QuickBooks 2011 R9 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2011 R9 update for the U.S. versions of QuickBooks. This is an update that some people have been anxiously waiting for. It has been a long time coming, and the list of fixes is fairly extensive.  You may remember, last June Intuit released QuickBooks 2011 R7, and then very quickly released QuickBooks 2011 R8 to fix a problem that R7 created. A few weeks after that I wrote about problems with the R8 release. Many people (including me, as well as Intuit themselves) recommended that you NOT install the R8 release.

Many of us expected that R9 would come out soon. Well, here we are, three months later. Why wasn’t it a rush? Shortly after the R8 release was published Intuit said to not install the update because of problems, but over the next month the warnings were toned down until we got to a point where they disappeared. What happened? My guess is that Intuit looked at the problems and came up with workarounds for several (including the 1603 errors that happened just when you converted a file), and that they just didn’t think that some of them were that bad (such as the item QuickReport problems). Speculation on my part.

Looking back at my article on the R8 problems I see that the R9 update should address all of the problems that we saw at that time. Hopefully this wraps up all of the loose ends and we can trust the 2011 product. However, my take on this is that you may want to wait until the R9 update has been out in the field for awhile. Let other people test it before you do? I’ve only had this release for a very short time as I’m writing this – I’m just a cautious person…

I recommend that you make a backup copy of your company file before installing this update. There is a file conversion required when you first run the R9 version. It doesn’t take long, and this isn’t an unusual thing, but again, I’m cautious…

At the time I’m writing this, the release is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. If all goes well with the manual update you can expect this to go out as an automatic update very quickly.

Items & Inventory

  • This fixes a couple of ongoing problem with the QuickReport for inventory items:
    • If you are using the multiple unit of measure feature then the quantity would not be shown properly on the QuickReport depending on how the dates were set on the report. This release fixes the issue. There may have been a couple of problems related to the multiple unit of measure feature here.
    • Incorrect quantities would be shown in the report if you selected a date range and you had an opening balance (a balance forward from before the starting date).
  • Advanced Inventory:  Site quantities will no longer be incorrect when an item transfer transaction is duplicated and then the quantities changed before the new transaction is saved.
  • The “Mark All” option in the Change Item Prices window now works correctly.
  • The Physical Inventory Worksheet will go to a QuickReport instead of the Edit Item window if you do a QuickZoom.
  • Price Levels are no longer rounded to 2 digits if you select “no rounding”.

Email & Send Forms

  • This fixes the problem with getting a “Could not print to printer” error message if you tried to email a statement.
  • Invoices that have already been emailed will no longer be listed in the Select Forms To Send window.
  • QuickBooks will no longer attempt to send all selected items when double clicking an item in the Send Forms screen


  • If you are using the Accountant’s Copy feature in QuickBooks 2011 you can work with a client file from the 2011 or 2010 version – the current product year and one year prior. If you tried to use this with a 2009 file you would get an incorrect message that implied that you COULD use that file, when you can’t. The message is corrected.
  • The audit trail report does a better job of tracking the proper user making changes to a transaction in multi-user mode.
  • This one is a bit obtuse. If you paste text from Microsoft Word that contains a “long dash” into the Additional Notes field you will no longer get the error “Warning: There was a problem sending changes to the accountant copy file transfer server”.
  • Client Data Review will no longer crash QuickBooks when:
    • using the Troubleshoot Inventory feature and change the filter criteria.
    • filtering by account in the Fix unapplied customer payments and credits feature.

Intuit PaymentNetwork

Intuit PaymentNetwork is a very useful feature (I use it a lot), but Intuit made it very intrusive for people who do NOT want to use it. Over the past year Intuit has been changing how this works. In most cases they are making it LESS intrusive, or at least providing more options to control how it shows up. In some cases they are ADDING the feature to places it didn’t exist before. Here are some notes from Intuit about the changes in R9, I have not looked at all of these issues.

  • The Enable online payment checkbox on the invoice now allows you to add or remove the links for
    • This Invoice only
    • All invoices for this customer
    • All invoices for all customers
  • The Edit Payment Info Tab in the customer center now includes Customer Level Preferences for turning the Intuit PaymentNetwork links on and off. It has 3 options
    • Follow Company Default
    • Always On For This Customer
    • Always Off For this Customer
  • The Payments preference now has the following options
    • Include online payment link on emailed invoices
    • Include online payment link on printed invoices
    • Intuit Payment Network Email
    • Turn off all online payment links
  • Email to payor with invoice now has Intuit PaymentNetwork links.
  • The Add/Edit Multiple List Entries function will now contain an online payment link when viewing customers.
  • There is a change relating to the Sign Up to Inuit Payment Network Alert when saving an invoice. Not sure if they started doing this or stopped doing this?


  • If you turn on the phone number to print on a pay stub, the phone number will no longer print in the return address section.
  • Sick and vacation balances now update when editing a pending paycheck.
  • QuickBooks can now detect your subscription if you are a subscriber to Enhanced Payroll for Accountants.


  • If you have multiple bank accounts the write checks window will no long cause QuickBooks to crash.
  • A problem with the Rebuild Data function has been corrected – in some cases the program would stop responding when using this function. One problem was related to haveing special characters in online payee records.
  • There is a fix relating to the logic related to matching online payees – matching should be improved.
  • Custom Advanced Reporting (a feature in Enterprise):
    • Custom fields are now available.
    • More contacts are available.
  • Error 1603 could occur in many different situations. This release fixes many of those issues. All? I’m not sure…
  • You should no longer get the message “Another user has made changes to this Invoice or a transaction that is linked to it” when creating or editing transactions in multi-user mode.
  • Sending templates from QuickBooks to mobile devices as a part of the QuickBooks Connect service will preserve more of the color settings than before.
  • Manually closing a Sales Order will no longer cause the Verify function to incorrectly report problems in the data file.
  • Update: If you have an R6 or later company file, and you try to verify it with a version older than R6, the verify would fail even though it shouldn’t. This might happen if you have one workstation that didn’t get updated past R5. R9 fixes this error. My thanks to Sam at Intuit for clarifying this update note for me.

There are a number of other issues that related to updates, file verifying, and more that would show up in prior versions that will now go away if you install the R9 update.

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Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been the managing editor and primary writer for the Sleeter Report since 2011. Charlie can be reached at charlie@ccrsoftware.com

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


    • There isn’t any issue there as far as converting – it shouldn’t matter if you update to 2011 R9 or not, the file should convert fine. The main concern will be when you are in 2012, you want to be sure to update to the most current revision there (the R1 version has lots of problems).


  • Trying to delete the R8 reminder and folowing your article to do so, I find the Download QB21 folder is empty but the reminder remains. ???

    • Jerry, without hands on your computer I don’t know what else I can say. Do you have multiple copies of QB installed? Like Enterprise and Premier? I’ll assume not, though. That article’s instructions worked for me, but without seeing your system I can’t say what might be going on for you. Make sure that you are able to see “hidden” files and folders in Windows…

  • hello charlie
    i stumbled on your blog while looking for for help on a qb2011 i am not a techie i sell and install point of sale hardware and software which is compatible with qb . so heres my problem my client has qb2011 and they had a hard drive crash all of which has been fixed they installed 2011 and it work fine until xp activation code shut down xp when system was upgraded with new version of xp pro we started having problems now having said that i went to qb support and after approx 20+hrs on the phone and i am guessing another 30 hrs of my own time and countless removal and reinstalls o f qb 2011 c+++ visual .net and all the other Microsoft underlying dependencies . we are still experiencing the same problem her it is qb will open up to company screen current company is selected password is asked for it is typed in program will then open two screens and then crash it does it even in sample company qb in the Philippines cant seam to find the problem and so have taken to blaming .net framework and as i have said i have removed and reinstalled and updated it several times as well as qb it’s self i am at a loss the error code i get is 800070057 please can you point me in the right direction to helping my clients by the way i am doing this gratis so am in no way a wannabe tech on this problem i just want my product to work with theirs oh by the way i did have it up long enough approx 12 hrs one time do ensure my side works so trying to get back to square one

    • Ray, I don’t have a specific answer for you on this. If it is a 64 bit system, I wouldn’t be trying XP. Assuming it is a 32 bit system, I’d start by making sure that XP has all the current updates, that you have the proper version of .NET, that your registry doesn’t have any corruption.

      800070057 is most likely a Windows based error, although that can’t be said for certain. Hard to know without hands on the system.

  • Charlie:

    I am hearing and reading of mixed results from installing the R9 update. Our company is still on R5 and doing O.K. Aside from what I am reading in the Intuit forum,what are you hearing, if anything? Qbooks updates always make me skiddish. As Forest Gump might say “Quickbooks updates are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get”

    It’s sad that Quickbooks, as good a program as it is, has so many technical problems. It seem ongoing and never ending and, to us end users, very frustrating. Though releases continue to come out it seems that each consecutive release is never really a Final product that is truly RTM. I, personally, would rather see Intuit do a staggered release of a product (i.e. every other year or more) if it would mean a more complete and stable product. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that use these products and they (well, I, being the IT guy where I work) would rather see stability and reliability of a product than to have a so called “NEW” update every year that has continuous patches being issued and, even then, not being able to trust the patches. Sorry for the rant but I’d wager allot of Qbooks users would echo my sentiments.

    • Peter, no need to apologize for the “rant”. I do that on occasion myself.

      I agree that their release process is flawed. If I wasn’t under an NDA I could add some more comments to what you bring up. One good point to mention is that some people at Intuit agree that the process has problems and they are working on ways to improve this. Whether it actually gets done, however, can’t be guaranteed.

      As far as R9, when you look at the forums it is hard to tell how many of the issues that are brought up are specific to the R9 release, or are problems that have existed all along. The best I can say is that you should look at the list of problems that have been resolved in releases later than what you are running, to see if there are any that have an impact on you. If you don’t need those fixes, it makes sense to think about standing pat…

  • I am a one man business running Windows 7 and, up until last May, Quickbooks Pro 2011 R8. Despite numerous reboots I cannot reopen QBP 2011. Never get past the green box in the center of the screen. I have been keeping records manually but now need to access the early part of the year for the accountant. I read your post about R9 and went looking for it but still only find R8. Any thoughts on where I can find R9 or how I can get this open, just once, to retrieve the better part of my 2011 records. After that I am done with Quickbooks and the frustration of their upgrades…. after almost 20 years as a customer. Thanks

  • Charlie,
    I do all my invoicing via e-mail and receive most of my payments online (either by credit card through Quickbooks Billing Solutions or by e-check through Intuit PaymentNetwork). Some of my customers have very large invoices (several hundreds of dollars) and others have very small invoices (under $40). I do not give my large invoice customers the ability to pay online because I do not want to pay the processing fees associated with a credit card payment. They mail me a check. I have two questions:

    1) Is there any way I can give my large invoice customers the ability to pay online, but only by e-check through IPN. I don’t mind at all to pay the 50 cents but do not want to pay the approximately 3.5% for credit cards. It would be really nice if when you created an invoice, QB would give you a checkbox for “allow online payment by e-check” and a checkbox for “allow online payment by credit card”. Then you could check none, one or both.

    2) I know IPN can accept credit card payments also, so can it completely replace my QB Billing Solutions? I just need to be able to e-mail invoices from QB, give my customers the ability to pay online with either a credit card or e-check and have the payments get applied to my invoices automatically in QB. Am I missing something or can I go solely with IPN and stop paying for QB Billing Solutions.


    • Bryce, a bit off topic for this discussion, but I’ll try to give you a short answer:

      I haven’t used QuickBooks Billing Solutions for several years, so I’m not sure how that works now and how it interacts with Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN).

      Within IPN you can set a preference so that you can select only credit cards, only e-checks, or both. But this is a global setting for all IPN payments. It isn’t something you would set in the invoice itself.

      As far as completely replacing Billing Solutions – keep in mind that IPN is a simple system that doesn’t do all the things that Billing Solutions could do. You don’t have a login for the customer where they can see a history of their activity with you. You dont’ have an option to send invoices via regular mail. And, you may have to pay attention to the payment limits in IPN (not sure if that is an issue or not).

      There are other services that may give you better merchant rates and more control over how you want to allow customers to pay, but I’m not sure if they have something that is the equivalent of IPN with the $0.50 fee and no monthly charge. You may want to look at Bill & Pay and Bill.com. I hope to have articles on both of those sometime in the coming year.

  • My problems started this time after the install of R9. I had a computer crash and had a complete reformat and re-install of Windows Server 2008, by my outside IT tech. Quickbooks 2011 Pro did fine with the R8 update but several days after that the R9 update appeared. So figuring that Intuit is a reputable company and would not put out a update without being sure all the errors were out of it, I installed it. Now I can not open my latest file. Quickbooks says it is not responding, there is no other error message. In addition I find that the backup I made in R8 just before the update is nowhere to be found. Unless you have a suggestion I plan to remove Quickbooks and re-install.

    Thanks, Michael

    • Michael, I can’t give you much help through a blog like this. I doubt that any R9 issues are responsible for your backup file being missing, although nothing is impossible. It just isn’t the kind of thing that you would expect to see. And given that you’ve been having server crashes and other issues, there is a lot going on here. I wouldn’t lay this all at the feet of R9 out of hand. BUT, that doesn’t prove anything one way or the other. I’m sorry for the hassles that you are going through…

  • Hi Charlie,

    Installed R8 and had to change a file extension (can’t remember which one) so QB would not “hang up”/run slow when opening company. Just installed R9 and it’s doing the same thing!! Not respondinge/running extremely slow when trying to open company. do Ineed to go back and undo the change to the file extension??? Any suggestions?

  • I recently installed 2011 Premier for Accountant, and tonight updates were automatically downloaded. (I guess I forgot to put it on manual update.) R3 – R9 appear to either have been installed or changed. These patches are so large, I’m wondering if I can delete one or some of them. For example, what would happen if I deleted R8?

    What happens as far as the prior patches when a new release is installed? Does it automatically fix the prior problems?

    • Natalie,
      All “updates” are cumulative so you don’t even hacve the option of uninstalling an earlier release. In general, we recommend you apply the updates as they become available. Occassionally, we’ll post a warning about an update, but since that is rare, it’s usually better to apply them. In the rare case when you do need to roll back, you could re-install from CD and apply one of the earlier releases.

    • Carol, do you get an error message, or what? Are you using “automatic” updates, or a manual update? Have you tried “resetting” the manual updates? Or have you tried uninstalling, then downloading the full installer (which will have R9 included) from the Intuit support web site? Lots of ways to get around things, but you need to let us know more specifically what is going on.

  • Is there yet any way to get a report of the “more contacts” saved with each customer?

    If not, would it maybe be possible to create a custom report featuring that information? What is the table name and field names of the “more conatcts”?

    • That reference was to the “custom reporting” feature, which is the Enterprise-specific ODBC reporting feature. To be honest, I don’t work with it, because it is complicated to use and poorly documented.

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