QuickBooks 2012 Calendar

Written by Charlie Russell

QuickBooks 2012 adds a new Calendar feature that many people will find useful. This let’s you see all of your to-do’s, invoices and bills that are coming (or are past) due, and the transactions that you have entered by date, in a calendar format. I think that I’m going to like this, but I’m probably also going to wish it did more. Let’s take a look.

You’ll find this in the icon bar, as well as in the Company menu.

 QuickBooks 2012 Calendar

The default view has three major panes; the calendar itself, a past due pane on the right, and a list of the current activity by date on the bottom.

QuickBooks 2012 Calendar

 Each day in the calendar will show you a brief summary of what is happening (or has happened) on that date.

QuickBooks 2012 Calendar date summary

The right hand pane shows you the past due invoices, bills and to-do’s as of today’s date. I do wish that you could select the date for this summary to be based on. Double click on the item listed here to open it directly.

QuickBooks 2012 Calendar Past Due pane

The bottom pane shows you the activity for the date that you have selected on the calendar. You can easily expand this pane to show more information by dragging the top margin. This is showing you transactions for that date – those that are due, those that were entered.

QuickBooks 2012 Calendar current date pane

At the top of the calendar you can filter the kinds of transactions that are shown. You can select individual transaction types, or select a number of different transactions to show. This affects all three panes. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to have it remember your selections as the default for the next time you open this company file.


As I said before, I think that I’m going to like this. I like the past due summary on the right, it gives me an easy to create consolidated look at the past due transactions and to-do’s. I like the calendar view for my to-do’s and due transactions as well, giving me a simple reminder that things are coming up on a particular day. Click on that, see the list of transactions at the bottom, and I can easily go to the particular transaction for details. I prefer this kind of interactive summary view of things rather than having to go to separate A/R, A/P and to-do reports or windows.

I do have some concerns:

  • I hate the light gray font, it makes it hard for my old tired eyes to read. Eye strain!
  • I’m not sure how much I’m going to use this since I’m not sure that I’m going to use the to-do list. I rely heavily on my Microsoft Outlook calendar now, and this is yet one more calendar to work with. I wish that I could get this to coordinate with my Outlook calendar.
  • I wish that my filtering settings could be made “sticky”.
  • I would like to be able to change the date for the right hand past due pane.

This feature will be available in Pro, Premier and Enterprise

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  • I totally agree with your points on this. I wish the calendar was ical capable. I also really wish there was a tie in to payroll items and when they are due as well. I think that would be a great help to QB users.

    I also added a lead to the lead center and added a task to see how that would work. The task appears on the calendar and shows up in the detailed section at the bottom of the page but doesn’t show me who the task is for. I couldn’t find a way to customize this view to be able to see who the task related to.

    All in all, I think this is a great first step but think it would really rock if it tied in with other calendars and included the payroll reminders as well.

    • It seems like they are heading in the right direction – just slowly – it would be great if it merged with outlook or android – it is too much work to maintain multiple calendars.

  • Thanks for the comments, folks. At this point the Calendar is a company-wide feature. That make integration with personal calendars a bit tricky. I was at Intuit yesterday and had the opportunity to talk to Shane Hamby, who was the driving force behind this feature. Shane hadn’t (at that time) seen my article (it was a very busy day at Intuit). I brought up some of these points.

    He rightly pointed out the potential issues of integrating a personal calendar with a company-wide calendar. As I understood it, he said that Intuit did a lot of thinking about this feature, and decided at this point to not introduce that kind of integration. That doesn’t say that this won’t be done in the future.

    I’m happy with them taking baby steps as long as they continue to invest time in expanding the feature. Calendar integration is a really tricky thing and has to be done right, without making things overly complicated.

    We’ll see what they come up with…

  • What really seems ‘dumb’ to me about this new functionality, is how “To Do’s” are displayed. If you input a To Do to “Call” a ‘new lead’ for example (using the new ‘lead’ feature) and you select the name of the ‘With’ (information) in the To Do, and then enter Notes for that “To Do”, only the notes appear in the discription box of the calendar. It really should display the ‘Type’ of the “To Do” as well as the “With” information (when applicable) as well as the “Notes”.

    Despite beta comments accordingly, it didn’t get changed that I know of.


  • I need a calendar page that looks like Customer Manager. I need time blocks for better organization. Is this possible or coming soon?

    • Julie, there isn’t any way of knowing what they will be doing with this in the future. We can only give them suggestions (use the feedback option in your Help Menu) and see what they come up with.

  • Do you all know if somehow I can have my payroll forms that are due to be filed show up here? I have employees in 3 different states, MD, WV, and PA and I am constantly missing some deadline or other.

    or maybe some way for QB to have these things show up in the scheduled payroll liabilities?

    Thanks !

  • Is this calendar view capable of showing past timer activities? I wish there was a way to view employees’/other names’ hours in something other than the time card or single entry format.

  • We are currently using Google Calender, which we are not happy with. But, the calender in QB seems limited…is there a way to use the QB for reoccurring scheduling without having to re-enter the event each time? If so, we will change and start using QB.

    • Mary, this is a very limited calendar. It really only works with data from QuickBooks. You can add tasks and to-do’s, but there aren’t a lot of advanced calendaring features. I don’t use Google Calendar so I can’t compare it to this, but this is not something you are going to build your business on. It is focused just on your accounting tasks and reminders.

  • I have just started with the Pro version and looking at booking appointments to the Calender. The Calender gives you the option of booking an appoitment TIME, but will not show this time in the display boxes below.

    The issue is, if you have 10 appointments that were booked that day, you have to open each and everyone of them to see what time the appointment is set for.

    Is there anyway to option the lower display screen to show the times also ?


    • I can’t find a way. Another example of the limitations of this calendar. It would be a good option to have, so you might want to suggest it to Intuit via the feedback option in your Help menu. If enough people ask…

  • Just started using the calendar as a means to follow-up with customers for annual service. Manually inputting info using “call” and changing it to “appointment” when appointment is actually made. Would be great if we could sync the calendar with the annual service so it automaticaly populates the calendar each year. And I can’t find a way to print the daily tasks or the calendar for that matter. What am I missing?

    • Francine, I don’t believe that there is a way to print that, it is a good thing to suggest to them. And recurring tasks aren’t possible either, I think. The Calendar is a fairly limited feature.

      • Yeah, it’s 2014, I’m using Premiere 2013 and there’s still no way to print out the calendar view; that is quite a limitation. Even when you go to File > Print, the Print button is grayed out. Is there a reason for that? Is the calendar built on Flash?

  • Charlie,

    I’d love to see an account balance graph for the month, just like in Quicken. The calendar looks about the same as it does in QB now, with the addition of a bar graph showing projected account balances over the next 30 days, taking into account bills due and probable receivables.

  • I use QB in my office, and my assistant has access as well, although it be with limited rights. On the calendar, it lists transaction, including every check I write. I don’t want my assistant to be able to view that, but I can’t figure out how to limit her rights on the calendar. Can you help guide me please?

    • Karen, you don’t mention which version of QuickBooks you have, and user permissions differ quite a bit between Pro/Premier and Enterprise. Assuming that you have Pro or Premier, you have to set the “sensitive accounting activities” option to “no access”. I really dislike the calendar feature…

  • The calendar lists transactions entered on a particular date, which is a bit confusing. I always thought that meant how many transactions and which transactions were entered on that particular date. After looking further, I realize it is the transactions dated on that particular date. I was really hoping to be able to see the transactions that were entered on that particular date. I am considering hiring someone to help with data entry. I thought this might be a nice way to check the transactions that were entered on a particular date. I realize I can use the audit trail, but I was hoping to use this. Even better, I wish Intuit would add a feature where I could pull up all of the transactions entered on a particular date in order to check for errors. I would like the ability to scroll through them one by one without having to manually open each one from a report. That would go much faster. It would be helpful to check your own entries and to check other people’s entries for errors. (For example, I open one bill and scroll through using the arrow/next feature, and it takes me through ONLY the transactions entered and/or modified on a particular date.

    • The audit trail is a bit cumbersome to use. Intuit does store the “creation date” (as well as last modified date) in the database, but outside of the audit trail you can’t see that, in QB itself.

      You can access this information using an addon reporting tool such as QQube (which we’ve reviewed here, you can search for it) or a data extraction tool such as Transaction Pro Exporter (which also has been reviewed here). You can generate custom reports easily with QQube, or from the data that can be extracted.

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