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What Can Do for your Business

As I wandered around the exhibit hall at Solutions14  I noticed a constant stream of attendees at the booth. They were watching demonstrations and gathering information about the application. For those of you that are not using or have not taken a look at it recently here is an overview. Taming the Accounts […]

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QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting Fee for ProAdvisors

I was very interested when Intuit introduced the QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting feature earlier this year – finally Intuit has recognized that reporting is an important tool for a business application and that QuickBooks hasn’t provided users with an adequately flexible solution. My interest increased when I found that this was a tool that ProAdvisors […]

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QuickBooks Statement Writer vs. Excel FSM

Creating financial statements from QuickBooks data can be a tricky endeavor. Yes, it’s easy enough to choose Reports, Company and Financial, and then Profit & Loss—as long as you don’t mind account numbers embedded into your P&L report. QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition and Enterprise Solutions users have a built–in tool known as QuickBooks Statement Writer […]

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Using Tallie to get Auditable and Reconcilable Transactions into QuickBooks Online

I’ve got this problem. I want accounting to be automated. But I often find software isn’t smart enough. One thing I wanted automated is the entry of auditable transaction records. I want the purchase details of the tablet I bought from Amazon, for example, to be entered into my accounting software without me having to […]

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Helpful QuickBooks Utilities – Batch Invoice Sales Orders

One of the reasons that QuickBooks Desktop is easier to work with is the availability for little low-cost utility programs that can be used to solve a particular problem that QuickBooks by itself can’t resolve. I’m always looking for these kinds of tools. Let’s look at a new tool, Batch Invoice Sales Orders. It should […]

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Intuit is Discontinuing Intuit Sync Manager

Intuit has told add-on software developers that they are discontinuing Intuit Sync Manager and services that support it on March 1st of 2016. Yes, a year and a half from now. Let’s look at what this means to users and software developers? What Is Intuit Sync Manager? To be more accurate, Intuit said they are […]

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Intuit Discontinues Salesforce for QuickBooks

Today Intuit announced that they are discontinuing their Salesforce for QuickBooks subscription service (both the CRM subscription itself and the QuickBooks/Salesforce integration app), effective December 3 of 2014. I wrote about Salesforce for QuickBooks when it was introduced in 2011. All current subscribers have been notified, and there is a transition plan in place to […]

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Business Analytics with Finagraph

Business analytics for small businesses is the great frontier these days. It’s an area where most SMB’s just haven’t taken the time to explore, it’s a tool that accounting professionals should implement in their quest to become a trusted advisor to their clients. A new tool in this area is Finagraph, which brings a different […]

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TRANSAX Gateway for QuickBooks Desktop Merchant Services

If you’re working with QuickBooks desktop and process credit card or ACH payments either directly or through a website, processing those payments and getting the information into QuickBooks can be a pain. Today we’ll take a quick look at an interesting product that offers many options (as well as opportunities for accounting professionals) – TRANSAX Gateway. […]

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QuickBooks Online and Square Register

Square offers an interesting point of sale (POS) system for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices called Square Register that integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. I talked about Square Register in a prior article, now let’s take a quick look at QuickBooks Online and Square Register. Note that the integration with QuickBooks desktop […]

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QuickBooks 2014 R6 Has Bugs!

The QuickBooks 2014 R6 update was released to manual update on June 12, and as I described in this article, it fixed a lot of problems. Unfortunately, we are finding that it also introduced some new problems. 7/3/2014: Intuit has released QuickBooks 2014 R7 to address some of the problems outlined in this article. Information […]

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QuickBooks Online Expense Management with Tallie

Tallie is a simple-to-use but full-featured online expense management system that captures expense data from a variety of sources and provides a system for reviewing, submitting, and approving expenses. I reviewed Tallie last year in my article “QuickBooks Expense Management with Tallie,” and talked about how it integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. Now Tallie is extending […]

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QuickBooks Online Video Review: Part 3

In Part 3 of my QuickBooks Online Video Review, I’ll be covering the import and export of data, add-ons, reports, sales tax, Quickbooks Online Accountant, file attachments, and offer my overall opinion of QuickBooks Online. This is the final installment of my QuickBooks Online Video Review series. QuickBooks Online Accounting Software Video Review: Part 1 QuickBooks Online Video […]

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QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Lot Mop

Lot Mop is a low-cost utility that works with the Advanced Inventory feature that you can add to QuickBooks Enterprise. This can be used to import lot and serial numbers as well as quantities when working with multiple locations. Let’s take a look at what it can do. Advanced Inventory The Advanced Inventory subscription feature […]

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