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Xero Accounting Software Video Review: Part 3

In Part 3 of my Xero accounting software video review, I’ll cover the import and export of data, add-ons, reports, sales taxes, Xero’s accountant tools, file attachments, and offer my overall opinion of Xero. This is the final installment of my Xero accounting software video review series. Xero Accounting Software Video Review: Part 1 Xero Accounting Software […]

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Cloud Accounting News

Greg Lam presents his June 16 video coverage of Cloud Accounting News. In the News This Week Zoho Books has a new app for the Windows Surface. Visit the Windows store to download the free app. Xero has rebuilt and launched its Aged reports as well as created a separate Expense Claim Detail report. Learn […]

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QuickBooks Online Video Review: Part 3

In Part 3 of my QuickBooks Online Video Review, I’ll be covering the import and export of data, add-ons, reports, sales tax, Quickbooks Online Accountant, file attachments, and offer my overall opinion of QuickBooks Online. This is the final installment of my QuickBooks Online Video Review series. QuickBooks Online Accounting Software Video Review: Part 1 QuickBooks Online Video […]

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Instagram for Business? Now, That’s a Novel Idea!

When we hear anything about the social media app Instagram, we often think of it as a leisurely outlet to post photos of our vacations, special events, and our families. If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, it’s an easy-to-use social-media app for the iPhone or Android for manipulating and sharing photos and videos. Not too […]

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Zoho Books Accounting Software Video Review: Part 2

In Part 2 of my Zoho Books accounting software video review, I’m covering invoicing, billing, payments, getting data in and out, reports, and a few other features. For Part 1, please click here. Zoho Books Accounting Software Pros and Cons Invoicing and Billing Pros There are a lot of actions you can perform with invoices, such as Pay […]

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New Technology Tools or Toys?

As readers of the QuickBooks and Beyond blog or members of The Sleeter Group Consultants Network, you receive a lot of advice and direction on software tools. This includes Intuit’s QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online as well as such support tools as SmartVault and You also learn about other viable solutions, including Wave, CYMA, or […]

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Human Resources Key Performance Indicators

Downtime Leads to Higher Business Value Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed to help us better manage our businesses. In his book Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs, David Parmenter defined a KPI as something that is non-financial in nature, can be measured daily, and can have a significant impact on operations.” […]

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Xero Accounting Software Video Review: Part 2

In Part 2 of my Xeroaccounting software video review, I’m covering invoicing, billing, and payments. This was originally going to be a two-part review, but since there’s so much content to cover, I’ve split it into three parts. In this video, I go into detail regarding the Sales and Purchases pages in Xero, but instead of a full transcript […]

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Content Marketing: Engagement Is Top Goal

In a business marketplace that’s getting more crowded, finding innovative ways to connect with clients and prospects isn’t as easy as it used to be. One of the best ways to position yourself as a trusted source of information (aka, a subject matter expert) is via content marketing writing. My advice is to get your […]

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Zoho Books Accounting Software Video Review: Part 1

Early in 2014, Zoho Books officially relaunched with a redesigned accounting offering. So, if you looked at Zoho Books before 2014, I’d highly recommend you check it out again. As a part of The Sleeter Group’s ongoing research and in connection with our just-released ebook – Online Accounting Software: Finding the Right Match – I’ll review Zoho Books microbusiness […]

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Avoid Mistakes Downloading Transactions in QuickBooks Online

As more small businesses start using QuickBooks Online, we (accountants and bookkeepers) need to be prepared to support them. Clients often start using QuickBooks Online on their own, but then call us when they’ve made mistakes. One of the great features of QuickBooks Online is having bank and credit card transactions automatically downloaded every night. […]

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Intuit Picks SmartVault for Tax Document Management

Intuit is partnering with SmartVault to integrate the SmartVault document management system (DMS) with Intuit ProSeries and Intuit Lacerte, replacing the Intuit-provided DMS functions that have been a part of those products in the past. This partnership provides users of ProSeries and Lacerte with not only one of the best cloud-based document management systems available, […]

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Xero and H&R Block

Xero recently announced it was forming a “strategic alliance” with H&R Block. I was able to chat with Peter Karpas, CEO of Xero North America, to discuss the details of what this strategic alliance involves. Xero and H&R Block Xero doesn’t have a U.S. small business income tax product. It has an accounting product and has begun […]

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Don’t Generalize – Become a Specialized Accountant

To build your client base and become the expert your clients trust, I’d like you to consider specializing and expanding your knowledge of technology solutions. A number of you have provided thoughtful feedback to my posts on The Sleeter Group QuickBooks and Beyond blog, and a few clarifications may be in order: Even if one of […]

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