QuickBooks 2012 R15 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2012 R15 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. I believe that this will also be pushed out as an automatic update right away.

This article was updated on 12/2/2013

This looks to be a minor bug-fix update. If you have run into any of the described issues then you should install the update. If you are using Shipping Manager, any Intuit Payroll, or if you are using any “IPP apps” that use the Sync Manager tool, this is definitely something you want to install. Note, though, that I generally recommend that you wait a week just in case any new problems are introduced. That is not likely at this point, but I’m a cautious person.

General Features

  • This fixes an issue that caused the error “Exception thrown in destructor” to be displayed when opening a company file.
  • This fixes an issue that caused the error “Exception thrown in destructor” to be displayed while setting up an online bank account.
  • A problem is resolved for users who have multiple versions of QuickBooks installed. Prior to this update, if you install QuickBooks 2014 on the same computer as an older version it would cause both programs to become unstable.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented you from being able to import Gmail contacts.
  • Shipping Manager is updated to the latest version (see the note at the bottom of this article).
  • If you had disabled the Automatic Data Recovery feature, upgrading a QuickBooks 2012 company file to a newer version will no longer re-enable that feature.
  • Intuit Sync Manager is updated to the latest release.
  • The access points for the older (being discontinued) online version of QuickBooks Attached Documents have been removed (see this article for an explanation of how this feature has evolved).
  • Customer Credit Card information will be stored in a QuickBooks Merchant Service enabled company only if it is enabled for Credit Card protection.

Payroll Related Features

  • E-Pay will no longer be shown as an option for Basic and Standard Payroll subscribers.
  • An issue is resolved that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly when creating paychecks.
  • The Lock Net Pay status will not remain unlocked after printing and sending Direct Deposit checks.
  • An issue is resolved that prevented Assisted Payroll customers from validating their subscription after updating to QuickBooks 2012 R14.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented the state IN WH1 from populating.

Problems with QuickBooks Shipping Manager

As you can see from the comments in this article, some users have run into problems with the update to QuickBooks Shipping Manager. Intuit has acknowledged that there are some problems with this  update, and they have posted a KB article with notes on how to resolve this issue.

See KB article SLN40062:

My thanks to the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Care team, who pointed out this KB article.

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  • We are experiencing a major problem with the new release of R15. Our file keeps shutting down multiple times a day. Stay away!

  • Updated R15 this morning – now Shiprush won’t start saying that there is invalid number of columns in SQL call, great work Intuit!

  • Same problem, and it’s a BIG PROBLEM. I too updated to R15 this morning and now FEDEX shipping does not work! Don’t these folks TEST before releasing updates. This has screwed us up BIG-TIME. INTUIT needs to fix this NOW!!!!

  • Bill, I provided the link to the manual update in the first paragraph of the article. It is odd, though, that manually installing it would make a difference over an automatic update – I’ve never seen that happen. There might be something else going on in your system.

    My own test system with Shipping Manager doesn’t show a problem with this update, so it isn’t a universal problem. Nobody has provided any details, no error messages or anything, so there isn’t a lot that I can add at this point.

  • Hi Charlie.

    I overlooked the link you provided, basically I was scrambling to find out why the shipping manager would no longer function, and instead I was focused on what the other posters had stated about it not working for them either. Anyway, it’s working now on my system just fine. Thanks for your follow-up.

    Bill G.

  • I downloaded the R15 update and it screwed up my UPS Shipping. I get a 120100 Message, other times I get an 250002 Message. This is a disaster and Quickbooks is no help. They reverted me to the R14 update, but that did not help. So far I’ve been on the phone for 2 Days with them. I will keep trying. I

  • I am having the same shipping problem with the new R15 release. Problem with UPS and USPS shipping manager. This sucks.

    Error For UPS shipping manager:
    Access violation at address 1DF1E680 in module ‘ZRush_ShipRush9_QB.ocx’. Read of address 70657463

    Error for USPS Shipping manager:
    Access violation at address 1DF1C028 in module ‘ZRush_ShipRush9_QB.ocx’. Read of address 00000000

  • Charlie, that link to the QB KB article worked for me only in that it blew away all my configured shipping accounts! We drop ship on loads of other companies accounts so this is a unbelievable nightmare. Anyone have any idea how I can get back my account settings?

    • Dan, there are two steps in the article, and you don’t mention which ones you took.

      MOST PEOPLE find that the first step (re-registering the OCX file) resolves the problem. If so, no need for step 2, and you don’t lose your information.

      In step 2, if you renamed your folders, that is what lost your settings. You can try renaming the “old” folder names that you saved back to the original name, and that would bring your settings back. This of course assumes that the ocx problem was all that you needed.

      I’ve not tested all of this, because I don’t have the problem showing on my test system. Beyond this, you’ll have to contact Intuit support (and probably pay a support fee).

      My thanks to Intuit Support for providing me with this information.

  • QuickBooks Accountant 2012 release R15. In accountants copy error …cannot display accountant’s changes to export to client. Fixed issues with special characters in COA and renamed company .QBW to the limited 21 characters. Spent 3 phone calls and 3 hours with level 1 & 2 techs. Thought it was fixed. Re-entered my changes…..same error. Have a call in to QB tec Level 2 but all busy.

    Any help? Fortunately I was able to print the audit trail for the days work. Plan to visit clients office to work directly on their database. But kind of defeats the purpose of having an accountants copy!,,

  • MAJOR-MAJOR problems…2012 has never been as good as earlier
    versions and I have had many calls and long waits to Tech support since
    the initial install….NOW I have a real problem: I did the R15 update
    Dec 1, 2013, and have had even more issues. At first it would take
    MULTIPLE tries/reboots to get the program to load…NOW it won’t even
    open, and I get an unrecoverable error code 208841171 and it freezes.

    The computer shop has been working on the desktop for >5 days (scanning
    for viruses, defragging, and today, we even uninstalled and reinstalled
    QuickBooks 2012. All the other programs work well-JUST QUICKBOOKS problems….please help/suggestions?

  • We are experiencing error messages and being kicked out of QB when using UPS software. We are using R 14. Should we update to 15?

    It seems like only computer that has the UPS attached is having these problems. Our other four users are not experiencing these issues.

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