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QuickBooks Repair Tools Update

Earlier this year I talked about how to fix QuickBooks problems with the free QuickBooks repair tools from Intuit, including the QuickBooks File Doctor. These are some basic utility programs that can be used to diagnose and possibly repair a number of problems with a QuickBooks desktop installation. These are a good starting point when […]

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Connecting Data Between QuickBooks and Other Applications–My Nightmare

Last summer I experienced a “data nightmare” with a QuickBooks data file. We were using QuickBooks Enterprise 12 R8 and the data file had about 5 years of transactions. The problems we encountered get to the core of what can go wrong when connecting two software systems together, but this case is specific to QuickBooks […]

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The Cause of QuickBooks Database Corruption Found!

Anyone who has been supporting QuickBooks over the years knows that in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes and QuickBooks database corruption (Wikipedia). If you work with a QuickBooks file over time, you know that at some point there will be data corruption. My friend (and sometimes blog guest […]

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QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Error Identified, Repair Now Possible

Earlier this year we published an article by Bill Murphy about a variety of problems with the QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory feature. One of the problems was a file corruption issue (when using the multiple inventory location feature of QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory) that could not be repaired. Intuit has finally identified the problem, […]

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QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Database Problems

A couple of years ago, Intuit introduced a new subscription based add-on to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, Advanced Inventory. In its initial year this new feature provided “multi-site” capabilities, allowing users to track inventory quantities for each item by specific physical locations. This gave users the ability to create up to 200 Inventory Sites such as […]

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