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Deep Dive into QuickBooks Online Bank Feed

In the new QuickBooks Online, the bank feed feature takes a prominent role. Everyone is looking to do as little data entry as possible – professionals too! The idea of being able to record transactions directly from what flows through the bank, credit card, and payment processing accounts (e.g., Square, PayPal) is appealing to almost […]

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Simplify QuickBooks Data Analysis in Excel

If you’re not aware of certain nuances within the two programs, analyzing QuickBooks data in Excel can be an exercise in frustration. In this article, I’ll empower you with techniques for both programs that can transform how you crunch numbers. Among other things, I’ll share my favorite report for QuickBooks data analysis in Excel, a […]

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My First Tax-Time Experience with Intuit Tax Online

Hello. My name is MB Raimondi. I’m a CPA and I like the cloud! I put my first client on QuickBooks Online in 2002, shortly after it was released (I’ve also used QuickBooks Desktop since the DOS version and Intuit’s ProSeries tax software since before Intuit bought it). I use SmartVault, ShareFile, TSheets, Concur, and […]

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American Express and Intuit Launch ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks

Intuit and American Express OPEN are launching an app that provides a close integration between American Express (AmEx) business cards and QuickBooks: ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks. This partnership was announced last November at Solutions13 (as I mentioned in my article on changes in QuickBooks software integration), and now we finally get to see the product. Let’s […]

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QuickBooks Business Analytics with webKPI

QuickBooks is a great core accounting tool, but it has major shortcomings when you look at its reporting and analysis tools. You have basic reports and a few graphs, but they’re inflexible and don’t provide the kinds of insights that a business owner or an accounting professional needs. To solve this, you can turn to […]

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Re-sorting QuickBooks Lists to Fix Problems

Re-sorting QuickBooks lists is a simple but often effective way to fix a number of problems you may run into with QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks for Mac. It’s a trick that many ProAdvisors have known about for many years, but I felt it was a good time to talk about this because the issue […]

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Four Hacks to Run QuickBooks for Windows on a Mac

It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are beginning to use Mac computers in their day-to-day operations instead of Windows PCs. Most of these businesses also use QuickBooks to manage their accounting and inventory. Unfortunately, QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t have some of the functionality you may need to properly manage your accounting and operations. […]

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Nine Things You Should NOT Do with QuickBooks Inventory

It has amazed me over the years how “creative” clients can get using QuickBooks inventory. Be it for urgency, ignorance, or out of frustration, clients will take shortcuts or unknowingly perform an action that ultimately undermines what they’re trying to accomplish. To help users avoid such problems, in this article, I’ll explain nine things you […]

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Integrating FreshBooks with QuickBooks

FreshBooks is a very popular online program for small business billing, and the company recently announced a feature that will post information from FreshBooks into QuickBooks Desktop. Let’s take a look at how this new feature works and mention some alternatives you might want to consider. What FreshBooks Can Do Although the product is called “FreshBooks […]

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TransferMate Smooths QuickBooks Foreign Currency Payments

Dealing with suppliers in another country can be complicated. You can enable the QuickBooks foreign currency feature to help, but even with that enabled, you’ll find that working with banks and foreign currency exchange rates can be frustrating. It can also be expensive! Let’s take a look at TransferMate, a product that helps simplify these […]

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The Inventory Cycle in QuickBooks

While the QuickBooks Home page directs the user to follow a workflow process for simple purchasing and sales transactions, there isn’t a workflow guide to follow for the inventory cycle. For example, how do users know where pick tickets come in? How about work orders? What about shipping? Here’s an easy-to-understand model we’ve created to […]

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QuickBooks 2014 FUTA Correction

In a recent article, I described an error in QuickBooks FUTA calculations. Intuit is pushing out a patch for QuickBooks 2014, but they’re using an alternate update method to what they normally use. I’ve discussed the ULIP patch method before – it’s a way for Intuit to push out urgent, critical fixes quickly, without having […]

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QuickBooks Total FUTA Wages Error

Here’s a quick note about a QuickBooks total FUTA wages error. If you’re using an Intuit payroll product and QuickBooks desktop product from 2014 through 2011, you should compare the Schedule A FUTA taxable wages with the Total taxable FUTA wages in line 7 of Form 940. There may be a rounding error that results in […]

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QuickBooks Freight Allocator Utility

How do you allocate freight costs to bills for inventory items that you’ve received in QuickBooks? If you want to enter a “landed cost” for these items, it can be a chore. Let’s take a look at a program that can simplify this task – the QuickBooks Freight Allocator utility from Karl Irvin. The Problem with Landed […]

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