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Written by Charlie Russell

Starting with QuickBooks 2011 we have three options for emailing invoices (etc.). I would like to review these options, as I continue to hear from people who don’t understand how they work.

This is one of my favorite improvements that came out in QuickBooks 2011, as it gives you a lot of flexibility. You now have three optional methods – using the QuickBooks E-mail server, using Microsoft Outlook, or using your own Web Mail account.

 (This article was updated on 12/28/2011)

If you select Edit and then Preferences in QuickBooks, you will find the Send Forms preference. The settings you want are in the My Preferences tab – so keep in mind that any settings that you make here are unique to the QuickBooks user login that you are using.

QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences

Once your email accounts are set up properly, check the To be e-mailed box in your invoice and make sure that you have a valid email address in the customer record. Click the Send button at the top of the form and the Send Invoice window will open.

QuickBooks Send Invoice

If you are using Web-Mail and you set up multiple email accounts you can select the one to use from the dropdown list.

QuickBooks E-mail

This option has been around for a number of years. If you select this, your email message is sent out using the Intuit email service. The big change in QuickBooks 2011 is that this is a subscription service that you have to pay for in one way or another. Usually you get this as a part of another subscription, such as a Payroll or Intuit Merchant Services service.

I usually recommend that you do not use this option for a number of reasons:

  • You are dependent on the Intuit email servers – and sometimes these servers are off line. This year the out-of-service issues have been minimal and short lived, but last year Intuit did have problems that took them offline for multiple days.
  • You don’t get a copy or record of the email that was sent. You don’t really know, for certain, that the email went out, and you don’t have a “sent” folder that you can look at. You have to assume that the email was sent out. However, if you use this message, if you enter your own email address in the Bcc field you will get a duplicate copy of the message, which confirms that it went out.
    QuickBooks Bcc field
  • Your email may be delayed. Once you send the email by clicking the Send button in the program, there can be a considerable delay until your client actually receives the message. In the past I noticed that some messages were delayed by over two hours, although that wasn’t always the case. I’m an impatient person, I want the emails to go out immediately!
  • You cannot edit the email message or add any other attachments. Once you click Send, the message is gone.

There are some advantages to using this method, of course, if you are using Intuit QuickBooks Billing Solution. You can have Intuit mail a physical copy of the invoice with a return envelope and a remittance slip (wish they had that on invoices printed directly from QuickBooks!) for a fee.

Intuit QuickBooks Billing Solution

QuickBooks Web Mail

This is an option that was added in QuickBooks 2011, in response to MANY requests. The name is a bit misleading to some people. “Web mail” is usually considered to be an email account that you only access through a web browser – such as Google gmail or Yahoo mail. However, you can use this method with many other email systems. My own email is set up via a web hosting company, which can be accessed via Outlook or browser. If you know your settings, you can set up many email accounts to use the “Web mail” option.

However, note that this can be a bit tricky. I see many complaints from people who thought that they had it set up properly but that it just won’t work.

To start, select Web Mail and then click the Add button.

QuickBooks Web Mail

For the Email Provider you have options for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Live and Others. In my example I set up a Gmail account (with some details blurred for privacy).

QuickBooks gmail setup

Email ID would be your full email account, such as “myaccount@gmail.com”.  If you select Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail/Live and you enter a valid email address, QuickBooks will automatically fill in the server name and port info for you. It is interesting to note that for Yahoo they have a special server set up just for Intuit clients. If you don’t see intuit.smtp.mail.yahoo.com then you most likely do not have the latest update to QuickBooks, and you may run into problems.

The most common problem here is not entering a full email address. (Updated 12/28/2011): The second most common problem here is the Port – many ISP’s such as Comcast are starting to block port 25, which used to be the default Port. If you have trouble connecting with port 25, try port 587 (as I show in the screen shot above) as this is the “mail submission port”.

The first time that you send an invoice with this account the program will ask you for a password. If you enter the correct password the email will be sent and QuickBooks will remember it for the future.

QuickBooks web mail password

I prefer this method over QuickBooks E-mail but there are still some drawbacks. You may see the outbound message in your “sent” folder, but you might not, depending on the service you use. Email messages go out immediately, which is good, but you still can’t modify the message or add another attachment.

If you use this you may want to use the Bcc field as I discussed earlier.

If you want to use another email system, such as a HostGator account, select Others. You will need your “SMTP” mail server details to fill in the blanks.

Other web mail options

This can be a bit tricky in some cases. Your Email Id is usually your email address, not your user name for remote login to your account. Picking the right Port is also critical. Your email provider should be able to get this information for you.

Again, the program will ask for your password the first time you send an email with this. This usually is your email account password, but in some cases it can be a remote login password that is different.

QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook

If you use Outlook, this is the best email method.

  • It is easy to set up, if you have Outlook installed you don’t have any complicated settings in QuickBooks.
  • You get a copy of the email message in your Sent folder.
  • You should be able to modify the message and add other attachments before the message is sent.

If you don’t have Outlook as an option in the Send Forms preference then either you don’t have Outlook installed or you have a problem with your Windows Registry. QuickBooks looks for a registry key to see if Outlook is installed, and sometimes that registry key is missing or is compromised. If you have Outlook installed, but aren’t given the option to use it, perform a “Repair” of your Microsoft Office installation and reboot your computer. That normally resolves the problem.

When you send the form an Outlook message window should open, and you will be able to edit the message and add other attachments. That is one of the primary reasons that I prefer using Outlook to send these emails.

QuickBooks Outlook email

In some installations (not always, I’m not sure why this happens), when you click the Send button you won’t see the email message open for editing. This happens if you don’t have Outlook open on your desktop at the time you send the message, so all you have to do is to keep Outlook open while working with QuickBooks.

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Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70's, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software product when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk drive. He has a special interest in inventory and manufacturing software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certifications for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise, as well as being a Xero Certified Partner. Charlie started blogging about QuickBooks in 2008 (Practical QuickBooks) and has been the managing editor and primary writer for the Sleeter Report since 2011. Charlie can be reached at charlie@ccrsoftware.com

Visit his CCRSoftware web site for information about his QuickBooks add-on products. He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog.


  • Have you noticed, Charlie if you choose Outlook and you send invoices that customers are not given a link to pay the invoice via credit card, but if you have their payment network that debits checking accounts, customers can use that. I find it odd that using Outlook as your email has the “pay online” feature taken away. Or maybe I have it set up wrong.

      • Hi Charlie

        I just purchased Quickbooks 2012 to upgrade from our 2009 version. I am unable to email invoices through Quickbooks. I use Windows mail for our business email. I have tried all of your steps to try and get Quickbooks to accept the info and email invoices. Do you have any suggestions?

        • That does depend on the operating system you are running. All my systems are set to Windows 7 these days, and that doesn’t include Windows Mail.

          Take a look at the Intuit KB article at http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/HOW13776 for help, although I’ll note that there is some information there that is a bit out of date.

          In general you need to make sure that your computer system has Windows Mail profile set up, and then you are supposed to see Windows Mail as an option. However, I’ve not tried this myself, as I don’t have QB 2012 installed on anything but Windows 7.

          What operating system do you have?

          • Windows Home Vista premium. I will check out the link you sent me. Thank you for your help.

          • If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll fire up a Vista system. But, I have a feeling that there might not be support for Windows Mail, since Microsoft has phased it out. I just haven’t looked at that, I don’t have any clients that were using that as a mail system.

          • I have a user who remotes into the PC that has Quick Books installed. She remotes in with Rights Network. I configured her email account but still cannot get it to connect. For Email ID I am using the format johndoe@email.edu have our server name and port number correct. When she enters her password it keeps telling her wrong password but her password is correct. Does she have to use the password she uses to remote into the machine?? She has Outlook 2010 configured on the regular machine but Oulook is not configured on the machine that she is remoting into, what could be the problem??

          • Jesus, you should talk to Right Networks about this, since configuration on a hosted system can be a bit tricky. Yes, if you are running QuickBooks on the hosted system, Outlook would need to be configured/installed on that hosted system. It won’t be using Outlook on your home PC.

          • I also read on the link above that Outlook 2010 email is currently not supported with QuickBooks 2011 and later products. Is this correct??

          • Jesus, Intuit has a hard time in keeping all the KB articles up to date.

            I’m running Windows 7 x64 with QuickBooks 2011 and 2012, and Microsoft Office 2010 (32 bit version), and the integration works just fine for me. You may have problems if you have the 64 bit version of Microsoft Office, but there is no reason why you should be running that.

  • Thanks for bringing that up Joslyn. I have been using the QB’s email option for years because I am unable to get paid by credit card if I use the Outlook option. Would love to use the Outlook option!

  • I’d like to correct the mis-conception that you can’t use Outlook and still get paid by credit card online. I have ALWAYS used Outlook for emailing invoices, along with Billing Solutions, and my clients often pay me online by credit card. The email access link to the online payment site is slightly different, but quite simple and straightforward. Just certain features aren’t available, but the credit card payment option is totally available! Here is the exact explanation from the QuickBooks help menu:

    QuickBooks now lets you use Outlook or Outlook Express as your e-mail program. Please note that certain Billing Solution features are not available if you use Outlook or Outlook Express. If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, the following Billing Solution features will not be available:

    Sending automatic payment reminders to customers with overdue invoices.

    E-mailed Forms Delivery Tracking (a Billing Solution feature that lets you track if and when your customers view the invoices and estimates you send them by e-mail). However, Outlook/Outlook Express users can track their e-mails from their Sent box.

    Allowing online payment for statements.

    Adding a View Invoice button in e-mails that customers can click to go directly to the Customer Account Center to view and pay their invoices. With Outlook/Outlook Express, customers can still pay their invoices online by clicking the URL in the e-mail they receive to go to the Customer Account Center.

    The ability of customers to view estimates in the Customer Account Center.

    (Notice that nothing in these missing features prevents the client’s from paying for invoices online by credit card!)

  • I’ve tried to set this up, but have had no luck as the yahoo server is not the one my email is set up on. I don’t use Outlook anymore.

    Pacbell.net is set up on a totally different server than any of the current yahoo accounts.

    It’s a Yahoo account, but “not really”. I probably just need to set aside a few hours to go over it with an Intuit tech, unless you have some ideas…

    • Mindy, unfortunately it isn’t feasible to diagnose this kind of thing through blog comments. You should find someone who is knowledgeable who can access your computer to investigate. There are many reasons why something like this might happen. You may have a security program installed that prevents it from working. You may not have the proper information for setting up your account. You might not have the most current revision of QuickBooks. You may have a damaged installation. Several things can be going on.

  • ‘You have forms to send’ incorrect…forms already sent via outlook, but invoices and purchase orders appear in the forms to be sent section? How can I stop this??

  • Charlie, I have been using this method for about 10 years. I have had Quickbooks Pro 2011 for the last 6 months and now all of a sudden I am having a problem with customers receiving the email. It shows up in my sent email with no kickbacks or anything, but my clients say they have never received it. This last time I noticed a whole block that were not received. I tried to resend it to them and they still did not receive. Outlook puts “” around the email address in the sent file. After I took the “” off of it and resent it, it went through. The odd part is that some received it and others did not, although I have done nothing different. I usually have over 100 going out at a time when I go to send invoices. Any thoughts?

    • Tom, I don’t have an answer for you. I don’t have that problem here (I use Premier and Outlook). I see a number of complaints about this issue in the user forum, but I don’t see any answers. Without hands on your system there isn’t much more that I can add…

      • Charlie, we have a similar problem. We need to email multiple people the same invoice and estimate. We use QB 2010 Premier. I was able to deduce that when there are more than one recipient address in any To, CC, or BCC field, the only person receiving the email will be the first person. I have also deduced that if I use the quickbooks email all is well. This issue is only when the for Outlook is used – and only when going throu Send Forms under the File module. Any ideas why that would happen and how we can fix it?

    • Just did upgrade from 2008 to 2012 and have the same problem with email showing sent but customers do not recieve any. They told me I need to upgarde to fix it but it was not working in 2008 software also. Just started happing this month

  • Charlie, I use QB Pro 2011. When I go to preferences for send forms it only shows the box for autochecking for email. I do not see the “send email using” part.

    • Robert, based on your email address, I’m going to guess that you have the Canadian version of QuickBooks? This blog focuses on the US versions. Non-US versions often have differences in many features. Unfortunately I don’t have a way to evaluate the Canadian versions, nor do I have a list of the differences between the US and Canadian version. Sounds like you found another, if my assumption is correct…

  • problem: i’m not getting ANY preferences on my older version of QB, (2008) and on another system i had that just died it was there. now – it’s not.

    actually, there are NO my preferences – for … anything. single user or multi user.

    i need to be able to adjust what i write in the email as i used to do; where i could put in their first name only.

    i’ve even tested sending an invoice to myself and it’s never come through.


    • Kevin, that is because you have the 2008 product. No web-mail, that wasn’t added until the 2011 version. And since support for the 2008 product was retired last year (see http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2011/02/goodbye-to-quickbooks-2008-support/), the “QuickBooks email” option is no longer available. I believe that Outlook support didn’t start until the 2009 product. So, perhaps it is time to consider an upgrade? Note that will newer versions, even when they stop supporting the product after three years, the Outlook and Web mail options should continue to work, as they don’t go through Intuit servers…

  • Hello I have Quickbooks Pro 2011, I have multiple profiles set up in outlook, Unless I choose a default prifile everytime I want to email invoices and PO’s the outlook option is not avaliable in quickbooks. I need to go to microsoft profies and instead of the choose profile option which lets me choose when outlook opens I need to set it to use one or the other profile, then quicken will launce outlook and send the files, Is there an update or work around in outlook that will allow quickbooks to see a registry value and allow the outlook option to work with selectable outlook profiles?

  • I have QB Pro 2011 and when I go in to Send Forms I do not have any of the options you show above. My screen only has the check box for email preference. That’s it. Nothing else. I’m very frustrated. Everything was working fine and today QB just decided to stop emailing through Outlook. I get the error message that it can’t create a pdf. I’m at my wits end and every site I go to for help shows the same steps you are showing. Why isn’t this available in my QB?!?

    • Amy,
      Don’t start by going to Send Forms from an Invoice (or other form). Confirm that you are going to the Edit menu and then select Preferences. Then click on the Send Forms item on the left. Do you still not see any of the items on the screenshots above?

      You might have to contact Intuit Technical support if you don’t see what our screenshots show in this post.

    • Amy, you mention two problems. Firt, error about creating the PDF. There are many, many causes of this, but the answer does depend on what version of QuickBooks you have (nationality, year, version and so forth).

      If you go to the Send Forms preferences and you are running a Windows version that does support Outlook (older ones won’t), and Outlook doesn’t show as being available, it often has to do with a problem in your Windows Registry. The usual resolution of this is to do a “repair” of your Microsoft Office installation (through the Control Panel), although that doesn’t always work. If Outlook isn’t shown and you have a version that supports Outlook, then when QB looks in the Registry for a certain key value, it is missing. Repairing the installation usually resets that key value. But that is separate from the PDF issue.

  • Hi,

    Anyone having a problem with quickbooks customer center email hyperlink greyed out? I am using 2011 premier and gmail. Intuit people told me (after several hours and phone calls “PIMA”) “we are aware of the problem and our engineers are working on a patch”. Well needless to say I have received nothing and it has been a month. Any suggestions?

    Very frustrated in Payson, AZ

  • Charlie,
    I’m using QB Pro ’09 with Word ’03 on XP.
    I can’t seem to get a real straight answer…and I’m not a dummy when it comes to software. I have been using this program for a while now.
    I am trying to “further” customize the outgoing letter when I batch send my invoices. I’m using Outlook (and not QB mail). We want the letter to “pop” more with bullet points and some pics of recent projects we’ve done (one was written up in Time Magazine last month). I know it’s a “Word” add-in thing…but is it possible to do or am I stuck with just what I can do inside the preferences?

    • Michael, if you are talking about the Email options (which is what this article is about), where QuickBooks creates an email message and attaches a PDF file, you don’t have a lot of options. The PDF file will look like the template you create in the QuickBooks template editor. And that isn’t very flexible.

      You can export the invoice using the “Letter” option in the invoicing window, which exports it to a Word document, and then you can edit it there as well as attach it to an email manually.

  • My ISP doesn’t use the full e-mail address for email ID.. It only uses the part before the @xxx.xxx My QB 2012 enterprise will not accept an email ID without the @xxx.xxx Is there any way to get around this so I can use My ISP mail server to send invoices and forms..???

    • I don’t have an account of that type, so I can’t test. But from what I’m seeing here I don’t think that is possible (as you have found). I don’t see any settings to change that. Send Intuit a note in the Help/Send Feedback Online menu option, if enough people complain then they may make a change.

      • Thanks for your time… I have accounts with two ISP’s and both use the same username format. Only accounts I see that use full e-mail address are WEB Mail Accounts. Guess Intuit is not supporting direct ISP login yet.. I keep hoping.. I posted multiple times on the Intuit QB forums with no reply. I’ll try your suggestion…
        Thanks again…

  • I have a customer with a Windows 7 64-bit computer that has Office 2010 32-bit installed. They use Quickbooks Enterprise 12. This computer does not list Outlook as an option in the Send Forms preferences. I’ve tried all solutions I can find, but it will not work. I’ve even uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2010. An identical computer in the next office works fine. You mentioned that Quickbooks is looking for a specific registery key to determine if Outlook is installed on the computer. Do you know which registry key it is looking for? By the way, Outlook works perfectly on this computer for all other programs.

    • Bryan, I wish I knew what exactly it was. I’ve not seen it pinned down.Have you done a “repair” of the QuickBooks installation itself? There are reports that this will sometimes resolve the issue also.

      • Have not tried that yet, but kind of figured that was where this one was heading. They said they had a very hard time getting Quickbooks to install properly on this particular computer from the get go, and even had to call Quickbooks tech support to get that done. I’ll probably call them back before I go any further. Nice blog, by the way. I found out more information about the Send Forms preferences here than any other blog or forum. Thanks.

  • Charlie we just upgraded from Premier 2009 to Enterprise 2012. Previously (for years) when we send out sales orders (either using Quickbooks email or Outlook) the sales orders arrive as a PDF file for our customers to open. Now the go out as an attachment which requires our customer to find what program they want to open the attachment with before it will open. These extra steps confuse our less technical customers and is wreaking havoc in our office by numerous phone calls and interuptions in the work day to walk a customer through the process. I heard there may be a printer port adjustment I can make but that doesn’t make sense to me, nor do I know how to do that. Any help?

    • Jane, in Enterprise 2012 it should still be a PDF attachment (it works that way for me). What “type” is the attachment that you are seeing? There are a couple of possibilities.

      In the meantime, you can use the “save as PDF” option in your File menu when looking at the invoice, and manually attach that to an email, until you get the issue resolved.

  • We just updated from QB Premier 09 to QB Premier 12 last week. I sent out Overdue invoices thru the Collection Center. The salutation “Dear First Last” did not show up in the emails and I can not figure out why. I went to Edit, Preferences, Send Forms, Company Preferences, Change default for Overdue Invoices and I have the Dear and the First Last in there but it is not in the emails. We use Outlook to send the emails so I save a copy to my Sent folder and I also sent out a “test” overdue invoice to myself so I could see what it looked like. Any idea why the salutation did not come thru? I won’t use the collection center again until this is figured out as when customers reply to the message it is too hard to figure out who they are without the salutation.

    • Rhonda, near as I can tell, it’s a bug. I think that it should work the way you are asking it to, and it doesn’t. I don’t see a way to get around it. Something to report to Intuit (use the feedback option in your Help menu), if enough people complain then they may pay attention to it.

  • I use QuickBooks Pro 2010 with Outlook to send estimates and invoices. Just recently, I noticed that when I send an invoice – Intuit has added a link to pay the invoice under the signature line in my email message. They also added it to my custom invoice, but I was able to delete that off the invoice. How can I delete it off my email message? I am not using that service and don’t want customers to try to use it. I cannot find a way to delete it off the message with out doing it manually each time.

  • I have a need to send sales orders to my employees in the field. Is there any way to do this direct from the sales order without saving as a PDF an attaching to an email? Something like using the send button to the customer?

    • Darrell, not from QuickBooks itself, by itself. There are addons that you can use that might help with this, but it does depend on what exactly you want to do and what kind of equipment your employees in the field have available.

  • My QB network emails invoices straight from QuickBooks. I was curious if you knew of a way to pull up a Sent Items report. Sometimes our customers “say” their invoices have not been received so I would like to be able to double check my records to make sure the invoice was sent and have a paper trail to boot.


    • Jill, there is no such report. You can look at the history of individual invoices (depending on the version of QuickBooks that you have) to see if it was sent. Better yet, when I was using QuickBooks email (I prefer Outlook, actually) then I always set up the CC option to send a copy of the email to my own email address, so that I could be sure that it actually went out.

      • We are having the exact same issue. The send forms statements always emails to the Customer email address and not the job email address. We are selecting Multiple customer jobs from list and Create One statement per Job. This seems like such a simple thing but is extremely problematic. Why doesn’t this work!

  • At our business, we send out reminder cards for customers to remind them when their cars are due for services. Is there a way to set up the reminder card emails through quickbooks? We’re on quickbooks pro 2011.

  • I am having an issue while trying to e-mail invoices from Outlook. I have created each invoice and clicked e-mail on each one. I then go to File/Send forms and all the invoices are there along with some statements. The problem is that the salutaion on the cover e-mail letter states “Dear Customer” instead of the first and last name. This is only happening on the invoices. On the statemenst the correct salutaion is there.I have looked at th template and the first and last name are there but I can’t get it to populate on the e-mail. Any suggestions?

  • hello Charlie

    I am new to QB. I’m trying to email statements in QB 2011 Pro. We have customers with jobs. I am trying to email statements but it is trying to send to the Customer rather than the job email. What do I need to so I can Email to the job email address?

      • Looking at QB 2013, that is the way it works. I would guess that the concept is that a “job” is just one of several jobs for the customer, that all should go to that customer. I wouldn’t have designed it that way myself. I don’t see a simple solution.

  • Charlie,

    Where we are running into the problem at, is that when we select an invoice to send, and in this case it’s through Google apps, it keeps prompting us for a password. We put in that password, but the box comes back saying invalid. We even changed the Google apps password, and it’s telling us the same thing. Anything else we can try?? We also double-checked the server name and port, but just to be clear, what should those be? smtp.gmail.com and then 557, correct?

  • Dear Charlie,

    I have entered multiple email addresses as for web mail in the Send Forms section of Preferences, but it only seems to impact my ability to send Invoices. I would like to be able to choose the email address from which I send estimates and POs as well. Is there another step involved here, or is this not an option in Quickbooks Pro 2012 at all?

      • Dear Charlie,

        Yes, I am using the US version.

        At the top of the Estimate and PO windows, I see an email icon, and it gives me a dropdown with options to Send, Send Batch, or Billing Solutions Options. It seems to always use the default email address set in my preferences, with no option to use others.

        This is different from what is visible at the top of the Invoice window, which has the same icon but says “Send.” The dropdown here has Email Invoice, Mail Invoice, Send Batch, and Billing Solutions Options to choose between. When I click on Email Invoice it gives me the option to choose Web Mail and which email address to send from.

        • Ah, I understand what you are saying now. It does depend on how some things are set up in the system.

          You are right, in the invoice window there is a dropdown list at the top for the account to use, and in the other windows there is not.

          Best I can say is that in the 2013 product this has been fixed, the dropdown list is available in all three of those forms.

  • charlie, I am having somewhat of the same issue, i just upgraded from pro 2010 to pro 2013. i lost my ability to send invoices using the QB mail client, which was quick and easy, it is now taking forever to load the message into my outlook and send that way, even doing it as a batch..

    i have IPN and IMS merchant services and payment network, i should get email client access with that shouldn’t i. I have looked at my send forms settings and QB is greyed out, is this something i need to contact intuit to get resolved?

  • Charlie, Do you know if there is a way to save email text specific to certain customers? I email commercial (appx 20) and residential (appx 150) tenant invoices at a time and the email text is different with each group. Is there a way to set this up so that the email text is “remembered” with specific customers or will I need to set this up each and every time I invoice? The commercial tenants are set up as memorized invoices, the residential are not because they are invoiced in batches and it’s three times per year, not on a recurring monthly basis as is the case with the commercial tenants. I hope this makes sense.


  • Hey, I have a client using QuickBooks for Mac, and he’s told me that his clients are not receiving any attachments to his emails when he tries to send an them an estimate or invoice from QB. Is this a common issue? If so, how do we fix it?

    • Samantha, unfortunately I can’t help you as I don’t work with the Mac at all. I would think that a first step would be to have them create a dummy customer with their own email address and test by sending themselves an invoice, to see if in fact this is what is happening. Then, if that is the case, if you are a ProAdvisor, check with PAP Support?

  • Is there any way to choose from multiple Outlook Email addresses while using the send forms screen? I have my work account and then I have an accounting account. I prefer to send emails directly from the accounting account. When I open the send forms screen, Accounting@… shows up, but then when it sends the email it ends up sending from mfowler@…

    As our accounting department grows, it would be really nice to not have every individual sending emails from their personal account because it causes confusion for our customers.

    • It will use your default Outlook account when it opens the Outlook window. If you have Outlook open before you click “Send” then the email will open in a window (rather than just get sent) and you can change your From address there.

  • Fix:
    We tried everything to get QB to send forms through outlook. If you cannot do this(and the outlook option is actually missing), the most likely case is that you updated outlook after quickbooks(especially if you were able to send forms at some point before.)

    We updated our server, office suite, and a few desktops at my work. Windows 7 computers that were able to send forms from QB before without changing anything else other than their version of Outlook/office, lost the ability to send forms through outlook. After trying everything it seems to be a registry error.

    In short the fix is to:
    –Uninstall Office
    –Uninstall QB
    –Follow these directions on the “full uninstall” of Quickbooks – http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/articles/HOW12212
    –Reinstall QB
    –Reinstall Office

    This was actually the only thing that made sense after the new desktops were able to send through outlook and the ones that could before, couldn’t after. This Blog has helped so much, Thank you, Charlie.

  • Hello!
    We have quickbooks set up through gmail and have been using it this way for some time. Only issue we are having is that when we send, it pops up in only 1 email in our inbox even though there are multiple recipents (clients). Instead of sending an email for each client. This creates a problem when we try to save that email to the correct clients folder in gmail. Is there a way to receive individual emails for each client instead of having multiple clients on one email? We are tired of searching emails and other clients folders for the correct information. Please help!!
    Thank you

    • I’m not sure I understand what you are saying, Sarah. QuickBooks will only add one email address to the outgoing email sent via this mechanism, typically. Are you trying to use the BCC feature, or something of that sort, on outgoing email?

  • I need to attach a PDF file of my witholding tax certificate with each invoice, is there a way to do this with batch email? I am using QB Pro 2011 on a windows 7 machine, and use gmail through windows live mail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Apparently, just recently, Intuit has changed their Quickbooks E-mail subscription service to only be available for:

    * Quickbooks Connect
    * Intuit Data Protect
    * Quickbooks Attached Documents
    * Intuit Commissions Manager
    * Quickbooks Time and Billing Manager

    I currently have an active Merchant Account w/ Intuit and it used to include the email service. Apparently, not any more.

  • I am using gmail to send sales orders – through Quickbooks. It works great except that the emails come from my first name only. And, it’s all lowercase. I cannot – for the life of me – find this setting. Do you know where it is? I have Premier 2015, Retail version.

    Thank you!!

    – mary

      • I too, can’t figure out how to change the “from” name in emails, using Premier 2015 and it’s not just a Gmail issue. After sending myself test estimates, the “from name” only includes my first name or worse yet, no name at all, only the full email address. I have tried sending emails through gmail and a separate web mail account. So, I believe that this issue is on the QuickBooks side. I can’t find a solution anywhere, after hours of searching! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • On the gmail side, I have double-checked that the settings are first/last… I keep thinking it must be some way that I set up Quickbooks when I first installed the software?

    I will keep looking. FYI, I have other questions about Qbooks if you are good with inventory and such. Do you do consultations?

    – mary

  • We are running Quickbooks: Premier Professional Services Edition 2011, when we open a invoice to send via outlook 2003 we are getting a “The Operation Failed” error” dialog box and a “Quickbooks is unable to send your emails to outlook, close any open outlook windows and try again” dialog box after that. This is a new error and only started after the new year. I’ve tried having Outlook open and closed but it is still unsuccessful either way. Also if we shut down the computer and restart we can send one invoice via email (sometimes this works), then we have to restart again to send another invoice via email.

    • When you say “Outlook 365” do you have the desktop version of the product (Office 2013) installed? Did you use the “Office On Demand” feature that lets you temporarily install on a workstation? You have to use the “permanent” installation of the desktop product for this to work with QuickBooks.

      When you say “it is working with other computers”, are you saying that Outlook is working with QuickBooks on the other computers? That isn’t clear.

      • Correction – it is referred to as Office 2013 and it is installed directly as a local copy.
        Other computer clarification. Another computer with Office 2013 installed locally is able to setup Outlook as a sending source on Quickbooks.
        The only difference is the other user has Windows 7 vs. Windows 8. Windows 7 with Office 365 allows Outlook as sending option on Quickbooks. Windows 8 with Office 365 does not offer option for Outlook as sending.

        • I subscribe to Office 365, and as a part of that subscription I get the Office 2013 product to install on my local computer. I have Office 2013 installed on my test Windows 8 system and it works fine. Note, though, that it depends on you having a supported version of QuickBooks, which must be up to date with the latest revision. Older versions of QB, and installations that haven’t been updated to the most current R-revision level, often don’t work. And, sometimes, even if you have all of your ducks in a row, some systems just are cantankerous if there is a lot of garbage in the Windows registry. Beyond that I can’t say much without having hands on the computer.

  • Quick Books easy start 2012 loaded onto windows 7.
    Edit>preferences>send forms seems to be missing.

    I click on the home icon, click on the edit tab and preferences is no where to be found. I can’t seem to access it from the client form either.

    I feel as though I’ve done everything BUT uninstall and reinstall the software. Is there a hidden “edit” tab somewhere within the program that I’m missing ?

    • Trevyn, we no longer have an “easy start” edition in the US, so I can’t check on what they had available there, but it was always much more limited than the standard Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions. I suspect that this is a feature that isn’t supported there. I’m sure that your Canadian version is has similar limitations.

  • Hello ~~~ I found your thread and am desperate for some assistance. I work with many small clients and my business model depends on the QB E-mail feature. It enables me to be the “ghost writers” for my clients’ to prepare and send out their invoices under the banner name of each of my clients’ names. Been using QB since 1999 when that feature first appeared as free, as noted in some of the info above. Then came the chicken sh*t fee for $5. Then I was told in order to continue that service I had to purchase one of their other products. So for $52/year, I purchased the Data Back-up plan which I never needed or intended to use. To use a methaphor, it was like buying an expensive pair of shoes just to get the shoelaces….but at least I had the service and that allowed me and my clients to continue functioning. Now here comes the drama:
    I purchased that “annual” $52/year subscription on May 27 2014. But on Mar 31 2015 with absolutely no notice, no warning, zippo, QB cancelled my service. Spent three worthless hours on the phone with a half dozen people who couldn’t figure this out until finally one brave person confessed “it was just decided” notwithstanding the QB website still showcased this option. This morning, I see its been removed from the QB website.
    My question is this: How (?) can I get the QB email service turned back on? I said I would purchase any of their other (lame) products but they said no?
    Given that web mail and Outlook are not viable choices for me (if they were, I would’ve switched years ago) —- halp!!!! Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

    • Barbara, I don’t know that there is going to be any way to get that back. I haven’t talked to anyone specifically about that, but from what I see, Intuit is trying to get out of providing that kind of service.

  • Hello, I have a customer that uses the webmail feature when sending Forms for Estimates. They have 3 separate google email accounts in their list from which to send the estimates. When I try to send from each of these accounts for the first time it prompts for their passwords like it is supposed to. But, after sending from the other two accounts and I try to send another from the original account, it does not prompt for a password and only sends from the last sent account. It does not matter which account I select after that it send only from that one account. Does anyone know a fix to this issue? Thanks.

  • Thats precisely what I’m trying to avoid and why QB e-mail worked so well. I can’t (a) monitor multiple e-mail accounts and (b) for the ones that are linked to my clients’ direct address I don’t want to know what is their passwords.
    I just want to be able to act as a “ghost writer” sending out these invoices to my clients’ clients, and interchange whatever address I want, easily and freely.
    I’m still so dismayed at the way QB shut off the tap without any notice.
    As an aside and additional insult…they are refunding $10 for the two months of service they prematurely cut off and sent a confirmation saying “they received MY request to cancel my account before the term expired”. If I wasn’t angry before getting that, OMG, I was really insulted to read that!

  • Last week I was told to just sign up the Accountants Copy Transfer service. But when I tried to call in and order that — after 90 minutes, no one picked up the phone. I was astounded and then thought afterwards, “why am I so surprised?”…..Sigh

  • I have quickbooks pro 2015 and just go a new computer with outlook 2013 and now I cant see my sent items that come from quickbooks (ie statement) thru my email. I need to see what invoices have been sent how do I do this? Please need help asap and I am not a computer brain.

  • I have been using Premier Pro 2012 with Billing Solutions. I loved Billing Solutions because I could send out Batch Payment Reminders in one easy quick step. Unfortunately Intuit is no longer offering this and I needed to update to 2015. I am now using QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2015. Our tech’s just got me up and running with 2015 this week. Unfortunately, I have been out of pocket during this transition (House Fire) and I need to send out payment reminders ASAP! What is the best way to batch email payment reminders?

    Second Question: Is there an easy way to use NeatDesk with QB Desktop? Or does it work best with Online: Note: I used it with QB 2012, but hated having to remap every time I wanted to import into QB.

    Third Question: If I were to use the online version of QB can I do P& L’s per job? We have acquired customers through business acquisitions and want to see detailed reports with filter options based on these jobs. How good are the reports online? Filtering options using QB online?

    • TammyJo, these questions are way off the topic here…

      Payment reminders – I haven’t had to do that with QuickBooks Payments yet, myself. I don’t recall if there is a good way to do that, sorry.

      One thing you might try is to turn on the “Collections Center”. You have to go to your Preferences, “Sales & Customers” in the Company Preferences tab. The collections center has an option to send a mass email to overdue customers.

      I don’t work with NeatDesk, so I can’t say how it works. Take a look at this which might help: http://www.neat.com/helpcenter/connecting-quickbooks-and-neat/

      QBO P&L per job – if you have a large number of jobs, that change often, QBO isn’t a good solution for you at this time.

      • Sorry, I thought payment reminders were tied to the email option. We could only use Billing solutions (payment reminders) with QuickBooks email. But, yes Neat Desk and Reporting is off topic. I just threw that in. 🙂 Thanks for your help! I will check out the Collections Center. Have a great day. And, thank you again.

  • I can’t send emails and the QB people are telling me my Registry is damaged on a QB that was just installed 2 weeks ago. QB Support stated its coming from the third party? I can get it fixed for $300. That is absolutely ridiculous. I have to be able to email my estimates for my job. Any Advice?

      • I have Outlook but it’s set up under my Thunderbird Email. I did the Reboot.bat as well. QB Support told me they had to contact The Third Party and QB Support will hear back from them (3rd Party) in 45 min, If I pay $300 then they will fix my damaged Registry…. Does that make any sense? Should I set my QB up under Outlook instead? Thank you for your help, I’m getting frustrated-LOL

        • I can’t truly diagnose the issue without access to your computer. And, I will also admit, I’ve no experience with Thunderbird Email. If you were using Microsoft Outlook on a Windows desktop system, registry information can, in several ways, get messed up. However, the steps that we usually take to rectify this (in most but not all cases) is to first do a “repair” of Microsoft Office (through your Windows control panel), then if that doesn’t resolve things try the “Repair” of QuickBooks itself (a slightly different process than doing reboot.bat). For Microsoft Outlook installations that often takes care of things.

  • Charlie,

    I’ve used QB forever! I’m using Pro 2014 now.. I was having issues with emailing my estimates & invoices.. it would send me to my yahoo & ask for a password.. when i tried to put in my password, it would say it was wrong.. so it listed a password for me.. now i have to use that EVERY time i send an estimate or invoice.. and most of the time it crashes!!! i’ve tried to look how to remove it, but i cant find anything!!! help please!!!

  • Since I setup my outlook with Google App Sync i can’t email from QuickBooks through outlook it gives me an error “Outlook in not responding. Please try starting up Outlook and try again”

  • Charlie Russell thanks for your respond on March 28
    I did the repair as advised and it helped but once I restart QuickBooks or Outlook (don’t recall which one) the error came back
    any other suggestion ?

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