Utility programs can make your life easier when you work with QuickBooks. I’m always looking for little tools that help with some common task. Let’s look at  a nice product from J Rushing, Inc., Purchase Order Manager. You can use this low cost tool to: Close open Purchase Orders quickly, either individually or in a […]

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QuickBooks 2014 Payroll Center Updates

If you are using an Intuit payroll product with the desktop version of QuickBooks, there are a number of improvements in the QuickBooks 2014 Payroll Center that I would like to point out. Some of these were introduced in the QuickBooks 2014 R3 release, some in the QuickBooks 2014 R4 release. I’ll also point out […]

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Fixing QuickBooks Installation Errors

Intuit releases updates to supported versions of QuickBooks quite often, and this is the time of year when we seem to see a lot of updates. That means it is a good time to talk about fixing QuickBooks installation errors. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing “The update installer has encountered an internal error” […]

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QuickBooks 2014 R4 Released

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2014 R4 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. I expect that this will be available as an automatic update in about a week from this date. I’ve only been running this for about an hour, so […]

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Deleting QuickBooks Transactions and Lists

Deleting QuickBooks transactions and list records in bulk can be a time consuming task. QuickBooks (Windows desktop version) doesn’t have a feature that lets you easily delete a large number of transaction records (such as invoices, checks, inventory adjustments) or list records (such as items, customers). Within the program itself, you have to go through […]

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