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Deep Dive into QuickBooks Online Bank Feed

In the new QuickBooks Online, the bank feed feature takes a prominent role. Everyone is looking to do as little data entry as possible – professionals too! The idea of being able to record transactions directly from what flows through the bank, credit card, and payment processing accounts (e.g., Square, PayPal) is appealing to almost […]

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QuickBooks Online Video Review: Part 2

In Part 2 of my QuickBooks Online video review, I’ll be covering invoicing, billing, and payments. This was originally going to be a two-part review, but since there was so much content to cover, it will be split into three parts. There are actually two main areas in QuickBooks Online where you can view sales data: the […]

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Vend POS for QuickBooks Online

When I first heard there was a FINALLY a point-of-sale (POS) product – Vend – that will work with QuickBooks Online I was excited. A little apprehensive, perhaps, but excited. According to the Vend website, “Vend is point-of-sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software that makes it easy to set up, manage, and grow your business.” […]

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Avoid Mistakes Downloading Transactions in QuickBooks Online

As more small businesses start using QuickBooks Online, we (accountants and bookkeepers) need to be prepared to support them. Clients often start using QuickBooks Online on their own, but then call us when they’ve made mistakes. One of the great features of QuickBooks Online is having bank and credit card transactions automatically downloaded every night. […]

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Simplify QuickBooks Data Analysis in Excel

If you’re not aware of certain nuances within the two programs, analyzing QuickBooks data in Excel can be an exercise in frustration. In this article, I’ll empower you with techniques for both programs that can transform how you crunch numbers. Among other things, I’ll share my favorite report for QuickBooks data analysis in Excel, a […]

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My First Tax-Time Experience with Intuit Tax Online

Hello. My name is MB Raimondi. I’m a CPA and I like the cloud! I put my first client on QuickBooks Online in 2002, shortly after it was released (I’ve also used QuickBooks Desktop since the DOS version and Intuit’s ProSeries tax software since before Intuit bought it). I use SmartVault, ShareFile, TSheets, Concur, and […]

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QuickBooks Online Accounting Software Video Review – Part 1

While QuickBooks Online has been around for over a decade, there were changes made in 2013 to revamp and reposition it. As a part of The Sleeter Group’s ongoing research and in connection with our new ebook – Online Accounting Software: Finding the Right Match – I’ll review QuickBooks Online in a three-part video series. Complete […]

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Evaluating the Impact of the Heartbleed Bug

In my recent article “The Heartbleed Bug and Business Security,” I talked about how some websites would be vulnerable to this security flaw and others would not. I was curious as to which of the sites I work with as a ProAdvisor were affected. This is a key issue, because if a site might have been […]

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An App You Use with QuickBooks Needs To Be Updated!

The above title is also a QuickBooks Online app warning message you may be receiving if you use QuickBooks Online and certain apps that have worked with QuickBooks Online for several years. The warning certainly can be disconcerting: “We’ve noticed you’re using a 3rd party application that will no longer work after May 15, 2014” (Figure 1). That sounds serious! […]

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Changes to QuickBooks Online Template Customization

In the past, customizing invoice templates in QuickBooks Online was sort of hard to find – and then sort of hard to actually customize. In the latest release, things have changed, and while it’s not exactly what many users have been asking for, I believe the new interface makes things a little easier to manage. […]

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American Express and Intuit Launch ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks

Intuit and American Express OPEN are launching an app that provides a close integration between American Express (AmEx) business cards and QuickBooks: ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks. This partnership was announced last November at Solutions13 (as I mentioned in my article on changes in QuickBooks software integration), and now we finally get to see the product. Let’s […]

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QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts? We don’t need no stinkin’ keyboard shortc– Wait, wait wait! Heck yeah we do!! And I’m here to set the record straight folks, there ARE keyboard shortcuts, the ones we all know and have loved (and used, like, every second, amiright?) from QuickBooks desktop. Many of you may know that historically, […]

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QuickBooks Business Analytics with webKPI

QuickBooks is a great core accounting tool, but it has major shortcomings when you look at its reporting and analysis tools. You have basic reports and a few graphs, but they’re inflexible and don’t provide the kinds of insights that a business owner or an accounting professional needs. To solve this, you can turn to […]

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If the Only Tool You Have Is a Hammer

We’re starting to roll new with your responses to my posts on The Sleeter Group QuickBooks and Beyond blog. So far, you’ve contributed at least half a dozen topics of interest. But most of the time, I won’t handle multiple things at once. I’ll focus on one key idea that will give you some food […]

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