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Doug Sleeter is a passionate leader of innovation and change in the small business accounting technology world. As a CPA firm veteran and former Apple Computer Evangelist, Doug has melded his two great passions (accounting and technology) to guide developers in the innovation of new products and to educate and lead accounting professionals who serve small businesses.

Doug is best known for his expertise in QuickBooks as well as driving the adoption of online accounting and small business process solutions. In the early 1990s, Doug was a pioneer in developing the first QuickBooks seminars in the country and has since built the largest group of accounting software consultants in the small business accounting profession. Doug serves on several advisory boards for technology companies and has consulted with numerous industry leaders, including Intuit, Sage, Apple, and Adobe Systems.
CPA Practice Advisor has recognized Doug as one of the "Top 25 Thought Leaders" in the accounting profession for the past several years and he has been named to Accounting Today's "Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting" each year since 2008. Highly sought for his ability to engage and educate accounting professionals, Doug presents at various accounting events throughout the year, including those held by the AICPA and numerous state CPA societies. Doug also hosts the annual Accounting Solutions Conference, attended by hundreds of accounting professionals, industry leaders, and technology developers.

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QuickBooks Payroll – How to Adjust W-2s to Report Shareholder Health Insurance

When S-Corp shareholders (those who own more than 2% of the company shares) are covered by the company health insurance plan (or long-term care plan), the IRS specifies that the benefit must be reported in box 14 on their W-2. Read IRS Publication 15-B for more specifics about which benefits are taxable, and how they are treated. The easiest […]

January 2, 2015 | By | 32 Replies More

What SMBs Want from Their Accountant – 2014 Update

In its continuing effort to provide leadership in technology consulting for accounting professionals and small businesses, The Sleeter Group recently conducted research among decision makers at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the United States. This research is a repeat of a study administered last year, which was presented at the AICPA/CPA2Biz SaaS Executive Round […]

April 9, 2014 | By | 27 Replies More

Becoming the Most Trusted Advisor – Part 2: Making It Happen

In Part 1 of the “Becoming the Most Trusted Advisor” series, I discussed the paradigm shift – the move toward giving your clients what they want as opposed to just what they need. Now that you can collaborate with clients and access their data in real time, you have opportunities that allow you to: Move […]

February 18, 2014 | By | 10 Replies More

Digital Currency – Are Bitcoins Here to Stay?

Over the past few years, the concept of digital currency has become a very hot topic, and for good reason. As you’ll read here, digital currency is one of the most disruptive technologies that has come about since the silicon chip. And digital currencies will disrupt banking systems and governments in ways that no one […]

February 17, 2014 | By | 12 Replies More

A Year’s Retrospective on Hosting QuickBooks with Cloud9 Real Time

In February of 2013, I wrote about how small businesses that are addicted to desktop software should at least get their mission-critical desktop software hosted in the cloud. There are currently 14 authorized QuickBooks commercial hosting companies, and they all have similar offerings. You can see the list of companies here. At The Sleeter Group, we […]

February 11, 2014 | By | 20 Replies More

Becoming the Most Trusted Advisor – Part 1: The Paradigm Shift

During the past few years, the paradigm has shifted for accounting firms. In the new paradigm, public practitioners must build dramatically different business models that are much broader in scope (more services) and deeper in focus (more client-focused, more business-process oriented). While many of the technologies we’ve been using for the past 30 years have […]

January 27, 2014 | By | 15 Replies More

Tracking Use Tax on Purchases in QuickBooks

I was recently asked by a reader about how to track Use Tax on purchases in QuickBooks. In states that charge sales tax, purchasers within those states often avoid paying tax by purchasing items from out-of-state suppliers. However, they are required to report those purchases to the state in which they“use” the purchased items, and […]

June 18, 2013 | By | 20 Replies More

Connecting Data Between QuickBooks and Other Applications–My Nightmare

Last summer I experienced a “data nightmare” with a QuickBooks data file. We were using QuickBooks Enterprise 12 R8 and the data file had about 5 years of transactions. The problems we encountered get to the core of what can go wrong when connecting two software systems together, but this case is specific to QuickBooks […]

April 23, 2013 | By | 25 Replies More

Restaurant Accounting with QuickBooks: Recording Daily Sales

A restaurant’s success relies on an effective back office accounting system, and QuickBooks financial software can be a critical part of that success. QuickBooks can be used for purchasing, bill paying, tips tracking, gift certificates, cash management, time tracking, and payroll. However, restaurants that choose QuickBooks for their accounting will need to understand how to […]

April 11, 2013 | By | 21 Replies More

What SMBs Want from Accountants

In January 2013, The Sleeter Group conducted some research of small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners across the US. The goal of the research was to learn about what SMBs want from their outside accounting firm. We asked a series of questions that targeted the types of services currently provided by CPA firms, as well […]

February 27, 2013 | By | 6 Replies More

Still Addicted to Desktop Software? Get it Hosted in the Cloud

Since many small businesses are addicted to software solutions developed to run on Windows, the idea of pulling the plug on all of that software all at once is sometimes just too much to take on. This is where the idea of hosting your windows applications in the cloud becomes not only a viable option, […]

February 13, 2013 | By | 37 Replies More

Prepare Your Form 1099 MISC Online and Paperless

How to Prepare, E-Deliver, and E-File Your 1099-MISC forms in 2013 Every business needs to prepare, deliver, and file FORM 1099 MISC for their non-corporation vendors. In the past, the time and costs of preparing, printing, mailing, and filing 1099 has been quite onerous. In my last post, I covered the basics of setting up […]

January 4, 2013 | By | 19 Replies More

How to set up 1099 tracking in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, or Xero

Form 1099 MISC is a Federal “information” tax return that all businesses must produce for every non-corporation vendor (individual, partnership, or estate). Today we’ll talk about how to set up your 2013 1099’s in QuickBooks for Windows, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. See my post about using Track1099 for details on preparing, e-delivering, and e-filing FORM 1099. […]

January 3, 2013 | By | 11 Replies More

Using QuickBooks Zero-Dollar Checks to Record Payroll Costs by Job and Class

See a video of Doug Sleeter demonstrating this process: If you use an outside payroll service (or payroll software from a source other than Intuit) to process your payroll, using zero-dollar checks may be the easiest way to enter job cost payroll expenses. One advantage to this method is that it does not require you […]

October 3, 2012 | By | 32 Replies More