QuickBooks 2012 R3 Released

Written by Charlie Russell

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2012 R3 update for the U.S. versions of QuickBooks. Here is an overview of what the update contains. There is an extensive list of changes, which is not unusual with the R3 release of any version of QuickBooks. Some are bug fixes, some are enhancements, and there is at least one new “feature”.

I’ve been able to test some of these changes, but certainly not all. Also note that I was looking at a pre-release of R3 for most of my evaluations, and sometimes Intuit changes things (or drops them) at the last moment, so my apologies if I mention something here that you can’t find (if that happens, ask me about it!). There are a LOT OF CHANGES here, I hope that I got them all!

At the time I’m writing this, the release is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. If all goes well with the manual update you can expect this to go out as an automatic update in about a week.

Note that there is a “file conversion” when you open a file that used the R1 release. No big deal, I just want to mention it. I assume that this means that you can’t go back to an R1 release from R3 (I didn’t try it), but I don’t see a reason why you would want to.

Updated 10/20/2011 to add information.

Updated 10/25.2011 to correct some information on the Calendar feature.

Some Bugs Of Note

I’m going to mention a few special issues that were fixed – this is not all, it is the ones that have some impact on R1 users.

  • Changing the sale price or cost of one item, then viewing another item, no longer changes the price of the second item. Big, big problem, glad they fixed it.
  • The 1603 error, which I believe usually was an issue when converting files (sorry, don’t recall the details), is fixed. This started in QuickBooks 2011 R8 (when will they fix it THERE?).
  • This release fixes the problem where you would see “Another user has made changes to this invoice or a transaction that is linked to it”, which was driving a bunch of people crazy because it happened randomly when nobody else was making changes.
  • Lot Tracking: There was a big bug in R1 where you could not enter a quantity in a transaction that was greater than 999 if you used lot tracking. This has been fixed!

Accountant Related

  • Client Data Review: QuickBooks should no longer crash if you apply a credit memo to a credit card charge in the Client Data Review.
  • Accountant’s Copy: You should no longer get a Runtime Check Failed error when special characters are in some of the transactions, when doing a View Changes.


  • Changing the quantity on checks linked to a purchase order will now save correctly. Before this the transaction was not saving the changed quantity.
  • In the Item List, if you had filters for active inventory and assembly enabled, you would get a no data to print message when trying to print the list. This is fixed.
  • If you edit an item that existed in a prior version of QuickBooks, the edit item window will no longer show a zero value for the markup price or percentage.
  • The markup percentage will now show two numbers past the decimal.
  • In Enterprise there is an Inventory menu, and it has options for New Inventory Item and New Assembly Item. In R1 these options would open a generic Add Item window. In R3 these options will now open the appropriate item window for the item type chosen.
  • The Inventory Activities option is removed from the Inventory menu (Enterprise), it is replaced by the individual inventory options.
  • There are a couple of nomenclature/labeling fixes at various places.
  • You will no longer need to click the Build & Close button twice to save an assembly build.
  • The Notes area in the Inventory Center is no longer hidden by the Transaction History.
  • The Change Item Prices Mark All behavior has been improved. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but it must be good?
  • The Inventory Center will now display assembly transactions even when an item filter is used.
  • The Inventory Item QuickReport will now use the correct unit of measure.

Advanced Inventory

This is an additional-fee feature available only in Enterprise. There were a LOT of new features this year, some that were very complex, so I’m not surprised that there are a number of bug fixes here.

  • The Inventory Center will now show the correct information for the selected site if the results are showing information from that one site.
  • QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when creating duplicate transfers from saved transactions.
  • “Turn On Advanced Inventory” will no longer display in the Inventory menu when it has been activated.
  • Test Data: The sample Advanced Inventory.qbw file will no longer fail on verification.
  • You don’t have to close open transactions or reports when you enable FIFO costing.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

  • Serial and Lot Number Reports will no longer include items without serial or lot numbers (this should cut down on the size of reports). In addition, these reports are now accessible from the Report Center.
  • Pressing the Return key after selecting “Add Multiple” or “QuickView Serial Numbers” will now open a window to select serial numbers.
  • If you use the add multiple serial number option to add a large number of serial numbers, QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly.
  • When viewing PDF forms the Serial Numbers column will no longer display, the contents will display in the description column.
  • When there are no serial numbers present for an item, the Select All button will be disabled from the serial number dropdown.
  • QuickBooks will now inform you when you use invalid characters in serial numbers.
  • You cannot edit and save transactions with lot numbers with negative quantities.
  • The Transaction List by Serial Number and Transaction List by Lot Number reports will no display the correct signs when referring to an increase and decrease in quantities.
  • Duplicate Serial Numbers are no longer visible in the Qty on Hand Serial Number QuickView when opened from the Inventory Center.
  • If you delete lines items in Serial or Lot Number Adjustments they will no longer display when saving the transaction.
  • The Lot Number by Site report will now open in the sample company file.
  • The Transaction List by Serial Number report will no longer display the modified filters when clicking the Cancel button (before, it made you think that you were saving the report filters).
  • Warnings for blank serial or lot numbers now work correctly based on the preferences set for the company file.
  • If you build an assembly and  you have Serial Numbers enabled, but sites NOT enabled, you couldn’t enter a serial number for the assembly in R1. This is fixed in R3.
  • If you build an assembly with serial numbers enabled, and you don’t enter a serial number for the components, you only get ONE warning now, rather than a separate warning for each component part like you did in R1.

Enhanced inventory Receiving

  • Enabling this feature will no longer close QuickBooks (that didn’t happen to me, so I’m not sure what was going on here).  Instead, it will close all open windows, which is appropriate.
  • Bill Credit fields are now editable when switching between Bill and Bill Credit when Enhanced Inventory Receiving is enabled.
  • The “Select PO/Item Receipts” button in the Enter Bills form now says “Select Related Transactions” when using Enhanced Inventory Receiving.
  • Purchase Orders: You can now bill more than you ordered after changing the quantity on purchase orders.
  • “Multiple” is no longer shown as an option when you add additional lines to an existing bill with a reference number.
  • Purchase orders received in full with negative quantity line items will now convert correctly.

Doc Center

There should be a number of small “user experience” improvements here, but I don’t have a list at this time.

  • The Doc Center support for TWAIN compliant scanners has been improved (wish they supported Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners!!!).
  • If a user has view only permission that user can no longer delete attached documents (through the QuickBooks user interface, that is).
  • There are some fixes relating to problems with attached documents when upgrading from QuickBooks 2011 to 2012.
  • Performance in the Doc Center was improved when you have a large number of documents.

Send Reports to Excel

  • There were some problems with saving formatting that have been resolved.
  • Column headers will no longer shift when you re-send a report to Excel. Also, if you change a column heading in Excel, that change is preserved.
  • If you send a report to an existing workbook you can now use the Select Sheet dropdown.
  • Additional formatting features are now saved, including fill color, font color, percent, currency symbol and border lines.
  • If you have a Quickbooks 2011 report in Excel and it is updated for the first time by a send from QuickBooks 2012 you will get a message saying that this is the first time.
  • If you are exporting a list to Excel and you choose CSV, after selecting “existing workbook”, you will no longer be prompted to specify the file.
  • When exporting a report to Excel the program will remember the Excel file name you used the last time, based on the company file, for this same report.
  • Excel will no longer crash when you export a report when the Office Live Plugin is installed.
  • Reports saved in Excel will now retain custom column widths the first time the report is used in Excel.


  • This release fixes an issue that caused year to date transactions to not show in the Calendar view.
  • There was a problem with Batch time sheet updates that affected move than the selected employees. It has been fixed.
  • Sick and Vacation hours can now be entered with a negative value.
  • Editing a pending paycheck will now correctly update Sick and Vacation balances.


  • The normal QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts for selecting dates have been added to the Calendar feature.
  • Invoices with Pending Status will no longer show in the Calendar.
  • Vehicle Mileage Transactions, timesheets and YTD adjustments will now show on the Calendar (10/25/2011).
  • You can now create a To Do from the Calendar Daily View. A green “plus” symbol was added to the upper right corner in that view.
  • The status of a Bill will now show “Paid” or “Unpaid” in the Calendar, rather than “Open” or “Closed”.
  • The Calendar will now show both past due and upcoming items (10/25/2011).
  • A Calendar Preference has been added, to let you control some features.

QuickBooks 2012 Calendar Preference

Lead Center

Several improvements here, which isn’t surprising as it was a new, new feature.

In the R1 release, in the lead center, on the To Do List tab, you had a button at the bottom to Add To Do. Now we have two menu buttons, To Do  and Reports. With To Do, you can now edit or delete the To Do from this point, which is helpful. This feature is ALSO added to the To Do List window.

Lead Center To Do

For reports,  there is only one report here.

QuickBooks 2012 To Do Report

Up at the top of the Lead Center screen there is an Excel button that gives you several Excel exports that you may find useful.

Lead Center Excel

Right click on a lead in the Lead Center list, and you get a popup menu (wasn’t there in R1), and there are a number of options.

Lead Center Right Click

BIG IMPROVEMENT: I complained about this in my original article on the Lead Center, and now it is fixed! If you convert a Lead to be a Customer, your notes convert to the customer. Very helpful fix.


  • 1099 Forms: If you add data to the 1099 Vendor screen you will no longer see “unnecessary characters” added to the address.
  • Also, for 1099’s, there is a BIG change to the format of the Print/E-File 1099 menu option. In R1 it was a bit of a clunky user interface. Click a button and get a report window, click a button and get the preferences window, click another button get another report, kind of clunky. Now we have a “wizard” that leads us through the steps in a more user-friendly (and visually attractive) process. I didn’t spend a lot of time with this, so I can’t really give a full opinion on how the process worked, but I think this is a nice improvement.
    Quickbooks 2012 1099 Wizard
  • The QuickBooks backup counter will now reset when a backup is created, which prevents the backup reminder from displaying when a backup was just created (this has been a problem for awhile, it is not just a 2012 problem).
  • There have been some changes to the To Do List. If you add a new To Do from the Calendar, or from the To Do List itself, you now have more options. Before we didn’t have the “With” feature that lets you select a customer, etc., but now you do. In addition, the time portion of the date/time setting is optional, you can un check the “time” box. There are also options to edit and delete To Do’s, as I describe above in the Lead Center.
  • Tax forms and auto-archived PDF tax forms will not be included in the QuickBooks backup.
  • Asset accounts added during Express Start will now be available in the Chart of Accounts.
  • The option to delete transactions created by condensing the company file is now only available in QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Solutions.
  • Condense can remove time and mileage activities outside the dates set during the Condense Data wizard.
  • There were several options available only to users of Enterprise Accountant – they are now available to all editions of Enterprise. I’m not sure which options at this time.
  • QuickBooks no longer warns that Budget data may be removed at the beginning of the Condense Data process.
  • A report of transactions that could not be removed by condense is now available to QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise users.
  • New company files sometimes had a problem where they could not “verify”. This is resolved.
  • There are a couple of fixes in the Help system, correcting information as well as adding back and forward buttons.
  • If you add a new Sales Tax Group you can see the Make this item inactive check box – it used to be hidden a bit.
  • Mileage rates have been updated.
  • A problem with a change in the Company name not being reflected in the Send Invoice view (PDF) has been resolved.
  • If you launch memorized reports from the Reports Center instead of the Reports menu they will no longer have an extra Date filter added.
  • There are performance improvements for the Shared Reports feature.
  • The T5018 Canada sales tax report is no longer shown in the U.S. versions.
  • A new Find Report permission is available. This allows you to restrict a user from viewing or printing results from the Find menu. There are several improvements here.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird should now be an option when setting up email integration. I didn’t see this, but it might be that it only shows up if you have it installed? I could be wrong on this one, sorry.
  • There are some fixes for passwords when sending a reports using QuickBooks web mail.
  • There are several improvements in the Report Center for showing categories, and the favorites menu.
  • “Sent” invoices will no longer show in the list of invoices to send in the forms using the File/Send Forms function.
  • A user can be switched between the Pro or Premier product to a Pro Plus or Premier Plus subscription model just by calling Intuit, rather than having to uninstall and reinstall the program.
  • The Online Payments option (Intuit PaymentNetwork) has been improved so that you can turn off the links for all unsent invoices that have already been created when the option was on. You also lose the links in invoices that you resend, if they had them before. In addition, there are some changes to the text in the email that goes out if you DO use this feature.

Intuit PaymentNetwork

According to Alex Hood, Group Product Manager for QuickBooks Desktop, their goal has been to try to reduce the in product advertising that has been in QuickBooks. There have been lots of complaints about that issue over the past year or so. With the R3 release of QB 2012 Alex estimates that they have reduced this kind of advertising by 80%.

QuickBooks Easy Saver

This is a feature that was seen in some of the early test versions of QuickBooks that was pulled from the R1 release. It’s baaaaaccck! With improvements and fixes.

A few things to note:

  1. You might not see this because they are rolling this out as a pilot program, so only a subset of the 2012 R3 users will see this.
  2. I hope to have a more detailed article on this in the next week or so – because the R3 beta test didn’t have all features activated. If I took screen shots from the pre release they will most likely change on the official release date.
  3. This is an OPTIONAL feature that you can turn off, and there is no cost to you.



EasySaver is a new feature where Intuit will negotiate discounts with select vendors (since they can offer the “combined purchasing power of millions of QuickBooks customers”). The program then examines your previous purchases and then makes recommendations that might save you money.

You can add items to a “shopping cart”, and then make your purchases through your account in the Intuit AppCenter.

More on this in a future article.

Wait, What About the R2 Release?

We just had the R1 release, now we have the R3 release, did we miss R2? Well, not really. I believe that Intuit reserves the “R2” release designation in case there is a really, really bad problem in R1 that has to be fixed right away. An R2 release would have just the fix for the major bug that destroys files (or something like that) and they don’t want to get it mixed up with the first “regular” update. So, if you see an R2 update, you know that it is really, really urgent. If we go directly from R1 to R3, all is normal.

Are There Still Bugs?

Yes, the R3 release doesn’t fix all of the bugs we know about. Will they be fixed in R4? Will there BE an R4? When would it come out? Well, I am not allowed to say anything about this in advance, all I can say is “keep your eyes here” and I’ll let you know as soon as something comes out.

I don’t have a comprehensive list of all the bugs in QuickBooks, specific to 2012 or bugs that are older. Too many to catalog and track! I do know that there is a problem with the Lot Tracking feature of Enterprise 12 where you can’t enter a quantity in a lot that is greater that 999. That isn’t fixed in R3, but Intuit is aware of it. Correction – this IS fixed in R3. That was a last minute correction. Great!

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About the author

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been the managing editor and primary writer for the Sleeter Report since 2011. Charlie can be reached at charlie@ccrsoftware.com

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • All I can say is WOW!

    Intuit really did a lot in such a short period of time. As much as I have recently complained, I am really impressed with the number of fixes/improvements, and the speed they were released. There must be a lot of exhausted Intuit employees.

    Having said that, I just wish/hope Intuit will continue to improve/fix QB with the same intensity as this latest release.

    • The R3 releases of their products often have a lot of fixes, but I have to say that this was a larger list than I’m used to. There were so many that I had a hard time getting all of it straight, and I’m afraid that I didn’t organize this very clearly.

      I had to pull info from a variety of sources, as there isn’t any one source that lists everything that was changed. The KB article on the web site didn’t have it all, but it had some stuff that I didn’t catch from the beta test copy or interviews.

      I actually was very surprised that the lot quantity bug (can’t enter more than 999 for a quantity in a lot) was included in this release, it was something that didn’t show up until fairly recently and I expected that to be fixed in the R4 release.

      Now, keep in mind that a limited number of people have been using R3 for a relatively short period of time, so we don’t know if there are other issues (or newly introduced issues) here yet…

  • After installing R3 update for Enterprise version 12 there is countless times the server stops responding and boots everyone out.

    Not impressed that after the install it automatically loads Dataprotect and Webconnect.

    There should be a section to TURN ON new features so that we know what were turing on, unlike that SEARCH feature that made the TLG file grow 1 gig a day

    overall the software works but just they throw in new stuff that makes more issues to deal with we just want to get our job done and go home.

    • Ooohh, Yvonne, you are putting me on the spot!

      When ANY new release/revision comes out (like R3) I tend to wait until it is available on “automatic” update, and even then perhaps a week longer. The reason? Let OTHER people be the field testers of the new release. R3 went through Intuit’s internal testing. It also went through a beta test with users (I’m not sure how many), which doesn’t always happen with a “revision” like this. Now we’ll have people installing the manual update. Let’s see if there is a groundswell of complaints. At least wait until the end of next week. THEN, some people would say wait another week, let’s see if there is a groundswell of complaints when the revision gets pushed out to more people in the automatic update.

      You see the complaint that David reported above, but that is just one installation and there could be a lot of reasons for that problem that aren’t necessarily due to R3 (can’t say at this point). If we here a lot of complaints like that, then we have to be concerned.

      I’m sorry I’m being so wishy-washy on this. I just don’t have a lot of people running it that I deal with, so I don’t have a good basis to make a decision on. Certainly they fixed a lot of problems. They fixed the one big problem that I was really concerned about (outside of Advanced Inventory issues).

      Having said all of that, I’ll note that I am running my own business on 2012 R3 and haven’t run into a problem, but I don’t put a really big volume of transactions through it, and I don’t manage an inventory. It is working for me.

      I would look at it on a case by case basis. Is there a reason to change over? Is there a feature you want that isn’t in the older program? Are you on a version that has been “sunsetted” and you need to update? If you are running payroll, are you close to a payroll period and you need to cut checks? If you are on a fiscal year that ends soon shouldn’t you wait until AFTER the fiscal year ends before you change? Are you in the “busy season” for your business? There are tons of things to take into account for an individual business.

      The only relatively sure thing that I’m worried about (boy, is that a waffle!) is that if you are interested in updating an Enterprise version so that you can use Enhanced Inventory Receiving, I would wait a bit longer. There are some things that we don’t fully understand on this feature, there are some people who are running scenarios by me that I need to think about to make sure that this is working correctly before we make that jump.

      How is that for a vague answer?

  • Charlie – thanks for your “interesting” answers as well as your updates! Waffling is ok, we have to work with what we are presented, at this moment in time. I do like your description on the To Do notes…”I have to do SOMETHING?” LOL

    Keep up all the good work – we need you out there helping the rest of us. And thanks, re: enhanced inventory receiving…I think you just saved my butt!

  • Charlie – do you know if they are working on the permissions bug in the calendar? At Summit, it was discovered in Enterprise, at least, that someone without permissions to view payroll could still do so through the calendar view. This is a dangerous one that I have not personally tested.

    • Pat, I’ve not seen this issue myself as I don’t usually work with payroll. I was looking at a discussion in another venue where it sounded like Intuit was stating that if you set permissions correctly, the problem didn’t exist. However, I haven’t looked into that myself.

      • client of accoutant in Arizona was on with support for a couple of hours to solve this. Prior to 2012, members with no access to payroll was not able to see payroll. When support finished, those folks could not see payroll, that’s true, but they were so limiteed, they couldn’t perform their jobs. So I do have some concerns.

  • IMO, the next BIG area needing upgrading/improvements to QB Enterprise are User Roles, primarily how Users have access to reports.

    There are way too many reports Users cannot get access to, without the Admin opening up confidential areas, such as the general ledger accounts.

    Intuit needs to develop a way for the Admin to create reports for Users. The Admin should have the option to give selected Users selected access to very specific areas of QB, say one general ledger account.

    Example, Admin should be able to create a P&L for a Sales Manager, with only their Customers, Classes, and/or accounts. The Admin created report should not allow the Sales Manager to see any other customer, class, etc.

    Right now, QB is way too inflexible with report access.

    To keep Users out of confidential areas, QB currently takes an “all or nothing” approach to reports.

  • Charlie,
    Where would be the best place for a novice to go and get a fix for what appears to be a glitch?

    When running a P&L Standard report there are numbeers that do not match any transactions and when running a P&L Detail report the numbers in question are different.

    We are using QB2012

    • Bill, there can be any number of reasons for this showing – anything from report settings to their being some damage in the file. Many different ways to approach it.

      It is difficult to diagnose something like this via blog comments. Any good ProAdvisor should be able to help you with this – ProAdvisors have the “Accountant Edition” and it adds many tools that can be used to work these things out.

      You can use the “Find a Sleeter-Certified Consultant” link in the upper right of this blog page to find someone locally – although it doesn’t HAVE to be someone local because most can work very well remotely.

  • Hi
    This is by way of a request for help. I am based in Ireland and am a member of the Quickbooks PAP but had a problem last friday that could not be solved. I installed QuickBooks Premier 2012 (UK Version) for a client on their brand new Dell Windows 7 PC with4GB Ram. We entered a number of transactions, did a backup and then did a restore. The restore failed and QuickBooks bombed out and refused to re-open ever since. We tried repair, Uninstall and clean install, reboot to no avail. I spent 90 minutes talking to an Intuit Support agent who eventually gave up and promised to call back on Monday. Anybody got any new ideas???

    • Mike, it is hard to say much as you aren’t very specific. You say that the restore failed and QB bombed out and refused to open, but you don’t give us any error messages or details. Can you create a new company file, or open one of the sample files?

      • Hi Charlie, thanks for coming back.
        Quickbooks Premier 2012 just simply will not run. Trying to open it even without opening a company file gets the same response. The screen says Quickbooks is opening but nothing happens – no error massages appear. I have tried to uninstall and re-install but errors 1334 and 1603 pop up and the install procedure rolls back. I just wondered if you or any others reading this may have had the same experience. What I don’t understand is how I managed to get it installed in the first instance, without any problems, and post several transactions, make a backup but then have the program simply bomb out when restoring the backup, and just refuse to open again or allow a re-install. I have installed this version before on several other computers with Win7 and it functions well. This machine is a mystery to me.

        • Mike, I’m sorry, I don’t have any good suggestions for you at this time. Without hands on the system it is hard to diagnose things. I’d suggest trying the Intuit Community Forums to see if there is something.

          1603 install errors tend to be Windows permission errors, but that sometimes is a red herring. You may look into the Microsoft recommendations about cleaning out the install buffers to get around installer errors.

          • Charlie
            Hey – I think it’s great that you actually came back to me on this. Good to get someone else’s opinion. You sure are a busy and helpful fellow. Next time I am in church I shall light a candle in your good name. Best of luck.

  • Charlie
    I found the answer to my problem as I reported it to you in March. I discovered that the client had a Trial version of QuickBooks Pro 2012 previously installed. When I installed QuickBooks Premier 2012 the two versions of the same product caused the problem with QuickBooks not to open. After clearing out all the QuickBooks software and renaming the various folders that had been installed, I then did a re-install of Premier 2012 and everything was OK. The candle worked! Mike

  • Hello Charlie,
    I am using Enterprise solution version 11, the problem that i am facing is indeed creating consequence which is unacceptable for the kind of trade i am involved in. (Retailer selling with no fixed Price). The software after setting permission for a user just to create or view invoice/ sales order is still allowing the user to delete or edit the invoice/Sales order this enable the user to steal by manipulating the product rate from the invoice/ sales order.I recently captured a user(my sales man), the user sold a product for $102/unit (after the customer leaves) user edits the invoice and makes it $98/unit. Hence he steals $4/unit as the invoice/ Sales Order can be edited despite the fact the user is not allowed make any changes or delete the invoice according to the role i have assigned him. I was lucky to catch him this time but worried about future transactions

    Please provide me with advise on the matter, your words are appreciated. Thank You

    • Shanto, that is a bit off the top of this article, but I’ll give you a few comments:

      If a user has “create” permissions only, not “modify” or “delete”, they can still modify the transaction if they haven’t logged out. Once they log out, if they return they can’t edit. So that user can create an invoice, print it, and then modify it, as long as they stay in the system. This is a serious security problem that has been around for a long time.

      Note that if the person does this, you can look at the “audit trail” report and see that the transaction was entered and then modified by that user.

  • I’m having one heck of a time trying to install QBs Premier accountant and Enterprise 2012 on my Windows 7 laptop. Problems started last week Friday when my laptop went into automatic repair mode after I restarted. After 30+ hours trying to figure out what was wrong, I ended up doing a Windows repair install. I was able to get Lacerte started after that, but I just can’t get 2012 working.

    The latest error I have is 1904.Module with ICWrapper.dll failing to register along with fatal error MSI 1603. If they’ve fixed the error in R3, but I can’t get the program installed in the first place, how in the world am I supposed to get this resolved? I’ve spent at least 10 hours working on this.

    • Natalie, I don’t have much to offer you at this time. When Windows goes bad, it can be a major pain as you are seeing. QuickBooks really depends on Windows being very clean and proper, so if there is garbage in your registry it can be very difficult to get around. Without knowing more about your situation or having hands on the system I can’t give specific recommendations.

      • Bummer. I’ve only been using this computer for about three weeks. I bought it used, but the guy I bought it from only used it about a dozen times. Things were going well until I pressed the “scan” button on my HP 6110 instead of the HP icon on my desktop.

        After the repair install, Lacerte was very easy to fix. It’s frustrating that QBs is giving me such a hard time. I guess I’ll try technical support tomorrow.

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