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Nominated Product:   TrustFile



TrustFile simplifies sales tax reporting and filing for small businesses. Simply Import a sellers transaction history and TrustFile creates a detailed sales tax filing report. No more guessing if you have collected the right amount of tax, or how much they need to file. In addition, TrustFile keeps track of how much sales tax you have paid over time, in case of an audit. And the best part is, it’s free to use.

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Key Features

Pull in transactions from:

  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • You can also import data from any accounting application with use of the CSV file.  

 Sales Tax Liability Report, Utilizing Avalara’s highly accurate calculation engine.
 Sales Tax Payment History. Store a record of your sales tax history in one easy to access place.


TrustFile accepts .csv uploads from all major accounting software packages. Simply export your transactional data and map the proper fields to generate a sales tax report. There are also direct integrations with major merchant data sources like Amazon and PayPal that automate this process for you.

Nominated Product:   BigTime IQ



BigTime IQ, a new pro-level online time and billing tool for accountants from BigTime Software, revolutionizes practice management workflow for small- and midsized firms. Putting all of the features accountants have been asking for at the user's fingertips, BigTime IQ virtually shifts the entire practice management workflow to mobile -- making the dream of "anywhere accounting" a reality. True to its name, IQ is the smartest time and billing app on the market today.

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User-based pricing starting at $125/mo. for 10 users. Free 30-day trial.

Key Features

Dashboard for at-a-glance analytics. IQ’s dashboard allows users, managers and business owners keep their fingers on the pulse of real-time information that drives decision-making. Whether it's time for the week or versus capacity, where tasks stand, or revenue trends, BigTime gives each user group the visuals to manage their day-to- day.

Customizable time and expense capture. IQ’s flexible, easy-to-use time tracking allow companies to create their own timesheet. Whether it’s simply tracking jobs, hour and work types -- or if you need to include tasks, budgets, QB Class or custom fields -– BigTime can handle it. When doing payroll in QuickBooks, BigTime makes applying payroll items simple.

Easy-to-use Invoicing for billing WIP faster. IQ allows you to streamline your billing process. Whether you are billing T&E, fixed fees, retainers or just creating an invoice on the fly, BigTime allows you create one or many invoices at a time. Then we guide the invoice through the different phases including drafting, approving, posting (QB), sending and the most important part receiving payment.
Manager review made easy. As a manager or approver you can easily see the time, expenses and/or invoices that require your approval before getting it the next step. The easy-to-use approval process keeps the approval process quick and painless.

Anywhere, anytime access. IQ's mobile app allows you to work both hard and smart at the same time. Use your iPhone or Android phone to enter time or expenses when you have a free moment. You can also access client or staff info while on the go.

Reporting tailored to your specific needs. IQ’s reports functionality eliminates the regret most folks have when selecting a report and it is missing just that one piece of data. Whether you are selecting a canned report or building a report from scratch, BigTime allows you to select the fields and the layout you desire. The reporting functionality gives managers and owners insights and analytics that are not available in any other product in the space.

Share your BigTime data. IQ's API allows our professional service companies to choose ‘best in breed’ software to manage their business. Because you have access to all of your BigTime data, you can easily pass this info to other applications or reporting tools you already employ.


QuickBooks and Xero

API integration, QuickBooks SDK, QuickBooks IDS

Nominated Product:   BQE BillQuick



BQE BillQuick is an integrated solution for Time and Expense Tracking, Billing, Project Management and Accounting. It is designed to help your firm increase performance, streamline processes and make decisions faster. With different editions to choose from, it's scalable to meet the needs of any firm size - from a single person to a global firm. Visit to learn more.

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Starts at $14.95/user/month. Additional pricing information can be requested here.

Free 30-day trial available.

Key Features

- Time & Expense Tracking
- Project Management, including resoucrce scheduling & forecasting
- Billing and Invoicing
- Accounting
- Free native mobile app for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices

Key Product Benefits:

Improves Efficiency

  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Automate billing and reporting
  • Set custom alerts and notifications
  • Keep all your billing, projects, accounting, contacts, files and more in one place

Speeds Up Cash Flow

  • Capture more accurate billable hours
  • Enjoy streamlined collections
  • Enter time fast, bill fast and collect fast

Seamless QuickBooks Integration

  • Automatically send and receive information
  • Never enter data twice
  • Keep more accurate financial records


QuickBooks - Sage50 - MYOB (Australia)

- Seamless Real-time Integration with QuickBooks
- Seamless Bi-directional Integration with Sage50 and MYOB Australia


Nominated Product:   Expensify



In the simplest terms, Expensify does "expense reports that don't suck!" The first mobile expense reporting solution designed with both the user and accountant in mind, Expensify has become the leader in expense management innovation. In fact, Expensify is the #1 expense reporting solution for accountants and small businesses with over 300,000 companies relying on Expensify to simplify their lives. Simple design meets intelligent automation.

Expensify’s SmartScan technology - the industry’s first receipt automation service - reads your receipts and accurately matches them to your automatically imported bank and credit card transactions. Just take a picture of the receipt with the Expensify app and you’re done!

Expensify also creates IRS guaranteed e-Receipts for all transactions under $75 to ensure a record of the transaction even if the receipt has been lost. Throw in corporate card reconciliation, auto-categorization, sophisticated expense policy enforcement, delegated account access for accountants, and duplicate detection and its clear to see why Expensify is the leading choice for accountants and businesses across the country.

In addition to supporting connections with practically every accounting and payroll package out there, Expensify also offers one-click, two-way integrations with Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, Xero,, Freshbooks, NetSuite, Intacct, Salesforce and FinancialForce. This comprehensive list of integrations gives you the flexibility and confidence to know that no matter what software your clients are using, Expensify is the right choice to manage their expenses.

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Expensify only charges companies for the employees that actually use Expensify, a.k.a “active users”. An active user is anyone that has edited (created, submitted, approved, exported, etc) expense data on a company policy in a given month. At the end of the month, no matter how many employees you have, you will only be billed for your active users. 

Team: $5/month per active user 

  • Unlimited bank and credit card import
  • Unlimited expense reports
  • Unlimited SmartScans
  • Apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Direct deposit reimbursement
  • Custom company expense rules
  • Process hundreds of reports with one click
  • Automated approval workflow
  • Integrations with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, and Xero

Corporate Plan - $9/submitter 

Everything the team plan offers PLUS:

  • Enhanced internal controls and policy enforcement
  • Audit trail with digital signatures on each report
  • Corporate card administration & reconciliation
  • On demand corporate card reconciliation reports
  • Automatic report creation based on corporate card statement period
  • Dynamic approval workflows based on expense types
  • Integrations with Intacct, ADP, SAP, Netsuite, Dynamics, Workday, and more!

Key Features

Expenses Made Easy
• Quickly add cash expenses, automatically import all card transactions
• Capture receipt images, mileage, time, and other reimbursable/billable expenses
• Code expenses to GL accounts, clients/projects, and custom fields
• Import personal, corporate, and commercial cards
• Auto categorize expenses based on company accounting policies

Lose The Paper Receipts
• Unlimited receipt upload and storage
• SmartScan captures receipt information and automatically creates the expense for you
• Receipt images are automatically associated to credit card transactions
• Lost the receipt? No problem! IRS Guaranteed eReceipts are created for all imported expenses under $75
• Trip itineraries and web receipts forwarded to [email protected] and are imported into your account

Built for accountants, loved by employees
• Process hundreds of reports in one click
• Centrally administer and reconcile all company card transactions at any time
• Reimburse through ACH Direct Deposit, PayPal, or export to your payroll package
• Automated controls eliminate duplicate expenses
• Delegated account access grants accountants ability to log in to client’s accounts

Streamline reporting and policy compliance
• Automated rule-based approval workflow
• Set specific rules based on transaction types, including required comments
• Policy enforcement ensures compliance with company rules
• Report history with digital signatures and full audit trail

Integrate Anywhere
• Custom data exchange allows integration with any accounting, payroll, or CRM solution
• Direct two-way integrations with the following packages:
    • Quickbooks Desktop
    • Quickbooks Online
    • Xero
    • NetSuite
    • Intacct
    • Freshbooks
    • Salesforce
    • FinancialForce
    • Custom integrations with Sage and Microsoft Dynamics


Direct Integrations

  • QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Desktop Xero NetSuite Intacct Freshbooks FinancialForce

Supported Connections

  • Sage Microsoft Dynamics

Nominated Product:   ScanWriter 2015



ScanWriter automates data entry from PDF or Excel files directly into the accounting software in minutes. And, it documents the imported data with an automated paperless workflow. Supporting over 15,000 vendor invoices and 10,000 national/local financial institutions, ScanWriter’s user friendly interface and powerful scanning features improves accuracy, efficiency, and minimizes the risk of human error. ScanWriter, enters 100s of transactions in minutes directly from your, vendor invoices, receipts, credit card/bank/brokerage Statements, payroll reports and more! Also, ScanWriter simplifies the Bank Reconciliation process by automatically checking for duplicates, errors, and matching the QuickBooks transactions to you bank/credit card statements.

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ScanWriter for QuickBooks Single User Workstation starts at $995. The monthly maintenance is $10 for each QB Company File.

Key Features

  • Supports over 10,000 financial institutions and 15,000 vendor bills.
  • Automatic  reconciles transactions in QuickBooks
  • Increases the reading speed by more than 300%
  • Automation of the customized data conversion
  • Color coded user interface to assist user workflow
  • Automated tax handling for Canadians
  • Auto-Check Vendor Bill to Purchase Order matching
  • Displays Tax Calculation for Canadian Users
  • Check Balance feature for accuracy checking


Data Entry and paperless workflow automation into any accounting software.  Supports QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Cyma, and more!

Nominated Product:   ZenPayroll



ZenPayroll is delightful, modern payroll. Our comprehensive payroll service eliminates the manual tasks and unnecessary complexities traditionally associated with offering payroll. All government payroll taxes, reporting, and compliance are taken care of automatically and paperlessly. Accountants and bookkeepers can manage dozens of companies from a free, centralized dashboard. ZenPayroll also integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks, so payroll data can sync seamlessly with your chart of accounts. We give CPAs the tools to become modern accountants, increase their revenues, and build stronger relationships.

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Simple, monthly pricing is $25 per company, plus $4 per person for the first 10 employees or contractors, then $2 per person thereafter. This includes direct deposit, unlimited payroll runs, year-end W-2s and 1099s, new hire reporting, and all state, and federal payroll tax payments and filings. Plus, companies get their first 2 months free. We also offer a free program for accountants, which includes direct billing to your firm, a central dashboard where you can manage your clients, plus access to volume discounts and free payroll for your practice.

Key Features

  • Easy to use: Setup and run payroll in minutes. Live support for any of your questions.
  • Automatic tax filing: Payroll tax reporting, compliance, and payments are processed electronically and paperlessly.
  • Benefits and reimbursements: Pay reimbursements and track PTO. Administer benefits such as 401k through our partner network.
  • Powerful integrations: Seamlessly sync your payroll with accounting, HR, and time & attendance applications.
  • Employee login: Provide employees with access to their pay stubs, pay history, and information.
  • Accessible from any device: Available 24/7 from any web-enabled mobile device or computer.


Xero, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks

Nominated Product:   Zencash



ZenCash is the the easiest and most cost-effective way to remind your customers to pay on time, every time.

We combine our elegant, cloud-based software with friendly A/R experts to provide your small business with the perfect receivables management offering. ZenCash removes the pain, frustration and stress from getting paid and takes over where your invoicing app leaves off.

ZenCash connects to your accounting application (like Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks) and then performs real-person phone calls, postal mail, email, and integrated third-party collections. It's the only completely integrated A/R solution on the planet.

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Managed Service starts at only $10 per month per customer. Real-person phone calls, email and mailed reminders are included. No start-up fees, $30 per month minimum charge, cancel at any time. 

Key Features

  • Fast, easy, free integration with Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Harvest, Clio, LessAccounting, Ronin and Blinksale.
  • You choose which customers you want us to follow up with--all or just a few--you decide!
  • Our receivables experts will place real-person phone calls, email and mailed reminders, thank you notes on your behalf.
  • Easy access to optional 3rd party collections agency services (additional fees apply).
  • Free AR Health Check reports show you how you perform versus industry standards and best practices.


Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero, Clio, Harvest, Blinksale, Less Accounting, Ronin

Nominated Product:   FG Receivables Manager



Funding Gates, the company behind FG Receivables Manager, is set on making collections the easiest part of running a business. With FG Receivables Manager, companies can effectively & effortlessly manage open invoices by moving their AR management to the cloud. Operating as a CRM for receivables management, FG Receivables Manager prioritizes customer accounts, allows users to take notes, log calls, send reminders & more.

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Free 30 day trial, no payment information required upfront. Free plan available for those managing less than 11 customers with open invoices. $19/mo (or $15/mo billed annually) for full software access. $29/mo (or $20/mo billed annually) for full software access + receivables consulting.

Key Features

  • Integration with your accounting software, eliminating double entry into Excel or making written notes on printed AR reports to manage collection notes and efforts
  • Real-time dashboard that allows you to easily understand the health of your receivables, who owes you money, and what actions you should take to get paid
  • Send the most effective payment reminder and collection letters in the industry with a click of a button
  • Log call notes and activity, just as you would in a sales CRM
  • Reference contact notes for any customer, at any time.
  • Reporting that allows you to keep up with the progress of your employees, your open accounts and the overall state of your outstanding invoices
  • Send customers to a collections agency with a click of a button


We integrate with QuickBooks through the API. We are a read only software, therefore we only "read information" from our users, and do not send back anything to be changed in their QuickBooks. We sync through the Intuit Sync Manager for Desktop users, and seamlessly for QBO users. The connection is established through the use of the user's Intuit ID. We read the invoice, customer and payment information only. An automatic sync runs every night, and users are able to sync their software manually at anytime.

QuickBooks Desktop 2009 and Up, all versions. QuickBooks Online, all versions

Nominated Product:   TSheets Time Tracking



Instant love. Ideally, that’s what we’re all aiming for in a technology match up. The perfect vibe. It should be an easy, intuitive experience that strikes a chord and sparks something real. So when time tracking meets accounting software, TSheets makes magic happen. Plugged into the way QuickBooks, Sage, ADP, Paychex and other solutions run, TSheets syncs up real timesheet data. This detail-packed data goes to work—no matter what program you’re working in. Payroll, billing and invoicing get faster and more exacting. Instantly. For employees, TSheets is fun and easy to use online and offline virtually anywhere, including on a smartphone, tablet or app—even by clocking in with a phone call, text or tweet. For ProAdvisors, accountants and managers, it changes the way you’ll think about time—and how to keep track of it all. Fall in love with the #1 employee rated and requested time tracking software on the planet at

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FREE 14-Day Trial


Key Features


  • Real-time punch clock
  • Manual time entry
  • Unlimited multi-level job codes
  • PTO, vacation and holiday options
  • Custom Fields
  • Add-ons for easy tracking
  • Employee Alerts


  • iPhone native application with GPS
  • Android/Google application with GPS
  • Crew App for iPhone and Android
  • Dial in phone call
  • Cell phone web application
  • SMS text messaging
  • Twitter integration


  • SSL encryption
  • Login with Active Directory
  • Daily backups
  • Custom permission levels


The QuickBooks integration within TSheets will make account setup, time tracking and payroll a breeze - all with a few mouse clicks. Leaving you to only fine tune the permission settings and company preferences, like your payroll schedule, this integration takes the hassle out of payday. When first integrating, TSheets will import the following information from QuickBooks:

  • Active Employees
  • Active Vendors with a first and last name
  • Active Customers and Jobs
  • Service Items
  • Payroll Items

As employees track time in TSheets, all the time will remain in the system until you are ready to review it and send it across to QuickBooks. At the time of the export, TSheets will send employee timesheets to QuickBooks, where it will populate the Weekly Time Card with the exact detail that was created in TSheets - right down to the notes. Depending on your account configuration, you could send the following to QuickBooks:

  • Employee / Vendor Name
  • Time Tracked against a Customer, Job and Service Item
  • Whether the timesheet is billable
  • Overtime hours
  • Payroll Items associated with Regular / Overtime / Paid Time Off
  • Timesheet notes / descriptions

Customers can use the QuickBooks Web Connector to sync their QuickBooks for Windows account with their TSheets account, or the QuickBooks Online Integration to sync their QuickBooks Online account with their TSheets account. For hosted QuickBooks solutions, the QuickBooks Intuit Anywhere integration allows the Intuit Sync Manager to transfer data quickly and easily between the QuickBooks company file and the TSheets account.

In 1-click easily syncs timesheet data from TSheets to QuickBooks. Then, do the same on the flipside.  Quickly sync employees, customers, jobs, service items and time sheet records with your QuickBooks account.

Works With:

QuickBooks Online and Desktop (U.S.and Canada - QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise), Sage, ADP, Peachtree, Paychex TSheets has a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks for Windows (QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise) ZenPayroll and PayPlus allowing all employee and job tracking information to be imported to TSheets, and all timesheet detail to be exported - all with a few mouse clicks. TSheets has flatfile integrations or available report export templates for: ADP Pay eXpert Ceridian Comvida Darwin EChx Evolution MAS 200 MAS 90 Panorama Paychex Paylocity PayPlus EZWeb Peachtree Sagepro Timberline TimeBank Direct integrations with other accounting solutions underway.

Nominated Product:   Instant Accept



Instant Accept is a QuickBooks native integration that allows a merchant to choose their own processor when processing transactions. Instant Accept doesn’t even require QuickBooks to be open. The merchant simply starts the application and begins processing payments, creates a customer, opens an invoice, emails invoices, or in other words does everything they can do in QuickBooks from any location where they can access their Instant Accept account through the internet, allowing them to manage everything from one integrated user interface. Many merchants must manage payments from diverse sources like web sites, mobile applications and other devices, and there is a need for a single, intuitive application that lets them assign open invoices or sales receipts easily. Our Gateway Sync function allows merchants to assign payments to open invoices or to sales receipts in need of completion. The merchant can easily create a new customer, a new job, a new invoice or a sales receipt for fast importing into QuickBooks. Through Instant Accept, the merchant can:

  • Accept multiple payment types.
  • Handle payments from multiple store locations, websites, and mobile devices.
  • Updates and records transactions within QuickBooks in real-time.
  • Receive recurring and scheduled payments.
  • Collect and manages customer data, cardholder data, invoices, sales receipts, and payments from a single interface.
  • Enable any transaction run through any POS application (Terminal, Web Site, Mobile, etc) to be synced back into accounting application.
  • Allow customers to pay invoices directly via email.
  • Meet PCI-DSS and SAS 70 compliance standards.

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Setup Fee - $25.00
Monthly Fee - $10.00
Transaction Fee - $0.10 per Transaction

Key Features

  • Merchants are free to choose their own processor or keep their existing merchant account and processor
  • PCI-DSS and SAS 70 compliance
  • Accepts credit card, PIN debit, signature debit, ACH, Check 21 and eCheck transactions
  • Gateway Sync
  • E-mail Invoice option grants customers the ability to pay invoices directly through e-mail
  • Streamline accepting payments through a single integrated user interface
  • Split Payments feature allows one payment to be divided into multiple billings
  • Easy to install and use – from any device, on to any device at any location
  • Protect core financial and customer data
  • Inexpensive to use 


  • QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise) – 2006 & up
  • QuickBooks POS - Version 10 & up
  • QuickBooks Online

Nominated Product:   LivePlan



LivePlan is a cloud-based app that allows small businesses to easily: create business plans, create and track budgets and forecasts, craft funding pitches, monitor industry benchmarks and track financial trends and KPIs. Because of the integration with accounting systems, LivePlan is a great collaboration tool for accountants to use with their small business clients, and position themselves as trusted advisors. 

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$19.95 /month or $139.95 / year (40% savings)
- 60 day money back guarantee

Volume pricing for accountants

Key Features

  1. Easy budgeting & forecasting that syncs with accounting data
  2. Impressive business plans with financial tracking
  3. Over 500 sample business plans for inspiration
  4. Expert guidance throughout the planing process (videos)
  5. Access from any internet connection
  6. Collaborate with advisors and business partners
  7. A cloud-based "window" view into your QuickBooks and Xero data
  8. Tracks your progress in real-time via the Scoreboard feature
  9. Create an impressive pitch for funding in minutes
  10. Safe and secure


LivePlan integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBoosk Online, and Xero. We pull in the actual financial data daily and compare it to your plan (budget and forecast) in LivePlan via a dashboard view (Scoreboard). The Scoreboard in LivePlan allows the business owner to track their financial KPIs and compare actuals to plan, to previous period, to previous period last year, and to how they compare to their industry (Benchmark feature with SageWorks integration). This integration allows an accountant to propel into the role of strategic advisor. 

Nominated Product:   Zoho CRM



Zoho CRM is an On-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for managing your customer relations in a better way. Zoho CRM software helps streamline your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system.

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Zoho CRM has 4 Editions:

  • Free Edition - Free for 3 users
  • Standard Edition - $12/user/month
  • Professional Edition - $20/user/month
  • Enterprise Edition - $35/user/month

- All editions come with a 15-day free trial

Key Features

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Workflow Rules
  • Territory Management
  • Social
  • Integration with Google Apps
  • Zoho CRM for Mobile
  • Build Custom Applications (integration with Zoho Creator)
  • Email Marketing (integration with Zoho Campaigns)
  • Email Integration
  • Document Library (integration with Zoho Docs)
  • Integration with Zoho products such as Zoho Support, Zoho Projects, Zoho Invoice and Zoho Reports.


Zoho CRM integrates with:

  • Zoho Books
  • Zoho Invoice
  • Quickbooks
  • MYOB
  • Xero
  • Saasu

The following Zoho CRM modules can be integrated:

  • Invoices
  • Price Books
  • Sales Orders 
  • Quotes 

Nominated Product:   Zoho Books



Zoho Books is a complete cloud accounting software which simplifies managing small business finances. The dashboard gives instant insights to business owners about the cash flow and a breakdown of expenses incurred. Bank feeds along with Bank Rules eliminates data entry in Zoho Books. It's easy to keep track of your customer and vendor transactions and you can collaborate with your clients and your accountant real-time.

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You can sign up for a Zoho Books trial for 14 days. If Zoho Books suits your business needs, you can subscribe to the $24/month plan or you can sign up for the Annual plan at $240/year and get a 2 month discount in it.

Key Features

  • Automatic Bank Feeds
  • Bank Rules
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Simple Invoicing
  • Expenses
  • Recurring Invoicing, Billing
  • Powerful Reports
  • Timesheet and Projects
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Price list
  • Templates
  • Automated Reminders
  • Online Payments
  • Zoho CRM integration
  • Mobile apps - iOS, Android, Windows
  • and much more!


Zoho Books is double entry online accounting software.

Nominated Product:   Xero



Xero offers the scalability and features typically found in a full accrual accounting system. These include accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations and more. Xero helps accountants and bookkeepers with control over the general ledger and journal entry capabilities, along with fast management report preparation. Financial statements and reconciliation reports further assist with users’ work papers. In addition, Xero now features integrated Payroll across seven states. Your clients’ books are updated seamlessly — and Xero makes it easy to calculate payroll, pay employees and file payroll taxes.

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Exclusive Partner pricing and features: Pricing starts at $9 per month. The most popular plan is $70 per month and offers the ability to pay 10 employees. Xero's unique pricing structure provides for unlimited users with no additional fees. A 30-day free trial is available to small businesses and accounting firms. Additionally, accounting professionals who join Xero’s Partner program receive a free Xero subscription for their own use. There are also exclusive features for Xero Partners that include: Ledgers, $3 per month: Support for unlimited users, 1 GB storage, reconciled lines per month, fixed assets, budgeting and reporting. Xero Cashbook, $12 per month: Same as Ledger, with the addition of bank feeds.

Key Features

Online collaboration: View and share the same information at the same time — anytime, anywhere. No more sending large, out-of-date files back and forth, and no need to upgrade software just to be compatible.

Direct daily bank feeds: View automatic bank transactions daily. The daily feeds make it easy to keep the books current, save time by eliminating manual data entry and enable clients to know their up-to-date cashflow.

Payroll: Calculate payroll, pay employees and file payroll taxes. Payroll payments are updated seamlessly in the client’s books. Currently available in seven states.

Dashboard: View all bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills.

Mobile access: Manage cashflow on the go, such as reconciling a client’s payments to invoices.

Inventory: Track stock movements to make invoicing even easier.

Purchase orders: Create and email custom purchase orders and copy to bills for payment.

Expense claims: Work with clients in real time to review reports and approve receipts.

Free online support: Enjoy unlimited 24/7 email support and a detailed online help center.

Multi-currency: Reconcile foreign currency accounts — with automatic gains and losses calculations.

Contacts: See your most important customers and suppliers — and follow up directly within Xero.

Files: Attach files and source documents to financial data in Xero.

Financial reporting: Access instant, up-to-date reporting — with quick links to all original transactions.

Vendor management: Work with clients to manage spending and bill payments in bulk to creditors.

Fixed asset depreciation: Update fixed assets and depreciation schedules, run a tax export review and more for accurate reporting.

Note: For complete product details, visit


Xero is unique in the accounting space in that it has a superior developer platform that enables it to integrate extremely well with over 300 of the most innovative business apps available. This means that accounting professionals and business owners in a variety of industries can integrate their favorite business apps with Xero so they can save time, deepen client relationships and get holistic insights to make smart business decisions. For example, Xero integrates with Square for taking mobile payments, ADP and ZenPayroll for managing payroll and Google Apps for exporting financial reports to Google Docs.  To view a complete list of these 300 add-on business tools, visit

Nominated Product:   Tiempo



Tiempo is the fastest way for small businesses to track time and get paid.

It takes less than two minutes to sign up for Tiempo and integrate with QuickBooks Online. From there, your company is ready to track hours for billing and payroll.

Tiempo's simple, straightforward interface is immediately intuitive. Tracking time is always just one tap away whether you're on desktop, mobile, iOS, or Android. It's quick, easy, and makes sure that time gets entered in the first place. So stop hounding, cajoling, and sweet-talking your team to enter time. Stop rushing to enter data into QuickBooks before invoices run. Let Tiempo worry about that. You'll be happy you did.



  • Time Tracking - FREE (Unlimited customers, services, employees, and contractors)
  • Instant Invoices - 3.9% payment processing fee for credit card transactions
  • Integrations - $10 per company per month

Key Features

  • Free time tracking
  • Invoices can be automatically sent out when time is approved
  • Invoices easily paid from mobile devices
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Works on any modern web browser (from desktop to phones)
  • Simple, straightforward, mobile-friendly design
  • Two-way sync with QuickBooks Online
  • Kudos feature to reward coworkers for a job well done


Tiempo integrates with QuickBooks Online through the QuickBooks Online API. 

Once authorized, Tiempo syncs with QuickBooks Online's customer, services, and employee lists.  As list items are added in Tiempo, they are reflected in QuickBooks Online (and vice versa) -- giving users the latest information available for tracking time.  Approved time entries in Tiempo feed into the Weekly Timesheet in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online (Xero and ZenPayroll planned for later this summer)

Nominated Product:   Flint Mobile Payments



Flint is a mobile payment service for businesses that makes it easier than ever to accept credit cards and increase customer engagement. Designed for businesses that operate outside of traditional retail stores, Flint's iOS and Android apps allow users to take credit cards without a card reader – by scanning instead of swiping – or via online invoice payments. The all-in-one platform offers digital coupons to facilitate customer loyalty and referrals as well as a merchant portal to track transactions, payments, invoice management and automatically sync full transaction data to QuickBooks Online. Just fill in the short online registration form, download the free Flint app from the App Store or from Google Play and you’re ready to accept credit card payments from your phone! There’s no merchant account headaches or upfront costs, and no extra credit card reader hardware required.

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With Flint there are no upfront costs, contracts, or monthly fees. Flint only charges a low transaction fee of 1.95% for Debit Card or 2.95% for Credit Card transactions. There is no additional cost to send Invoices, issue coupons, or synch with Quickbooks Online.

Key Features

Secure Scan, No Swipe - Simply position the card number in the scan area, then enter the card verification info to accept credit card payments in a snap. There’s no extra hardware to carry around and the card number is securely scanned through the Flint app. Keyed entry is also supported at the same rate as a scan. With Flint, all data is fully protected according to industry PCI DSS standards and guidelines. All transactions are encrypted for safety, and no information or images is ever stored on your phone.

Invoicing Made Simple - Create and send custom invoices right from your phone or online Merchant Portal for free. Your customers will receive an emailed invoice containing the amount, your business information, and a link to easily pay online. Your customers can pay their bill from any smartphone or computer, without the hassle of registering a new account or remembering login information. Payment overdue? Flint will send a friendly reminder email to your customer so you don’t have to. You can track, resend, and void all your invoices from the Flint app or online. Flint Invoicing is free, your only cost is our low transaction rate.

Accept Cash, Check, Debit & Credit Cards - With Flint, you can turn offline cash and check transactions into easy-to-reference digital records. Along with credit and debit card transaction data, digital receipts for cash and check transactions are automatically organized in your transaction history (and synced to QuickBooks Online if your account is linked).

Customize to Build Your Brand - Build your professional brand and become more memorable with every business communication you send. With Flint, you can customize invoices, receipts, and more with your logo, website, business information, and item descriptions. Plus, create custom memos, establish suggested tip amounts, set up sales tax rates and fine tune card scanning settings, all from the app.

Coupons with Passbook Integration - Easily create coupons from your phone or desktop, and reward your customers with savings to build loyalty. Discounts are automatically applied when coupons are scanned with the Flint app at the time of transaction. All Flint coupons can be integrated with Apple Passbook (increasing your company's visibility alongside major brands) or they can simply be scanned from an email. Issued and redeemed coupons are easily tracked via the online Merchant Portal. If unused coupons are about to expire, Flint will send an automated reminder to your customers so they won't miss out on your savings opportunity.

Get Paid Quickly - Deposits are automatically transferred to your bank account within 1-2 business days of the transaction once you enter your bank account details into your Flint profile. Deposits are sent directly to you from our merchant services partner, Fifth Third Bank. Transaction fees are automatically deducted from the deposits.

Online Merchant Portal - The Merchant Portal is your desktop headquarters for all things Flint. Log in anytime to access the details of your transaction history, view customer contact info, send invoices or coupons, and much more. Through your Merchant Portal, you can easily search and filter your transaction history by line item to view data online, download into Excel or text formatted files, or automatically sync to your QuickBooks Online account.

Compatibility - Flint is currently available in the U.S. for iPhone and Android users. Download the Flint app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C with iOS 5.1 or higher. Supported Android devices must have Android 4.0 or higher.

Safe & Secure - Flint has integrated with industry leading financial services and infrastructure companies to provide a reliable, secure and scalable platform. Sensitive data is protected according to PCI DSS and other industry guidelines and all connections are encrypted for maximum security. The Flint app securely scans just the main card number. No card data or images are stored on the phone. Standard card verification info and a touch screen signature are required to complete transactions.


In the two minutes it takes to link your QuickBooks Online and Flint accounts, you'll eliminate hours of manual data entry. That's because your Flint account will automatically sync full transaction data (detailed by line item) to QuickBooks every hour. To save you time, Flint will also map transactions to existing customers and create new customers in QuickBooks when needed.

Nominated Product:   LedgerSync



LedgerSync is a cloud based client bank account management system.  LedgerSync allows the accountant or the client to setup bank accounts in the software using the clients username and password.  Once created, the accountant has access to bank transactions, statements, check images, current balances, etc.  The accounts can be updated every day or on a time frame of the accountants choosing. 

LedgerSync is different from other online solutions because we can acquire check images and bank statements, making bookkeeping easy.  Also, Ledgersync was designed to be an interactive tool that allows both the client and accountant to enter their banking/credit card credentials. Thus, even if the accountant doesn’t have a client’s login credentials to a bank and the client is not comfortable sharing that info with their accountant, then the client can login into Ledgersync and set it up for the accountant to use with a few clicks of a button.

LedgerSync also relieves the accountant of the data entry burden when using desktop software.  LedgerSync allows accountants to import client bank and credit card transactions directly to their favorite bookkeeping or write up program.

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LedgerSync is FREE FOR 30 DAYS and mothly plans start at just $10 per month.  Each plan provides several options for how many clients you need to setup, what levels of support you require, and more.

Key Features

  • Check image and bank statement downloads in addition to bank transactions
  • Export transactions to Excel, QuickBooks, Accounting CS and more
  • Client Dashboard to manage each client bank account
  • A client can add an account and hide specific sub- accounts that they don’t want to share with their accountant. Example, within a client’s Chase account – they wish for the accountant to only view “one sub-account”.
  • Prepare client bookkeeping when you want to, no more waiting on client information
  • Billing clients becomes consistent once you have the bank and credit card information when you need it
  • No longer have to store client bank login information yourself
  • Always have current balance and transaction details for every client
  • Check image and statement storage in case of file loss or audit
  • The first bank feed software to focus on customer service and fast help times
  • Most affordable solution on the market at $2.00/mo


LedgerSync is a utility product for accountants and bookkeepers that provides access to client bank accounts, credit card accounts, utilities, loans, and more.  Our software can download bank transactions, check images, and statements for use by the accounting professional.  These items can be imported directly into QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and many other accounting softwares.


  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks for Mac
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • Sage
  • Accounting CS
  • Drake Client Write Up
  • AccountEdge

Nominated Product:   Finagraph



Finagraph is a best-in-class automated financial intelligence tool that provides advanced analytics and data verification to accounting professionals. By linking directly into business accounting systems like QuickBooks, Finagraph instantly provides a complete business health overview. It allows users to see ongoing trends, compare industry averages and manage by metrics - all in a visual format. In addition to the raw details, we've incorporated charts, graphs and flags for instant visual recognition of where you need to focus your energy. Finagraph is the future in financial analysis. There's no need to enter information, put together a report or create a spreadsheet. Just click the button and watch the magic happen.

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We offer a free two week trial, and then subscription-based pricing plans including the following packages which can be found at

Individual Plan ($49/month) is ideal for individual consultants, accountants and bookkeepers and includes:

  • - Up to 3 business
  • - 1 user
  • - E-mail support
  • - Unlimited sharing
  • - Updates included
  • - Prospecting pack optional add-on + $9

Group Plan ($99/month) is perfect for small and growing CPA, accounting and consulting firms and includes:

  • - Up to 10 businesses
  • - 2 users
  • - Premium support
  • - Unlimited sharing
  • - Updates included
  • - Prospecting pack optional add-on + $19

 Professional($199/month) is great for established CPA, accounting and consulting firms and includes:

  • - Up to 25 businesses
  • - Unlimited users
  • - Premium support
  • - Unlimited sharing
  • - Updates included
  • - Prospecting pack optional add-on + $29

Enterprise ($299/month) is the best deal for working with more than 25 businesses and includes:

  • - Up to 50 businesses
  • - Unlimited users
  • - Premium support
  • - Unlimited sharing
  • - Updates included
  • - Prospecting pack optional add-on: +$49

Key Features

Finagraph allows users to instantly see trends, compare industry averages and manage by metrics - all in a visual format. In minutes, you can review your financials whenever and wherever you like, without logging into your accounting system. You can even access Finagraph from your iPad or smartphone. 

Take control of your finances today with insight on quick ratios, risk indicators, cash flow, sales and expense trends, industry averages and customer demographics from Finagraph.


QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero

Nominated Product:   Checkpoint IRS Response Library



The Checkpoint IRS Response Library provides subscribers the comfort and confidence to efficiently and effectively respond to IRS taxpayer notices and represent clients in many types of engagements. Subscribers can quickly search by notice number and respond to the IRS and clients using a variety of tools, including scripts and response documents. The step-by-step Workplan displays detailed instructions, practice tips, and examples of necessary documents and forms.



Introductory price of $247 for a 12 month subscription single user. Updated quarterly and auto renews each year. 30 day, money back guarantee. Multiuser pricing available.

Key Features

The IRS Issues section includes a topical listing of commonly encountered IRS issues/engagements, broken down into Individuals and Businesses/Payroll. Chapters are grouped together by common topic, with an Introduction, Issue Overview, Practice Overview, Workplan, and list of Documents and Resources. The step-by-step Workplan displays detailed instructions, practice tips, and examples of necessary documents and forms.
With IRS Response Library subscribers will be able to:
    Search by specific notice number
    View a sample notice that their client received
    Read the included unique insights and sample scripts and correspondence provided by former IRS employees who know the ropes
    Link to Primary Law to verify recommended response against the source authority (Code, Regs, and Pubs.)

Nominated Product:   Intacct



Intacct is a best-in-class financial management and accounting system that helps small and mid-sized enterprises improve financial, managerial, and operational reporting and analysis, accelerate lead to cash cycles, shorten days sales outstanding, optimize cash management, reduce operating costs and increase business value. Intacct provides the foundation to help organizations better plan, budget, report and deep dive into analytics. This cloud-based solution also streamlines data entry, accelerates the financial close process through automation, increases the accuracy of financial reporting, and reduces the burden of compliance.

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Pricing for smaller companies graduating from QuickBooks begins at just $425 a month. Larger firms replacing on-premises software systems—Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Lawson, Deltek, or Oracle, and other mid-market systems—will typically spend from a few thousand to $10,000 or more a month depending on their number of users/entities and the complexity of their business. Subscriptions include 24 x 7 operations, upgrades, and enhancements—plus award-winning US-based support—so there's no need for additional IT resources. There is also an option for a free trial for users to try out our system before they buy. We've found that most companies achieve a 100-percent payback in approximately six months.

Key Features

Intacct is the only AICPA-preferred provider of financial applications. Intacct delivers professional-strength financial applications that are purpose-built to deliver real-time reporting and business analytics, powerful automation and integration, superior compliance and auditability, plus unlimited flexibility and scale to evolve as a business grows. Intacct offers the only multi-ledger architecture available in the cloud today that automatically synchronizes the general ledger and sub-ledgers in real time.

Some of the key features for Intacct include:

•    Built-in financial and operational intelligence
    -Make the most of built-in, real-time, flexible analytics critical data and performance metrics accessible anytime, anywhere on any PC, Mac, smart phone, or iPad. Extensive automation ensures reports and KPIs are available in real time—as transactions occur—without human intervention, saving you hundreds of hours by eliminating Excel reporting, manual calculations, and expensive third party reporting packages.
    -You can drill down to the transaction level in all Intacct reports and dashboards, and roll up transactions and performance statistics into categories you can customize for your business.
    -Intacct makes it easy to analyze any number of KPIs and performance statistics by "tagging" both financial transactions and operational data using up to 8 dimensions. Plus, you can associate an unlimited number of custom reporting fields with each transaction.
    -Roll up transactions and performance statistics into categories you can customize for your business.
    -New Intacct Performance Cards provide managers throughout an organization with the fastest possible insight into the numbers that matter. Performance Cards are unique dashboard-ready visualizations that present trends in key financial and business metrics in a quick and intuitive way. This enables the whole organization to act with more confidence and agility. Learn more here:

•    Unique multi-entity management
    -Save hundreds of hours every year and weeks off your closes by managing financial consolidations across entities with a single click, and by automating inter-entity transactions and eliminations.
    -No need to purchase and operate multiple copies of financial applications across your business units or use Excel for manual consolidations.
    -Intacct supports real-world, complex and multi-location organizations—accommodating differing charts of accounts, calendars, accounting treatments, and ownership structures.

•    Automated multi-currency management
    -Capture and report on financial information and key performance metrics in unlimited base, transactional, and reporting currencies—flexibly, automatically, and in real time—for multiple business entities and, within those entities, for multiple customers.
    -Calculate all currency changes automatically and roll them up in real time. Intacct's support for multiple books enables you to carry two currency versions of a transaction—so you can lock in the then-current exchange rate while Intacct records an auditable process. 

•    Multinational business management
    -Manage complex global operations—supporting different business entities operating in multiple business models, statutory and tax regimes, languages, currencies, and locations—without having to install, operate, and consolidate multiple accounting systems around the world.

•    Extensive multi-language transaction support
    -Standardize on a single, global system with built-in support to store, manage, and report any data in all major languages and currencies. For example, if your headquarters is in the US and you operate in dollars, you need to invoice customers in French and bill in Euros, or pay your vendors in China with Yuan.

•    Stronger compliance
    -Intacct helps you maintain the highest level of security, segregation of duties, and complete auditability. As a result of our cloud-computing-based infrastructure, we're constantly monitoring and adapting our software to comply with the latest GAAP, IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, FASB, IASB, revenue recognition, tax compliance, and other regulatory standards—greatly reducing your cost of compliance.

•    Broad integration
    -Seamlessly integrate Intacct into the portfolio of applications that work best for every part of your company. Intacct offers an Online Marketplace to help customers identify and learn more about other best-in-class applications that work seamlessly with Intacct.


Intacct is an accounting solution; however, we also offer open web services to enable easy integration with other leading applications for each major business function within an organization.

Nominated Product:   Fundbox



Fundbox lets business owners and freelancers instantly get paid for their outstanding invoices.


Get your money when you need it.

  • Choose an invoice and receive an instant payment.
  • Grow your business.
  • Take control over your cash flow.
  • Get paid Net-Now, your clients can continue to pay Net 30, Net 60 etc...

Getting started is simple.

  1. Register in less than 30 seconds, no forms required.
  2. Fundbox connects to your bookkeeping application and pulls in all your outstanding invoices.   
  3. Select one or more of your outstanding invoices to fund.
  4. Receive the funds into your bank account instantly.

Money in your bank account.  

Prior to clearing an invoice, terms & fees are presented clearly upfront so there is no confusion. The funds are sent as soon as you choose an invoice to clear and typically arrives at your bank account on the next business day. The advanced amount and a small clearing fee are paid back over twelve weekly installments. If at any point during the repayment period you decide to pay the balance, Fundbox will waive the clearing fee for the remaining period.

Client reviews

Take a look at our reviews to see why our customers love us.



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Fundbox has no setup fees and no subscription fees, only a per-invoice clearing fee you pay when you choose to fund an invoice. This fee is determined based on your business’ health and specific invoice properties. ​To give a better sense of specific pricing, the fee for clearing a $1000 invoice ranges from $52 to $72 over 3 months. Pricing is also based on your Fundbox history, so the longer you use Fundbox and the more invoices you clear, the lower the clearing fee becomes.



Key Features

  • Fully online & automated funding and repayment process.
  • Seamless integration with all the leading accounting software providers.
  • You get paid Net-Now, but your clients continue to pay you Net-30 or Net 60 etc.
  • Invoice dashboard to manage your funding.  
  • No setup fees or subscription fees.
  • No early repayment fees. You pay only for the time you used the funds.
  • Clear invoices as low as $100.
  • Bank level security protects your data.
  • Fees decrease and credit limits increase with recurring usage.  Save more and get more the longer you're with Fundbox.
  • Build your commercial credit history through SBFE integration.




Fundbox is tightly integrated with all the leading bookkeeping applications. Within 30 seconds, a Fundbox user can connect their bookkeeping software and pull all their pending invoices. They can then choose which invoices to clear and receive cash in their bank account immediately. Because invoices are available for clearing as soon as they're issued, Fundox users save time and can manage their cash flow more consistently.  Lastly, there is never any need for cumbersome ‘double bookkeeping’ since our system is fully integrated with the users accounting software.

Fundbox is fully integrated into the following bookkeeping software:

  • QuickBooks Online / Desktop
  • Freshbooks
  • Harvest
  • Xero

Nominated Product:   Acctivate Inventory Management



Acctivate Inventory Management Software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks® enabling companies to gain control of their business and manage inventory, credit, customer service and more – all delivered in an interactive interface complete with robust reporting and a dashboard for turning data into information. Acctivate provides advanced inventory management, warehousing, purchasing, barcoding & mobile, CRM, sales order management, picking and shipping, eCommerce integration, light manufacturing, comprehensive multi-currency capabilities, service management, decision support tools, a customizable dashboard, over 100 standard reports and documents and custom reporting powered by Crystal Reports®.



A complete Acctivate system with order management, inventory management, purchasing management, CRM and 3 Users starts as low as $4,995. Optional modules are available to meet specific business needs. A free trial is available.

Key Features

  • Gain control over inventory investment and COGS by accurately measuring and managing costs.
  • Configure and organize inventory across multiple, actual or virtual warehouses, and in multiple locations within warehouses.
  • Optimize the purchasing process with tools for reordering, special orders and drop shipments.
  • Accurately forecast and reduce lost sales due to out-of-stock products with demand and analysis tools.
  • Improve vendor relationships by analyzing spending patterns, vendor pricing and performance.
  • Manage light manufacturing including discrete, process, refurbish, remanufacture and custom manufacturing.
  • Maximize resources by producing items made to stock, made on demand, outsourced, or a combination of all.
  • Increase on-time, error-free deliveries with integrated picking, shipping and shipment tracking.
  • Maximize sales and satisfy customers with tools to manage sales leads, marketing, order fulfillment, eCommerce, EDI, service and credit and collections.
  • Gain real-time visibility across the company with customizable dashboards, decision support tools, over 100 reports and documents and the ability to create virtually any report or document with Crystal Reports®.


Acctivate and QuickBooks have bi-directional, direct integration. All customer-related and vendor-related transactions automatically occur in both QuickBooks and Acctivate. A customer added in either system, will automatically add it to the other system. When a bill is paid or a check is received in QuickBooks, the payments are automatically recorded in Acctivate.

Integrates with:
QuickBooks 2008 and later (Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions); QuickBooks Canada 2009 and later (Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions); QuickBooks UK 2009 and later (Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions); Reckon QuickBooks 2011-12 & 2012-13 (Pro, Premier and Enterprise); Reckon Accounts 2013 (Pro, Premier and Enterprise)

Nominated Product:   ADP® Complete Payroll and HR



HR compliance can be a challenge for any business. This is especially true for small businesses, since they typically do not have the HR staff and resources of larger companies. Without trusted resources, HR functions like hiring and performance management can be challenging and non-compliance can result in costly mistakes. The ADP® Complete Payroll and HR & HR Plus packages in the RUN Powered by ADP® payroll platform offer the latest in ADP’s HR innovations. Simplify the tedious hiring process with a job descriptions database, ADP Hiring, Powered by, background checks and a hiring toolkit. Employee handbooks, document vault, compliance databases and easy-to-use toolkits for performance management, recordkeeping and termination, coupled with access to a team of certified HR professionals, allow ADP to help small business owners have peace of mind so they can focus more on growing their business. Some of these HR solutions are also available to accountants for resale to their clients as part of our RUN Powered by ADP® Payroll for Partners platform.

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Key Features

•    Payroll
•    HR HelpDesk
•    Job Description Wizard
•    ADP Hiring, Powered by
•    Background Checks
•    Employee Handbook Wizard
•    Toolkits for Hiring, Performance, Recordkeeping & Termination
•    State and Federal Compliance Database and Updates
•    HR Dictionary
•    HR Checkups, Audit and Compliance Wizard
•    HR Fundamentals Training
•    HR Tips and Newsletters

Nominated Product:   QuickBooks Online



The newly designed and revamped QuickBooks Online provides small businesses and accountants with an intuitive, easy-to-use design that gives users access to a robust, open platform that works anytime, anywhere. The simple, yet powerful platform offers accounting and small businesses a superior business management solution in more than 10 languages and 100 countries. It also offers scalable solutions to fit the needs of any size small business. 

The completely reimagined QuickBooks Online is a result of more than 13 months of rethinking how QuickBooks Online serves its customers, focusing on design innovations to create a harmonious user experience. The solution has been updated to be more intuitive and seamlessly integrate with other Intuit small-business products. More than a mere facelift, QuickBooks Online has been redesigned to provide a de-cluttered, crisp and sharp interface using a color palette and text that is visually striking and functional so users can get started easily, make decisions quickly, and get value immediately.

In addition, QuickBooks Online provides users with customized data in a visual format that is informative yet easy to understand and offers real-time data and reports.  The design is built for better functionality that boosts efficiency and helps save small businesses and accountants time.

QuickBooks Online also meets the needs of accountants and small business owners who rely on mobile for daily tasks as it allows access to information wherever they are working. Data is safely stored in the cloud so it can be accessed via any internet-connected computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.  

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30-Day Free Trial includes QuickBooks Online Payroll and online and mobile payments. For a comparison please visit 

QuickBooks Online Simple Start - $12.95 /month

Start your business:

  • Create estimates and invoices
  • Download bank transactions
  • Works on PC, Mac, and mobile

QuickBooks Online Essentials - $26.95 /month

Run your business:

  • Get all Simple Start features
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Multiple people can use it

QuickBooks Online Plus - $39.95 /month

Grow your business:

  • Get all Essentials features
  • Track inventory
  • Prepare and print 1099s

Key Features

Fast and easy setup - it takes only minutes to get started and everything is automatically customized by specific type of business.

See what’s important right away - elegantly designed dashboards and feeds instantly show the health of your business and next action steps. That’s the beauty of the new QuickBooks homepage.

Invoices that make a great statement - Now customers can create custom invoices in minutes. Add their company logo, choose their own font, and add a background image and custom fields.

Get Invoices Paid Fast - When using our Payments feature, customers can simply click a Pay Now link on invoice to pay instantly online via credit card or bank payment.

Expenses made effortless - capture receipt photos on mobile device and attach them to QuickBooks expenses. No more saving paper receipts and remembering to manually enter them later.

Sync account data automatically - QuickBooks automatically pulls in data from bank and credit card accounts, saving time and reducing data entry errors and it learns from behavior to automatically classify transactions.

Payroll the easy way - simply turn it on when needed. Payroll runs with just a few clicks. Tax calculations are done and tax forms are completed.

Tax time reports are a click away - one-click reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet show where the business stands. They can also be shared with accountants at tax time, or with business partners anytime.

Collaborate with your accountant - invite your accountant or bookkeeper to securely access your QuickBooks data and collaborate at the same time on documents, anywhere, across all devices.


QuickBooks Online’s open platform simplifies work for small businesses and accounting professionals by integrating all of Intuit’s business management tools under one system. The platform also allows third-parties and app developers to create small business applications that are available to QuickBooks Online subscribers, giving customers the ability to customize QuickBooks to meet their specific business needs, while providing them access to data across applications. 

Program Information

At The Sleeter Group, we believe that success in small business relies heavily on developing efficient business processes. Successful business owners are constantly seeking better accounting software, more efficient sales and customer tracking systems, better product fulfillment systems, and better vendor management systems. And accountants are always striving to keep up with the latest solutions in the marketplace so they can make the best recommendations. So each year, we research the marketplace of accounting software and hardware solutions to identify and recognize the companies and products who deliver "awesome" value.

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