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Creating News Releases That Set Your Accounting Firm Apart

Got news? Hardly ever have I run across an accounting firm that didn’t want to get its name in the news, unless it’s a firm that’s afraid the phone will ring too much and the firm won’t be able to handle the amount of new business that comes in. Yes, firms have told me about […]

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Why Accountants Should Implement Cloud Services

Most professional accounting service providers, accounting pros included, are recognizing that customers are increasingly demanding lower costs for service but want more flexible methods for obtaining the service. Where the business value of the service provided used to be enough, providers are now expected to deliver their services how and when clients want them delivered. […]

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Integrating FreshBooks with QuickBooks

FreshBooks is a very popular online program for small business billing, and the company recently announced a feature that will post information from FreshBooks into QuickBooks Desktop. Let’s take a look at how this new feature works and mention some alternatives you might want to consider. What FreshBooks Can Do Although the product is called “FreshBooks […]

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Customer Support Technology Tools I Can’t Live Without

Over the years, I’ve become completely dependent on a few software tools – some of which are free – that I use to effectively to support my clients. Without these tools, I’d be lost keeping track of websites, logins, passwords, and other relevant data. There are lots of options out there, and I’ve used many […]

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Meet Client Needs with Accounting Technology Solutions

It was a pleasure to see the responses and direct email conversations generated by my last post on The Sleeter Group QuickBooks and Beyond blog. As you give me feedback about what’s important to you, I’ll try to write on that topic if I’m able, or I’ll introduce you to someone who does know the […]

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Transitioning to QuickBooks Online Harmony

There have been a lot of questions about the transition from the “old” version of QuickBooks Online (QBO) to the “new” version, so I’ve been doing some digging around to find answers. Let’s take a look at Intuit’s current plan for transitioning to QuickBooks Online Harmony, and how it will affect users and accountant professionals. Classic […]

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CSV Secrets: QuickBooks Reports to Excel

While most users export QuickBooks reports as Microsoft Excel workbooks, I often use the comma-separated value (CSV) format instead. Doing so strips extraneous formatting from the report so that I can immediately filter a report or analyze it with a pivot table. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the CSV format to […]

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Improving Cash Flow with Fundbox

Cash flow can be a problem for a small business. You can have plenty of cash in receivables, but if you don’t have a reserve in the bank, you can find yourself in trouble when you have to pay your bills. Let’s talk about Fundbox, an interesting service that can be used to leverage the receivables […]

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Becoming the Most Trusted Advisor – Part 2: Making It Happen

In Part 1 of the “Becoming the Most Trusted Advisor” series, I discussed the paradigm shift – the move toward giving your clients what they want as opposed to just what they need. Now that you can collaborate with clients and access their data in real time, you have opportunities that allow you to: Move […]

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QuickBooks Business Analytics with BizTools

QuickBooks is a good product for capturing business data, but if you want to be successful and grow a business, you need to take your business data and analyze it – not just “print reports.” You have to dig into the depths of your QuickBooks data and pull out detailed analyses of your financial and sales […]

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Xero Add-on Manilla: A Step Toward Zero Data Entry

I’m on a mission – a mission to attain zero data entry in our virtual bookkeeping practice. One of the most time-consuming processes is collecting statements and entering bills. The integration between Xero and add-on Manilla provides a major step forward in completing my mission – attaining zero data entry. Manage and Organize Bills and […]

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A Year’s Retrospective on Hosting QuickBooks with Cloud9 Real Time

In February of 2013, I wrote about how small businesses that are addicted to desktop software should at least get their mission-critical desktop software hosted in the cloud. There are currently 14 authorized QuickBooks commercial hosting companies, and they all have similar offerings. You can see the list of companies here. At The Sleeter Group, we […]

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Five Secrets to Social Media Success for Accountants

I have a lot of clients, associates, and friends who think I’m a social media whiz. They regularly call or write asking for what they think is sage advice on how to make more of an impact on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several other social media applications. My response? I consider myself fortunate that […]

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Business Data Storage in the Cloud

The term “cloud” has been applied to all sorts of online or Internet-based application models, and there are a great many approaches to developing cloud-based services and solutions. What this translates to is a volume of options and possibilities for information storage, management, and access in the cloud. Understanding where information is stored, how it […]

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