QuickBooks 2012 R9

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2012 R9 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. There are quite a few maintenance adjustments here. Please note that I have not had the opportunity to check or confirm each of the issues listed here. At the time I’m writing this the release is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. I would expect this to be released as an automatic update within a week, if all goes well.

I’ve been seeing lots of complaints about the R8 release and crashes. How many of those issues are fixed with R9? I’m starting to see this in my test system, on occasion, but there isn’t a particular thing that I’ve been able to pin down and reproduce. There are many reports from people who say that they have been told by Intuit support that the way to fix these various crashes is to roll back to the R6 or R5 update. There is at least one Support Note that recommends this on the Intuit support site. In the R9 release I’m seeing a few updates that relate to crashes and unrecoverable errors, but I don’t see anything that tells me that there is a big change in the database? So, time will tell, will this release fix all these problems?

Crash Fixes:

  • Order Forms (invoices, sales orders, estimates, purchase orders and such): Some customers were reporting that QuickBooks would crash when working with sales forms, and you would get unrecoverable errors. These issues were introduced in the R8 release. They should be fixed. The Intuit support article on this (SLN61527) was recommending that you roll back to R5 or R6 to get around this in R8, before this update.
  • Help: Attempting to send Help feedback when the Help servers are unavailable will no longer cause anabnormal program termination.
  • Inventory: QuickBooks will no longer restart when rebuilding company files with certain inventory conditions (not sure WHAT conditions?).
  • Enhanced Inventory Receiving (EIR): You will no longer see Unrecoverable Error 15032 91866 when enabling Enhanced Inventory Receiving.

Advanced Inventory:

  • It is no longer possible to edit inventory site information when multi-location inventory is not enabled.
  • The assembly serial number dropdown is no longer available when it is not appropriate.
  • Multi-user messaging about serial and lot numbers being in use by another user have been updated – does this mean that you won’t see them in inappropriate conditions?
  • There should no longer be cases where the Transaction List by Lot Number report is blank when transactions exist for that lot number.
  • When you turn off Advanced Inventory, or turn off Serial Number/Lot Tracking, you will still be able to see Location, Serial Number and Lot Number info on existing adjustments.
  • The insufficient lot count message will no longer be displayed when editing an assembly build transaction.

Intuit Payment Network:

  • IPN links will no longer appear on void invoices or in the print preview mode of pending invoices.
  • Duplicate text about IPN will no longer appear in emails that accompany IPN-enabled invoices.


  • The address will now be displayed without any blank spaces when an employee does not have a line 2 in the address.
  • The city line is no longer repeated twice when printing a paystub.
  • The signature settings for printing checks will no longer be lost if a different user logs in, if that user does not use check signatures.
  • Correcting the PIN for File and Pay taxes is now case-sensitive. Now you can correct it if you got it wrong.

Price Markup:

  • The type of markup will no longer default back to “Percent over Cost” when you reopen the Edit Markup window.
  • QuickBooks should no longer fail to verify data with an “Overflow” error message. This should be related to the cost/price update data corruption error, but it isn’t clear if there was still a corruption problem (an actual “overflow”) or if it is just an issue with the verify.

Plus Subscription Features: These are found only in the Premier Plus and Pro Plus subscriptions, as well as QuickBooks Accountant for ProAdvisors.

  • You can now bounce payment checks that were, at one time, deposited to the Undeposited Funds account.
  • The two journal entries made while using the Bounce Check feature to bounce a check, are no longer entered as Billable. They will not show in the time & costs window.


  • Customers who originally installed from R3 or a later release will no longer have problems changing to a different edition of Premier or running a repair. The error “1334: The file “QBW32EnterpriseAccountant.exe” cannot be installed” should no longer display.
  • The one click upgrade from older versions of QuickBooks to QuickBooks 2012 will no longer encounter an MSXML error.


  • Credit card numbers entered when creating new customers are now recognized as a valid card number.
  • If you create a new item in the item list and add “notes”, the notes are saved and a blank item is not created. See my article on this problem: QuickBooks 2012 Inventory Notes and Item List Problems).
  • With Multi-Currency, the Cost Change Alert will now display the correct currency symbol.
  • Accounts Payable: When selecting bills to pay, clicking the check box will not make the line jump to the beginning of the list.
  • Condense Data: Company files larger than 2 GB can now be condensed successfully.
  • User Interface: Long items will no longer be cut off in the Company Snapshot screen.
  • PDF: This release resolved an issue where a Company name change is not reflected in the Send Invoice view.
  • Preferences: You will no longer be prompted to save your changes when switching to another screen unless you have made changes in the preferences screen you are looking at.
  • QuickBooks Merchant Services: You no longer need to be an admin to process credit card payments using QuickBooks Merchant Services.
  • Inventory: The inventory Clean up QuickView window has been updated to show both positive and negative quantity items.
  • Enhanced Inventory Receiving (EIR): Some company files cannot be converted to use EIR, for a variety of (unexplained) reasons. With this release, the conversion is more likely to succeed.
  • Banking: Reconciled payments that are upgraded from earlier versions of QuickBooks no longer will show the bounced check stamp.
  • QuickBooks Online Banking: Many instances of the OL-392 online banking error have been fixed.

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About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been the managing editor and primary writer for the Sleeter Report since 2011. Charlie can be reached at charlie@ccrsoftware.com

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Am I overlooking something in premier or is this only in enterprise?
    inventory Clean up QuickView window

    • Rustler, when Intuit lists their bug fixes, sometimes it is REALLY hard to figure out what they are referring to. I’ve been bugging them about that recently.

      I’m not 100% sure what that is, I just repeated what they said.

      I think, but I’m not sure, that this may be something in the Client Data Review feature that is in QuickBooks Accountant, in the inventory troubleshooting section, but I really can’t be sure at this point. The more I look at that, the less sure I am…

      • Never thought of that, but now that I looked there is nothing I can find in the accountant center or client data review even close to that name. Maybe it is in one of y’alls super duper versions, the plus versions. 🙂

  • Does anyone know if they have found a solution to being able to change direct deposit bank account for the employer. Last week I was stuck between new account and old account and finally had to fill out another form so they would go back to my old checking account so I could pay my employees. They said they would notify me when they found a solution.

  • I have some real concerns over the ‘overflow error’ at the end of Verify not being reported, when in reality there are cases of actual overflow errors still in the data. I can honestly say that I have not seen a file report ‘overflow errors’ at the end of verify that did not actually have overflow errors within their item list, even though R8 supposedly fixed these. I don’t reality think R6 did anything to fix the overflow errors except those affecting ‘sale price’ (as well as in the display of ‘markup’ between cost and price in the item edit window). If there were ‘cost’ markup overflow errors these were not fixed in R8, so unless they are addressed in the ‘limited techno-description’ (per the R9 release notes) of no longer displaying ‘overflow errors’ at the end of verify routine by allowing that ‘diagnostic utility’ to correct same, then what really is going on?

    Lastly let me say that I sometimes think they are ‘generic’ in release notes so as to not too clearly define a ‘bug’ (a programming error) in much the way someone might plead ‘no contest’ in a court case rather than ‘admitting guilt’.


    • I have had problems with overflow errors and not being able to rebuild the company file. Our problem was that after the R8 update the program allowed a vendor bill to be entered out of balance. When this happened the general ledger was also out of balance. So we check the trail balance before we try to verify and rebuild the company file. If it is out we check all the latest bills we entered.


  • Update R9 cause bill credit not working when activate when enhanced inventory receiving is turn on. it count only the qty but the amount of each items will not record into inventory.

  • Hi All,

    Other QBs users in same company file have been getting a message that say “You cannot edit this Name now because (Meraf Gedlu) is currently doing a task that uses the data for this list. Please try again in a few seconds.”

    This has been happening even though all windows within my QBs are closed. It still tells other users that am doing a task and they cannot edit, save. Usually it’s after I receive inventory or I edit notes within POs. I noticed this happening the past few weeks and probably after we updated to R9. Please advise if anyone has a solution to this problem.

    Thank you,

    • Meraf, I’ve not seen this particular problem myself, so I can’t add anything.

      One thing that might have SOME effect (but probably not), on your system select “Edit” then “Preferences” and in the General Preferences, on the My Preferences tab, un-check the box “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups”, exit QB, and reboot the computer.

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