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Did QB Connect Help Us Understand Intuit’s Strategy?

Now that we are finished with Intuit’s QB Connect conference, the question comes to mind: Did QB Connect help us understand Intuit’s strategy for the growth of QuickBooks? It was a pleasure to attend QB Connect and meet people like you who install and support Intuit and other accounting products, but many people didn’t have […]

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Intuit Changes the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Intuit has announced that they are reconfiguring the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program, starting December 2014. Here’s a quick overview of the changes that have just been announced. More details about this will be coming out soon. Intuit is combining the QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Cloud ProAdvisor programs rather than have two separate programs. It really didn’t make […]

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Intuit Introduces the New QuickBooks Online Accountant

Today Intuit introduced a major overhaul of QuickBooks Online Accountant, the tool that accounting professionals and QuickBooks ProAdvisors use to work with their QuickBooks Online clients, as well as to manage their own practice. I haven’t had my hands on this yet, so the information provided here is based on demonstrations that I’ve seen, as […]

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QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop – How Do I Decide?

At the Midwest Accounting Show in Chicago, I was asked a sincere question that deserved a thoughtful answer. “My needs can be met by QuickBooks Online. However, I have used QuickBooks desktop for years. It is clear Intuit wants us to convert to QuickBooks Online. How do I decide?” With this emotional question, there is […]

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Xero Add-In Hubdoc: A Bigger Step Toward Zero Data Entry

I’m on a mission – a mission to attain zero data entry in our virtual bookkeeping practice. One of the most time-consuming processes is collecting statements to do month end closes and entering bills on an real time basis. The integration between Xero and Hubdoc provides a major step forward in completing my mission – […]

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Grow Your Accounting Practice By Becoming a Strategic Advisor

Often times I see the same fear in an accountant that I see in a small business owner when I talk about budgeting, forecasting, and strategic financial planning. While a small business owner tends to just fears numbers in general, the accountant usually tells me they don’t have an MBA either, and they don’t necessarily […]

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CryptoWall and the Increasing Threat of Attacks

Our computer systems are under attack! The sky is falling! Why do these phrases sound the same to so many of us? Have we become desensitized to the number of threats and the frequency of the attacks? When Charlie Russell said he’d like to have me cover technology considerations not seen elsewhere in the QuickBooks […]

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Commit CRIME to Prevent Business Fraud

From mom and pop shops to global corporations, in my thirty-plus years of working with entrepreneurs, I can’t think of anyone willing to throw away 5% of their annual revenue. Yet, by ignoring the potential for fraud within an organization and failing to establish internal controls to detect and prevent theft, that’s precisely the sacrifice […]

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Evolution of the Client Accounting Services Model

With the recent announcement by H & R Block to make Jennifer Katrulya their director of client accounting services for H&R Block Small Business Services, this is a good time to talk with accountants, bookkeepers, tax pros, and small business consultants about the evolution of the Client Accounting Services Model and how it will affect […]

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QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification

Intuit has announced that they will be offering a QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification exam later this Fall. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone involved with the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program. We’ve had a QuickBooks (desktop) Advanced Certification since 2009, and with Intuit’s emphasis on QuickBooks Online it was only a matter of time before they […]

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Business Analytics with Finagraph

Business analytics for small businesses is the great frontier these days. It’s an area where most SMB’s just haven’t taken the time to explore, it’s a tool that accounting professionals should implement in their quest to become a trusted advisor to their clients. A new tool in this area is Finagraph, which brings a different […]

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Technology Tools: Fact or Hype?

The words “innovation,” “leading edge,” and “bleeding edge” lead you to think about the future. “Laggard,” “late adopter,” and “heel dragger” have the opposite effect. Technology, when used properly, should help with productivity, profitability, and customer service levels. But sometimes, these factors are simply marketing promises and pure hype. Our job as consultants is to […]

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After 30 Years, IBM And Apple Are Playing On The Same Side of the Net

Earlier in July, two tech titans announced a new partnership – “MobileFirst for iOS.” Over the past two years, IBM has developed more than 100 native iOS apps and services tailored to multiple industries, while Apple will introduce a new AppleCare designed specifically for enterprise customers. The big news is the new IBM MobileFirst Supply […]

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Cloud Accounting News – Episode 5

Greg Lam presents episode five of his Cloud Accounting News. In the News This Week FreshBooks gets $30 million in funding from investors Zoho Books gets inventory Zoho Books is now multilingual Zoho Books has new US Sales Tax functionality What’s new in QuickBooks June Update #2 July 11th Update July 25th Update Xero introduced […]

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