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TransferMate Smooths QuickBooks Foreign Currency Payments

Dealing with suppliers in another country can be complicated. You can enable the QuickBooks foreign currency feature to help, but even with that enabled, you’ll find that working with banks and foreign currency exchange rates can be frustrating. It can also be expensive! Let’s take a look at TransferMate, a product that helps simplify these […]

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QuickBooks 2014 Miscellaneous Features

There are always a lot of miscellaneous features scattered about in a new major release of QuickBooks, and QuickBooks 2014 is no different. So, let’s take a look at a collection of random tidbits that should apply to all versions (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) unless otherwise mentioned. Fit to Height We’ve had a Fit report […]

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QuickBooks 2014 Has Arrived! Here is What To Expect

QuickBooks 2014 is here! This release contains a number of new features as well as improvements to existing ones. This article will list the major changes that I’m aware of, with details to come in articles that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks. PLEASE NOTE that much of this is based on information […]

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QuickBooks 2013 R3 Released

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2013 R3 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. At the time I’m writing this the release is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. I would expect this to be released as an automatic update within a week, if all goes well. I’ve been playing […]

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Wrapping Up – Lots of Little Tidbits in QuickBooks 2013

Here’s a mish-mash list of little things that I’ve noticed about QuickBooks 2013, to wrap up my long series of “what’s new” articles. I’m sure that I’ve missed some things! PLEASE NOTE that much of this is based on information from an early release candidate of QuickBooks 2013 – it is possible that some features […]

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What Bills/Credits did that QuickBooks Check Cover?

QuickBooks is a very “rich” product, it includes a lot of features. So many that it is hard to know about them all, or to remember them when you are working with a particular issue. Here’s a simple but useful feature that I have somehow overlooked all the years that I’ve been working with the […]

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QuickBooks Enhanced Inventory Receiving–Inventory Offset Problem

If you have been following this blog you know that I have some concerns with the Enhanced Inventory Receiving feature of QuickBooks Enterprise V12. Let’s take a look at another potential pitfall when using this program, relating to the Inventory Offset account.

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QuickBooks Enhanced Inventory Receiving – Bill Linking Problems

QuickBooks Enterprise V12 introduced Enhanced Inventory Receiving, a feature that lets you separate an item receipt from a bill. This feature resolves a number of problems that people run into with QuickBooks, but I’ve been recommending that people look at the impact of this feature very carefully before implementing it. Once you select this feature […]

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Transferring QuickBooks Invoices to Bills with Karl Irvin’s Invoice To Bill

Karl Irvin creates several great QuickBooks utility programs. His Data Transfer Utility is generally accepted to be the best tool for transferring data from one QuickBooks company to another. This week I want to talk about a new special purpose tool, Invoice To Bill.

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QuickBooks 2012 Enhanced Inventory Receiving

If you work with inventory in QuickBooks you are probably aware of the hassle of receiving inventory and the related billing – you can’t disconnect the receipt from the bill. There are a number of problems that come up because of this, and the workarounds are a hassle. Now, with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2012 there […]

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